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      The Digital World of the Hyper-personalization and Localization Posse

      Jul 11, 2018

      3 minute read


      “Personalization is not a trend. It is a marketing tsunami.” – Avi Dan

      Customer evolution is a reality in this era. User generated content, reviews, and influencers are what customers depend upon and don’t just blindly trust a brand. You may, sometimes, find yourself wondering, “What separates my brand from my competitors?”. The quest of answering that question is how the terms ‘Hyper-personalization and Localization’ emerged. Here’s a quick yet informative sneak peek into these concepts and how you’d, eventually, benefit from them.

      hyper-personalization and localization

      What is ‘hyper-personalization’ and how does it differ from ‘personalization’?

      Personalization means to leverage customer data. A typical example is sending a customer an email with their first name in the subject line, instead of the generic ‘Dear Valued Customer’. It may also constitute of personal information like name of the organization, title, purchase history, etc. Personalization calls for an up-to-date customer database with as many attributes as you’re able to obtain. Even though personalization is a good practice, it isn’t adequate for capturing your prospect’s undivided attention.

      Hyper-personalization goes beyond that by using real-time and discernible data to fashion supremely contextual communication relevant to the customer. For instance, a user peruses peep-toed shoes on your website/app, spends a few minutes, and leaves the website without having bought anything. If you analyze this behavior as a pattern, you’d strategize for your next hyper-personalized campaign that would send a push notification to the user’s device advertising offers on peep-toed shoes around the time that they’re most active.

      What is the need for hyper-personalization?

      According to the latest studies, you only have 8 seconds to catch the eye and hold the attention of your user. That’s how brilliantly crisp your content needs to be. Your communication should be striking and should stand out. Information overload is tuning out customers since user engagement with content has decreased by 60%. As per a survey by Google, ‘best search phrases’ have increased by 80% on mobile devices in the last two years, and in another survey, Accenture concluded that 75% of customers would more likely buy from companies whose offerings are personalized according to individual preferences. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer that Hyper-personalization is the need of the hour.

      What is localization?

      Localization means sending the right message to the right customer, at the right place and the right time. Personal data like regional preferences, weather triggers, demographics, etc could be layered on top of hyper-personalization, and it would create one mega powerful message. If you know how and where to look, you’d have the key to unlock the art of localization. The best places to look are social media, weather, location, traffic, commerce, and news.

      What impact can the union of hyper-personalization and localization create?

      Think about it, if you have personalized information of the user like name, title, organization and specific interest, and you also have the real-time information of that user like demographics, location, and weather triggers, what kind of an extraordinarily potent message can you create for your customer! This is the real ‘what’s in it for me?’ approach. If you manage to wow the customer by using hyper-personalization and localization to your advantage, they just won’t say no to you!

      The union of hyper-personalization and localization would guarantee that your brand stands out, which in turn, would result in higher engagement, conversion, and revenue. Give your competitors a run for their money by getting ahead in this game. Just remember to let your customer know that they’re the center of the universe and you’d be good to go!

      Want to master the art of hyper-personalization and localization?

      Grazitti Interactive will simplify it for you, making you end up with optimized operations, improved customer engagement and revenue, and easier lives. Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!

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