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    Drive Organizational Growth With Idea
    Management in Salesforce

    Ideas are the heart and soul of any organization’s innovation. However, turning your ideas into strategic action requires effective idea management. The Idea Management in Salesforce streamlines ideas by enabling users to share their ideas freely, subscribe to preferred ideas, and vote for the ones they like. This helps bring relevant concepts on board for organizations to foster collaboration and growth.

    IdeasPro – Leveling Up Idea Management in Salesforce

    While Ideas by Salesforce helps systematically deal with ideas, it has limited features and is only available in Salesforce Classic. IdeasPro is a leading solution that enhances the standard functionalities of Salesforce Idea Management to streamline and optimize ideas. Being Salesforce-native and Lightning-ready, it offers advanced capabilities to put ideas into categories, convert emails to ideas, and assess and prioritize promising ideas to bring them to life.

    IdeasPro is now available on Salesforce AppExchange

    Why Choose IdeasPro for Idea Management
    in Salesforce?

    Lightning-Ready Solution

    Lightning-Ready Solution

    Incrementally Backup Assets

    Highly Customizable

    Track Changes to Assets

    Gamification Support

    Streamline Asset Review

    No User-Defined Limit


    From Ideas to Innovation: Bridging the Gap With
    IdeasPro’s Key Features

    Redefine Idea Management in Salesforce with IdeasPro. Here’s how

    IdeasPro vs. Other Idea Management Solutions:
    A Comparative Insight


    • Automated Idea Account Mapping
    • Idea Merge Scheduler
    • Email-to-Idea Channel
    • Email Notifications on Field Updates
    • Automated Assignment Rule
    • Status Workflow Based on Vote and Comment Count
    • Email Notifications on Comments Posting
    • Zone Level Moderation



    Transform the Way You Ideate and Innovate With
    Effective Idea Management

    Innovation Across Sectors: IdeasPro’s Versatile Industry Reach

    IdeasPro has successfully served and unleashed innovation across industry verticals. Our team of experts brings a fresh perspective to every challenge, fostering creative solutions to address the unique needs of each customer. Our relentless pursuit of excellence and customer focus has earned us a formidable market prominence along with a proven track record of success across diverse sectors.

    Hi-Tech | Retail | Education | Manufacturing | And More…


    How IdeasPro Helps Your Business Grow

    Improve Brand Transparency and Loyalty

    Drive Customer-Centric Innovation and Rapid Ideation

    Greater Adoption of User Ideas for Better Growth

    Gain a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

    Here’s What Our Clients Achieved with IdeasPro


    Enabling Ideas Object in Salesforce Lightning and Idea Management in Multiple Communities

    The customer, a leading supply chain solutions provider based in Chicago, was looking to efficiently manage ideas and notifications across multiple communities. They were seeking a solution that would make community management easier for them while also keeping track of every step of the idea creation and management process. They also wanted an easy way to access idea components in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning versions.

    Download Case Study >

    Enabling the Idea Component in Salesforce Lightning for a Leading IT Provider

    The customer, an information technology company, wanted to modify the fields and UI of the idea component in Salesforce Classic as well as their community. Since Salesforce does not provide support for ideas in Lightning, they wanted to build a UI for their internal users in Lightning Experience. Moreover, they were looking to prioritize ideas based on revenue, using metrics from associated accounts and opportunities.

    Download Case Study >

    The 5 Pillars of Strategic Innovation Management

    Creating ideas and turning them into reality is key to driving transformational changes. Idea management is an indispensable part of innovation management that provides the necessary force to propel business growth. Begin your journey of ideas to innovation and chart the course of your organization’s success.

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