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      Why is Website Personalization a Game-Changer to Boost Revenue?

      Dec 20, 2018

      3 minute read

      “Personalization is not a trend. It is a marketing tsunami.” – Avi Dan

      Customer evolution is a reality in this era. User-generated content, reviews, and influencers are what customers depend upon and don’t just blindly trust a brand. The first step to get the best of all these is having a rock-solid website, one that isn’t just about the look and feel, but one that makes the visitors keep coming back to it. Enter – Website Personalization! Assuming that you’re not living under a rock, we’re sure that as a smart marketer, you have an efficient marketing automation platform in place. Here’s a quick read for you to know how you can leverage it to ace web personalization.

      What is website personalization?

      The process of creating customized experiences for your website visitors is what web personalization is all about. It helps you create tailored experiences for visitors according to their specific needs, interests, etc. Users hate and steer clear of generic or run-of-the-mill website experiences. Website personalization ensures that you don’t fall into that category because it uses real-time and discernible customer data to fashion a supremely contextual communication relevant to the customer. This data could be the name of the user, their organization, specific interests, demographics, location, weather triggers, etc.


      Why is website personalization essential?

      As a marketer, we’re sure you work tirelessly to offer seamless user experiences across various channels. Your marketing automation platform can be a key player in helping you achieve this goal. Website personalization tools, provided by your marketing automation platform, fashion intent-based actions, personalized offers, and pop-ups that help you secure better leads with a higher conversion potential.

      You can optimize your website for unique user experiences leveraging the customer data that you have and can gather. You can cross-sell your products/services through website personalization tools. Your up-selling opportunities increase as well if you make use of these tools as they determine the sessions and visitor attributes like date, time, keyword, operating system, location, click path, etc. Users may land at a particular web page via different sources. Therefore, having personalized information and engaging user experiences helps increase lead conversion.

      You could also use website personalization tools to share specific announcements relevant to the targeted user base. Users also get drawn to pop-ups when they display specific intent. They can also be engaged in a different kind of pop-up if they browse a website for over 3 minutes.

      What are the benefits of website personalization?

      Since website personalization is so essential, it, obviously, comes with its set of benefits. These are:

      • Create brand bias: You can leverage website personalization to increase customer loyalty (online and offline) enough for them to be biased towards your brand. On the basis of the information that you have about the user that you gather from their interaction with your website, you can create customized messages for them that contain relevant content that resonates the most with them.
      • Know and convert visitors: With the data that you have of the user, you can better understand what kind of products, content, offers, and messages they prefer. Once you have an insight into how the lead converted to sale, you can concentrate on implementing and testing activities that generate actual revenue. Web personalization makes all of this possible. Along with this, it also identifies target accounts from anonymous visitors on the basis of IP addresses, email domains, or known visitors. Through this identification, you can send personalized offers to these visitors.
      • Boost revenue: When you understand your website visitors, prospects, or customers better and you engage them, nurture them, and then present them with the most relevant offer, they are more likely to convert to a sale. And sales equal revenue. It all boils down to revenue. Creating the right content, converting anonymous visitors to known, and driving revenue, website personalization does this and more for you.

      Making optimum use of the website personalization tools would help you automate your marketing programs in the long run. This would guarantee that your brand stands out, which in turn would result in higher engagement, conversion, and revenue. Give your competitors a run for their money by getting ahead in this game. Just remember to let your customer know that they’re the center of the universe and you’d be good to go!

      Do you want to ace website personalization?

      Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!

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