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      5 Reasons Why Companies Migrate from a Marketing Automation Platform

      Jul 06, 2018

      3 minute read

      According to The State of Marketing Automation, more than 50% of marketers expressed dissatisfaction towards their marketing automation system. What’s more startling was that they planned to switch platforms within the next 12 months!Imge GifThere are several reasons that you may choose to change your current marketing automation vendor. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why you might want to make a switch: 

      1. You think it is exorbitantly priced

      Marketing automation platforms are a commitment. It’s almost like a game changer, like a house. Would you buy a 5 bedroom house when you have no idea what you would use those rooms for? Or a two-floored house if you couldn’t climb the stairs?

      Similarly for marketing automation systems, you might feel that you’re either paying too much for what you’re getting or you simply bought a system that is more than you need or can handle.

      2. You find it difficult to use

      We know what we like. And we like what we know. Don’t we? If your current vendor’s interface is not continuously getting updated and simplified, it might be time to switch!

      Before you finally settle for a specific marketing automation platform, ask your team for specifics as to why the platform you’re using is truly hard or time-consuming for them.

      Remember that if you do make up your mind to switch, there might be a steep learning curve for your team (unless your team is already familiar with the platform).

      3. You think the performance is sluggish

      “The system takes too long to do X”
      “Any massive change in the CRM slows down the marketing automation system that is synced to it”

      These are the most common expressions that one would hear if facing constant outages, and costly ones at that!

      If your system fails to scale to your current or future needs, it is probably time to plan a migration to a more reliable system.

      4. You have outgrown the platform

      If you’ve been using your marketing automation system for a few years and feel that your level of marketing maturity has grown to the point where the solution is no longer right for you – consider migrating!

      It is common to feel that your current vendor is not enhancing or innovating their product, or maybe you are ready to take on a more sophisticated platform because of the expertise you’ve developed.

      5. You got acquired

      In some cases, there might be a possibility that your company has been acquired by another parent company who uses a different system.

      Generally, it is a good practice to standardize on a marketing automation platform across your organization for a smooth transition.

      If the parent company is already using a different platform, expect to migrate at some point!
      If you have to switch, do it right using a migration checklist and get help from outside or from the vendor you’re migrating to. While migration requires planning, you don’t have to be bound to your current system if it is no longer meeting your needs. Short-term costs and the additional resources required to migrate can lead to long-term benefits!

      Need help migrating from your marketing automation platform?

      Grazitti, an established Marketo partner, can help you seamlessly migrate from your current marketing automation platform. To know more, read our case study on Marketo-Pardot migration or shoot us an email at [email protected]!

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