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      Salesforce QA

      Why is Salesforce QA Indispensable for Your Business?

      Nov 24, 2020

      3 minute read

      Salesforce enables companies to put their business processes into practice and drive growth. And Salesforce QA ensures that those business processes remain intact and run smoothly.

      QAing in Salesforce requires skill, a practical understanding of the platform, and the ability to work with developers and project stakeholders right from the implementation of the instance. This calls for a specialized Salesforce QA expert and to further know why you need one for your business, read this blog post.

      Challenges that Salesforce QA Helps Overcome
      Salesforce testing is a comprehensive process which, if done right, helps overcome some significant challenges:

      1. Customizing sophisticated traits like the Service Console and Visualforce is quite tricky. Issues can pop up at a later stage and can be costly if not caught at the right time. Since Salesforce generates IDs at runtime, any change to the APEX code can lead to the change of field locators based on IDs which require constant maintenance.

      2. A slight error on the customer success platform can lead to a bad user experience. Salesforce testing can save the boat from drowning by pointing out obvious UI/UX issues that can guide the user experience on Salesforce to be more effective and fruitful.

      For instance, GUI tests don’t work when the test environments are switched. Creating field locators for the Salesforce screens is another challenge as some field IDs differ between the organizations as well. Testing and ensuring that they work well fall in the Salesforce QA bucket.

      Challenges that Salesforce QA helps overcome

      3. Some of the standard functionalities, although not in use, can’t be removed from the equation which makes testing indispensable from time to time. It becomes essential to see if those standard functionalities solve the purpose and do not hinder the new version of the instance.

      4. Since automated tests do not work in all test environments, it is necessary to reconsider the codings and other related elements to work in sync with all the other credentials of the test environment.

      Automation testing in Salesforce is useful where test cases are executed repeatedly. To know how Automation Testing in Salesforce benefits business, check out this blog post.

      5. It is a Herculean task to recreate all the classic tests for Lightning UI where different roles settings need to be specified all over again. But, Salesforce testing saves a lot of time and effort by chalking out the pitfalls at an early stage.

      To enable more effective identification and deletion of innate defects within Salesforce, we cover the whole nine yards of Salesforce Testing including:

      1. Unit Testing
      2. Test Automation
      3. Functional Testing
      4. UAT Testing
      5. Regression Testing
      6. Security Testing
      7. Configuration Testing and many more.

      Benefits of Salesforce QA and Testing
      Salesforce testing, a validation of the configuration and customization performed in vanilla SFDC Org, reaps multiple benefits for your business including:

      • Enabling you to check that configuration and code are functional
      • Helping verify that the finished system can support your business processes
      • Confirming if the system’s initial build meets the agreed requirement
      • Helping to catch problems in the early stages while they’re easy to fix
      • Allowing the team to create the functional flows based on the status of test cases to know the functionality of the application
      • Helping inspect the working condition and behavior of the system using the process builder feature
      • Checking the functionality of time-based events using workflows

      Key Takeaway
      Salesforce testing and QA amplify your Salesforce instance for better performance, which further leads to optimized business processes. It has now come forward as a strategic function that guarantees that the CRM platform, other cloud applications, or custom objects improve and elevate the corporate credibility of your business.

      Need help with Salesforce QA? Talk to us.

      Grazitti Interactive is a trusted Salesforce QA and testing services provider for various global companies including 100+ Silicon Valley brands. If you are looking for assistance in keeping your Salesforce Org bug free, drop us an email at [email protected].

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