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      How to Ace Your Email Blast Campaigns

      Jul 03, 2023

      4 minute read


      “If Social Media is the cocktail party, then Email Marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee’. The original 1 to 1 channel.” – Erik Harbison

      Just when you’d begin to wonder if mobility and social media have made every other form of communication primitive, email marketing would hit you like a ‘stupefy spell’. Email is far from extinct. If you know what you’re doing, you can ace your email blast campaigns. Here’s a quick read to know how!

      Crack the Code to the Concept of Email Blast

      When you send a single message to several customers or prospects, or “blast” your message that multiple people get all at once, is what email blast or broadcast is all about. Seems pretty simple, right? It isn’t, though! In an ideal world it would be, but we live in a world that’s far from ideal. However, if you get your basics right, you’re halfway there. We’ll tell you just how to get all the way there – to creating a sure-fire email blast campaign!Email blast campaigns

      Get Down to the Basics of Email Blast Campaigns

      There are a few basics of email marketing that you could use to your advantage for crafting your best email blast campaigns. Incorporate 7 of these in your email marketing strategy, and you’ll notice your success rate dramatically increase.

      1. Make your brand the center of your universe: Since customers receive an overwhelming amount of emails, from all kinds of companies, ensure that they recognize your brand instantaneously. Use consistent logos, color scheme, typeface, and other elements that separate your brand from the rest.
      2. Keep it crisp: We can’t emphasize enough on the importance of keeping all kinds of content as short and concise as possible. The attention span of our generation is at best 8 seconds, make it count. The shorter your message, the better would be the response rate. Try to have your message displayed on one screen, so that the recipient doesn’t have to scroll too much to get to the point that you’re making.
      3. Write a killer subject line: A subject line is critically important because it’s through a subject line that you’d strike a chord with the prospect. It’s how you’d convince the recipient that your email is worth a glance. A/B testing works wonders for determining which subject lines work best for you. In a successful subject line, things that work well are the recipient’s name, 30-40 characters tops, and a simple and enticing value proposition that is in sync with the content of your email.
      4. Schedule like a pro: How often should you send an email blast? A higher frequency isn’t necessarily better. When you send fewer emails, you tend to get a higher engagement rate. What if you’re also keen on sharing new opportunities and company news with your customers on a frequent basis? How would you strike a balance? The best time and day to send your emails depends upon your unique customer set. Bank upon your Email Blast Software and monitor the statistics. Look out for the open rate, the click rate, the open to click rate, and the unsubscribe rate. This way, you’d know what works and what doesn’t, so that you could make necessary changes, and test again.
      5. Use images and hyperlinks: More often than not, pictures showcase more about your product or service than plain text. They’re also more visually appealing. Therefore, use images in your email blasts, but keep their file sizes small. As for hyperlinks, they’re easy to click, and your Email Blast Software would track how many people actually click the link to visit your website. Try different hyperlinks to find out what works best for your target audience.
      6. Test, edit and proof-read: Emails should receive the same treatment as blog posts or web pages. Ensure that there aren’t any blatant typos or misaligned images. Proof-read them and test them on multiple devices to be sure they display properly.
      7. Get social: Include your social media links in your emails. If they follow you on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram, they’ll remain connected to your brand even if they don’t buy anything from you.

      Get a Quick Low-Down on the ‘Don’ts’ of Email Blast Campaigns

      Don’t spam: Everyone hates spam. Irrelevant content, all uppercase subject lines, etc. refers to poor judgment within the email itself, making you a spammer. Also, purchasing email lists or signing people up without them expressly opting in first, is an absolute NO!

      Don’t be too ‘sales-y’: If you focus solely on selling a product to your readers, they’ll pick up on it. An email isn’t just a sales pitch. To create a successful email blast campaign, give your readers something of value, relevant information, entertainment, etc.

      Don’t go overboard: Don’t try too hard with too many images or excessive personalization, that your readers’ eyes hurt. As important as these things are, know when to tone it down.

      Don’t be narcissistic: In an attempt to win over a decision-maker or an influencer, marketers tend to overdo it by mentioning too much of their work, skills, and credentials. The key is to introduce yourself without bragging. Keep it crisp on how or why you should collaborate, in a way that benefits them and you.

      Begin with these basics for your email blast campaigns, continue testing and monitoring, and you’d find yourself knowing which messages work and which messages don’t. Just remember to delight your recipients every step of the way. Now go ahead and send great emails. Blast Away!

      Want to master the art of Email Blast Campaigns? Contact us!

      Get in touch with our experts at Grazitti Interactive, and we’ll take it from there! Feel free to reach us at [email protected].

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