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      Ace Innovation Goals to Reshape Your Organization’s Future

      Aug 26, 2022

      4 minute read

      Innovation is all about new ways of thinking and doing new things; a new way of solving old problems.

      Innovation is a key tool to help your business thrive, but it doesn’t come easy. It’s challenging to try new things and come up with unique ideas, both of which are necessary for success.

      And without a constant focus on innovation, organizations will struggle to stay relevant and able to compete with nimbler competitors.

      However, just because innovation seems difficult doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be pursued.

      In this blog post, we will discuss how you can drive innovation for your organization’s overall success and how you can achieve your innovation goals.

      How to Drive Innovation

      Although making innovation a reality within your organization seems like an impossible feat, however, there are some strategies that can drive you home. Let’s take a quick look at them:


      1. Address the Right Questions

      You need to address the right questions to drive innovation. Some of the questions that you need to address are:

      • What can we do differently to make our products or services more broadly available and accessible, and why is that important?
      • What can we do so we don’t lose our customers?
      • How do we make sure that mistakes or problems don’t cost us in terms of reputation or keeping customers happy?

      2. Be Aware of the Innovation Process

      Analyze what happens when a new idea is formed. When it reaches the implementation stage, how does it go? What are the problems that crop up right there on the way and how do you deal with them? Try to understand how your customers feel – they want to know if you care about them and what you can offer them.

      3. Look for New Perspectives

      Ask employees to think about how things can work better. In many cases, they have ideas that go beyond the way the company is currently operating. But if they don’t voice them, they may not be heard at all. Instead of evaluating the ideas yourself, ask employees about the solutions that other team members give and if something is wrong with those ideas.

      4. Leverage an Ideas Management Software

      Create an environment that encourages ideas generation. Train your employees to come up with innovative ideas as well as what to do with them. Ask your audience to join your online community and share interesting ideas.

      Tips to Achieve Your Innovation Goals

      1. Measure Innovation Opportunities

      It is important for an organization to know what opportunities exist for innovation and then measure its success. It is difficult to know if you’re getting the best opportunities for innovation. So, you should use benchmarks and learn more about what actually works. If an organization is not measuring its future possibilities, it will struggle to outpace itself in the future.

      2. Formalize Innovation Goals

      It is important for an organization to formalize its innovation goals and then make them available to everyone in the organization. Without open communication, there is a high chance that innovation will not happen. Bringing the goals up with other departments is crucial in helping communication and collaboration.

      3. Create a Process for Innovation

      It is important for an organization to create a process for innovation. This will help to encourage creativity and support the organization’s goals. Creating a process will empower individuals and allow them to get involved in the innovation process.

      4. Set a Deadline for the Achievement of Goals

      Setting a deadline for achieving innovation goals is crucial for an organization’s growth. This will help to motivate and inspire people as well as give them a deadline to finish. If a deadline is not set, individuals will be hard-pressed to finish their tasks in time.

      5. Create an Evaluation Framework

      It is important for an organization to create an evaluation framework that covers the whole process of innovation. This will help the organization track its progress and keep it accountable for what happens. An evaluation framework will also help to develop a culture of accountability as well as help with monitoring the success of the company.

      Innovation + Ideas Management Software = Your Key to Achieving Innovation Goals

      Innovation is the key to success in today’s fast-paced world. And your organization is a pool of emerging ideas.

      To gather these scattered ideas, you need effective ideas management software.

      And if you use Salesforce as your CRM, it becomes all the more important, given the limitations of the default ideas management component in your Salesforce-powered community.

      So, what’s the solution?

      Enter – IdeasPro.

      An effective solution that makes ideas management a breeze.

      Works with both Classic and Lightning Experience on Salesforce, this solution is fueled with 20+ out-of-the-box functionalities.

      Few notable features of IdeasPro are:

      • Idea Account Mapping
      • Profanity Prevention
      • Idea Merge Scheduler
      • Email-to-Ideas
      • Idea Deflection
      • Multiple Attachments on Ideas
      • Set Account-Level Voting
      • Archive Ideas
      • Pin Idea Owner Comment
      • Disable Idea Voting

      Thanks to its amazing features, IdeasPro helps organizations get the most out of their innovation goals and strategies. It helps with efficient ideas management, which puts organizations at a great competitive advantage.

      Wrapping Up

      As technology and innovation are ever-evolving, it is important to consider your organization’s flexibility and adaptability in order to thrive in the future.

      To stay ahead of the competition, it is imperative for organizations to remain innovative.

      Innovation is not about inventing new products or providing new services. It’s about doing the same things better for your customers. Innovation means listening to your customers and understanding their needs, then adapting your business, so you can offer products and services that meet those needs.

      Want to Simplify Each Stage of Your Business’ Innovation Process? Let’s Talk!

      Driving innovation goals in business is a difficult task unless you’ve the right strategies and software up your sleeves. Should you have any more queries regarding achieving your innovation goals, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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