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    Marketing Automation: Your Favorite Platform Can Do A Lot More Than You Think

    Marketing automation tools help you build and execute campaigns that influence your customers, effectively and efficiently, at each stage of the marketing funnel. So, you have sophisticated marketing automation and reporting tools, but do you…

    • Have an adequate website conversion rate?
    • Have the most phenomenal content?
    • Engage and nurture leads effectively?
    • Have an effortless marketing to sales lead hand-off?
    • Attract more organic traffic?
    • Have your personas meticulously defined?
    • Have well-defined goals for immediate success and long-term wins?
    • See an annual improvement in your ROMI?

    What if we tell you that your marketing automation tool can do all this and more? If you’re wondering “how”, that’s where we step in! You needn’t go this distance alone. Our marketing automation rockstars help you scale your marketing programs. Here’s a look at everything that your marketing automation platform is capable of doing for you:

    1. Implementation: The technical set-up of a marketing automation platform is the easiest step of the implementation journey. The tricky parts are:

    • Getting the right people on the implementation team
    • Having a spic-and-span database
    • Integrating your existing systems with your marketing automation tool
    • Aligning sales and marketing
    • Establishing the right metrics
    • Delivering training to the right people

    Grazitti’s experts build a well-thought marketing automation strategy and launch it with zero interruption ensuring long-term success with your implementation.

    2. Email Marketing: The best way to keep your existing customers engaged while gaining traction with potential leads is email marketing. Email is anything but a primitive marketing channel and you can delight your recipients by:

    • Optimizing email deliverability
    • Designing effective templates
    • Creating phenomenal email content
    • Campaign testing
    • Considering best practices
    • Measuring success through tracking and reporting

    Our customers are more informed than ever. Why not send them the top-notch email campaigns they expect and deserve? Why not make the most of your preferred marketing automation platform for this? Grazitti’s marketing pros take these steps and have a few other tricks up their sleeve to make your email marketing campaigns a roaring success.

    3. Spam Filters: Repeat after me, “Email marketing is not equal to spamming”. Most people strongly believe that email marketing is just a fancy way of spamming. This notion leads to them having their shields up with a functionality called ‘Spam Filter’. It’s necessary for marketers to effectively abstain from spam filters by following a few steps:

    • Clean Code
    • Limited Links
    • Low Image-to-Text Ratio
    • Easy Opt-Outs
    • Hygienic Lead Set

    The key is to not let terms like spam triggers, spam traps, and anti-spam laws patronize you. Grazitti has all the right tactics to find a way around them to ensure you have email deliverability gold.

    4. Inbound Marketing: People want to be educated instead of pitched and want to learn before they buy. They don’t want to be sold to, they want to know why you’re better than your competitors for something that they already have a need for. The trick is to know the sweet spot that makes people engage with your brand, even if they don’t immediately buy. Inbound marketing helps you know everything about this sweet spot. We know of 5 implicit steps that help you create a flawless inbound marketing strategy:

    • Meticulous Persona Definition
    • Pertinent Content Creation
    • Unimpaired Lead Nurture Program Set-Up
    • Impeccable SEO
    • Error-Free Analytics Reporting

    Grazitti helps you use inbound marketing to its maximum potential to translate your customer equations into relationships, and not just transactions.

    5. Hyper-personalization and Localization: User-generated content, reviews, and influencers are what customers depend upon and don’t just blindly trust a brand. You may find yourself wondering, “What separates my brand from my competitors?”. The quest of answering that question is how the terms ‘Hyper-personalization and Localization’ emerged.

    Personalization means to leverage customer data that may constitute personal information like the customer’s name, the name of their organization, title, purchase history, etc. Hyper-personalization goes beyond that by using real-time and discernible data to fashion supremely contextual communication relevant to the customer. Layer localization on top it, and voila! You’d create one mega powerful message for your target audience.

    The content marketing pros at Grazitti possess an exceptional understanding of these concepts to help you make the most of them.

    6. Net Promoter Score: It is a parameter to determine the customer’s overall satisfaction with a company’s product or service. It’s how you also get to know how loyal a customer is to your brand and if they’d graduate to being an advocate for your brand. Customers are surveyed on that one significant question—how likely are they to recommend your brand to others? On the basis of their rating, they are classified into 3 categories:

    • Promoters
    • Passives
    • Detractors

    NPS is no rocket science, calculating it is just the first step. How you drive improvements after calculating NPS, is what’s critical. Grazitti understands that NPS isn’t just about the most recent transaction, but the overall experience with a brand. We can help you ask the NPS question at the right time, right place, and for the right reason to achieve your highest NPS ever.

    7. Marketing Attribution: Marketers constantly struggle to show the direct ROI on their marketing and media spend. You shouldn’t let this hit you like a ‘stupefy spell’. Measuring the impact that campaigns, conferences/events, or channels have on revenue by assigning credit to all the successful marketing touches from lead acquisition to closure is what marketing attribution is all about. Credit is attributed to different touch points along the customer’s journey, depending on the attribution model the organization uses. There are 2 kinds of marketing attribution models available:

    Grazitti is efficiently equipped to help you with attribution to determine the true worth of your team and impact on the organization pipeline, regardless of the kind of model you have.

    8. Lead Nurturing: B2B sales cycles are seemingly endless. If you make the mistake of going MIA after the first touch point, you run a huge risk of losing a lead. Lead nurturing helps your leads get enlightened and educated about your product/service, which gets them to develop trust in your brand. There are 5 lead nurturing adages to woo your leads to the purchase:

    • Data Enrichment Emails
    • Contact Segmentation
    • Additional Anonymous-Touch Opportunity Creation
    • Follow-Ups
    • Systematic List Audits

    Grazitti’s marketing folks are experts in lead nurturing, know why it’s essential, and can help you create the best lead nurture programs for better engagement, unmatched brand advocacy, and an ROI going through the roof!

    9. Marketing and Sales Alignment: Marketing tells your story and sales sells your story. The need for the alignment of marketing and sales teams is not just a shared revenue of the organization that they belong to, but because the prospects/potential buyers expect it. It’s no rocket science, but just an art that calls for a few steps to be followed:

    • Sales Enablement Tools
    • Lead Handoff Agreement
    • Collaboration
    • Social Media
    • Content Marketing and Sales Coordination

    Grazitti empowers you to let your marketing and sales teams breathe easy, make them look beyond their differences, listen to each other intently, collaborate, and create a high-octane marketing and sales alignment.

    10. Website Personalization: User-generated content, reviews, and influencers are what customers depend upon. The first step to get the best of all these is having a rock-solid website, one that isn’t just about the look and feel, but one that makes the visitors keep coming back to it. Enter – Website Personalization! The process of creating customized experiences for your website visitors is what web personalization is all about. It helps you:

    • Create brand bias
    • Know and convert visitors
    • Boost revenue

    Grazitti’s experts enable you make optimum use of your website personalization tools that would result in higher engagement, conversion, and revenue.

    11. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big thing in marketing automation. The purpose of the inception of AI was not to replace marketers, but to augment them and to automate their manual tasks. Chatbots creating content, AI-powered PPC advertising, personalized website experience, push notifications, AI churn predictors enhancing customer engagement, AI-driven customer insights to determine customer’s behavioral patterns, and automated image recognition, are just a few ways in which marketers make use of the artificial brain.

    Grazitti’s AI genies help you seamlessly deploy AI in your marketing automation software to improve lead quality, understand customer behavioral patterns, power through perceptive campaigns, and derive the highest ROI from your marketing efforts.

    12. Migration: There are several reasons why you may choose to change your current marketing automation tool. It may be because you:

    • Think it’s exorbitantly priced
    • Find it difficult to use
    • Think the performance is sluggish
    • Have outgrown the platform
    • Got acquired

    Grazitti prides itself in having assisted several customers with a smooth transition to different marketing automation platforms over the years, with minimal to no data loss.

    13. Analytics and Reporting: The sheer amount of data that you get from different sources makes it difficult to separate signal from noise. The only comfort in this panic is analytics. With IoT and self-service analytics, chatbots becoming smarter, and augmented analytics becoming more accessible, the need and demand for AI and ML powered real-time data analysis tools is on the rise. It’s always important to get smarter insights to make smarter business decisions.

    At Grazitti interactive, we have a team of dedicated data scientists that help businesses with big data, marketing and sales analytics, BI reporting and consulting, healthcare analytics, support analytics, risk analytics, and data visualization.

    14. Lifecycle Marketing: It’s no mystery that engaging existing customers for recurring business is less challenging and costs far less than acquiring new customers from scratch. Lifecycle marketing helps you build campaigns that address and cater to your customers’ needs and preferences as they evolve over time, from being prospects to customers, and then, ideally, to advocates. The infallible lifecycle marketing mantra is to:

    • Charm
    • Pitch
    • Sell
    • Bowl-over

    Lifecycle marketing is an extraordinary addition to a marketer’s playbook. Grazitti helps you get creative as you plan, strategize, and execute your customer lifecycle campaigns.

    Still wondering if this is plausible or just smooth-talking?

    Grazitti Interactive is the answer. We’d love to have an opportunity to know you and your brand better, and to see if we could be a catalyst in any of your marketing equations. All you need to do is fill this form and we’ll take it from there.