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    Our Select Customers

    Experience Seamless CX With Salesforce Testing Services

    Why Opt For Salesforce QA & Testing?

    Using robust Salesforce QA & Testing services,
    organizations can:
    • Decrease the total cost of testing
    • Reduce cycle time in Salesforce testing effort
    • Improve software quality through a risk-based testing approach
    • Improve coverage reducing defects
    • Maintain superlative user experience
    Apart from these, here is the impact that our customers witnessed with our QA & Testing expertise:
    75% Business scenarios automation
    90% Risk reduction by focusing on end-to-end workflows and beyond the Salesforce ecosystem
    2X Faster testing with DevOps and Agile speeds

    Our Partnerships

    Our Range of Salesforce Testing for Enhanced UX and Better ROI

    Functional Testing
    • Unit Testing
    • Black Box Testing
    • Smoke & Sanity
    • Regression Testing
    • User Acceptance & Responsive Testing
    • Rest API Testing
    Platform-Based Testing
    • Implementation Testing
    • Pre Release Testing
    • RPA
    • Lightning Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • Migration Testing
    Non-Functional Testing
    • Automation Testing
    • Security Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Load Testing

    Our Certified Experts Ensure Testing and QA Services For:

    Applications and Products Built Upon Salesforce

    Using apps or technologies is the way to scale your business. However, bugs and software failures can halt your growth and create friction in the customer experience. You need a proactive approach to prevent it. Our team can assist to mitigate such risk and make sure your apps and products don’t just ‘work’ but deliver a better user experience. We ensure that your apps are AppExchange-ready and your products deliver the right value to your user and success in the digital world.

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    Companies Looking for a Bug-Free Salesforce Instance

    As organizations work to get a competitive edge they need to keep tabs on frequent changes on how your instance is administered, workflows are managed, and how new technologies are integrated. All of this can be daunting when you have to embed quality throughout. Our Salesforce Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Commerce Cloud testing teams are equipped to validate any changes in all your Salesforce instances and integrations to eliminate risk and warrant security. We efficiently carry out end-to-end testing for both Classic and Lightning versions and don’t follow the one-size-fits-all approach, rather we suggest a unique testing plan to ensure lasting success of your business.

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    Expert-Led System Testing

    Maintaining the accuracy of the business, functional, technical, and non-functional requirements of the application is a complex task that requires a series of well-defined steps for guaranteed usability. To ensure that different objects work well together, our Salesforce Certified Experts ensure better operational performance by executing robust system testing from an end-to-end perspective to deliver the experience your end-users want to have.

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    Companies Implementing Process Automation

    The adoption of process automation is increasingly on the rise, as it mimics the way humans interact with software to perform high-volume and repetitive tasks in an effective way. This, in turn, reduces costs, streamlines processes, and delivers better customer experiences. We aim to ensure that our customers can reap the true benefits of process automation.

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    Customer Success Stories

    Discover how we deliver quality assurance through operational efficiency and minimal production defects.

    80% Test Automation Coverage and Sales Process Optimization for a Technology Provider

    80% Test Automation Coverage and Sales Process Optimization for a Technology Provider

    Salesforce Community Cloud Set-Up for a Multinational Personal Finance Company

    Salesforce Community Cloud Set-Up for a Multinational Personal Finance Company

    Designing and Optimizing eCommerce Sites for a Moroccan Retail Leader

    Designing and Optimizing eCommerce Sites for a Moroccan Retail Leader

    Why Us?

    Get the Grazitti Advantage with a dynamic team of quality engineers with extensive experience in QA & Testing to assist you in building critical business applications in a faster, efficient, and agile manner.

    Our Customers Love Us

    To Help You Get Started on the Right Foot, We Offer Free Consulting for Salesforce QA & Automation Led by Our Experts for 30 Hours!

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What process does Grazitti follow for Salesforce QA?
    At Grazitti, the aim of our Salesforce testing experts is to identify actionable measures that optimize and improve the efficiency, usability, and accuracy of the overall Salesforce experience. The areas of focus are measuring the functionality, specifications, and performance of the application. We adopt the process of encompassing the entire SDLC cycle via a test-first approach.
    Why choose Grazitti as your Salesforce QA partner?
    We offer a wide variety of expert-led services for Business Scenario Automation, End to End Flow Verification, Validation & Salesforce Administration, and Integration & Migration.
    What data does Grazitti have access to on Salesforce?
    Grazitti’s access to data depends completely on the customer's security measures and protocols. The data that is extended to our engineers is the only data that we can access on Salesforce.
    How can I use Salesforce Testing to calculate my ROI?
    The easiest way to calculate ROI on test automation is by measuring the amount of QA time it saves. For instance, if it costs 500 hours to write 200 automated tests, and those test cases lower the quantity of manual testing performed each week by 20 hours. This difference reflects the amount of time that will be saved when creating and performing multiple tests.

    Here’s a detailed blog post on calculating the ROI of test automation.
    How can I automate my Salesforce process verification?
    Our in-house QA experts are adept at developing robust frameworks for quick process automation. They scrutinize each requirement closely and complete the process in no time by offering a one-click CI/CD integration. We are also setting up our RPA practice to provide you with a wide range of process automation solutions.