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      Best AI-powered Tools for Salesforce Automation Testing in 2023

      Apr 19, 2023

      4 minute read

      Salesforce allows businesses to build heavily customizable applications.

      However, even though Salesforce’s flexibility is one of its key benefits, it also means, testing these applications would be a lengthy process, increasing your dependence on an army of testers.

      This is where Salesforce test automation comes into the picture.

      Embracing test automation for a CRM like Salesforce will augment testing efficiency, improve overall project costs, and allow testers to invest more time doing business-critical tasks.

      What’s more, incorporating test automation in Salesforce is made easier with AI-powered test automation tools that enable early testing in the SDLC process, lesser operational cost, and documented testing stages.

      This blog post will help you learn how different AI-powered test automation tools take a modern approach to traditional QA testing.

      Let’s dive in!

      Why Should You Opt for AI-powered Test Automation in Salesforce?

      Why Should You Opt for AI-powered Test Automation in Salesforce?

      1. Seamless Lifecycle Management

      AI-powered testing tools possess next-gen test management capabilities that help enable intelligent test planning. Hence, it helps deliver a seamless software development lifecycle.

      2. Codeless Automation

      These tools offer functional virtualization capabilities, enabling businesses to switch to the ‘shift left’ process i.e. test without writing a single line of code.

      3. Lightning Fast Turnaround

      AI automation tools provide sustainable ways to automate Salesforce testing. From test design to its planning and execution, these tools can help you scale and secure your Salesforce apps.

      4. End-to-End Validation

      AI-powered test automation tools offer seamless integration with UI and functional testing tools. This eventually enables an end-to-end validation of complex Salesforce apps across Classic and Lightning instances and their components.

      5. Self-healing

      Since these tools have an AI/ML-powered core and Natural Language Processing capabilities, they learn to automatically update and adjust testing. As a result, they provide reliable test executions and minimize test failures.

      Top AI-powered Test Automation Tools in Salesforce

      Top AI-powered Test Automation Tools in Salesforce

      #1 Applitools

      Applitools allows you to integrate existing tests rather than create new ones. It is a robust automation framework for visual UI regression testing. It is designed to test all the elements on the screen with just a line of code.

      Applitools is powered by visual AI, which helps minimize the time taken for test creation, analysis, maintenance, and execution of the application.

      #2 Functionize

      It is an intelligent software testing platform that combines the power of human insights with AI and ML-based technologies. This low-code AI-powered platform reduces the time and cost spent on testing and accelerates product releases.

      Functionize helps create tests quickly with the help of the Natural Language Processing feature. It also enables you to diagnose test failures with one-click SmartFix suggestions. Furthermore, the Live Debug feature allows you to not only diagnose test failures but also modify them while the test is still running.

      #3 Sauce Labs

      Sauce Labs is a leading continuous test and error reporting platform that helps you quickly develop, deliver, and update high-quality code. It allows you to test mobile apps and websites across multiple browsers and devices.

      It is a full-scale testing platform that supports every stage of software development to ensure that the web and mobile applications look and function as expected.

      #4 Testim

      Testim is a leading AI-powered test automation platform designed to test custom web applications. This tool helps you ensure faster releases and overcome testing bottlenecks.

      Testim is designed to enable Agile teams to efficiently manage and scale their automation projects. Recently, Testim also announced a new tool for recording GUI functional tests called Playground.

      #5 Mabl

      Mabl is a leading test automation platform for Agile teams. This intelligent, low-code solution helps you test end-to-end user journeys to increase test coverage and accelerate product velocity.

      Mabl users can complete test creation in the Mabl Trainer, significantly reducing the time spent on maintaining current tests. While executing a cloud test case in Mabl, quality engineering teams can access granular insights such as DOM snapshots, performance logs, and real-time network activity to resolve bugs quickly.

      #6 ACCELQ

      ACCELQ is a cloud-based continuous testing platform that can automate API and web testing without writing code. The ‘Natural Language Processing’ feature in ACCELQ enables you to develop test logic using the English language instead of code.

      The tool focuses on the design and maintenance aspects of the automation lifecycle, provides a codeless approach to test automation, and helps you save over 70%[i] of maintenance costs.

      #7 TestCraft

      TestCraft is yet another AI-driven tool that is designed to accelerate codeless automation testing. It uses a robust Selenium-based automated testing approach that allows QA teams to create and run tests repeatedly without writing a single line of code.

      Using a drag-and-drop interface, testers can digitally create automated, Selenium-based experiments and run them on different browsers and work environments.

      #8 Appvance

      Appvance IQ (AIQ) developed a Quality Acceleration platform, which is driven by the most advanced AI technology in software testing. AIQ can test your applications broadly and deeply. Its self-directed AI is able to identify user journeys and write and maintain tests in no time.

      Codeless script development, drag-and-drop API test creation, reusable test assets, actionable test results reports, and AI-driven autonomous test generation, this tool serves many purposes.

      #9 ReTest

      ReTest is an automation tool that uses two types of AI i.e. genetic algorithms and neural networks. Training neural networks require a certain amount of data and is computationally expensive. ReTest trains its neural networks to cater to specific customer needs.

      The neural networks are used for action selection and combined with a genetic algorithm to manage the overall flow of the test generation process. ReTest then uses a multi-objective genetic algorithm, which optimizes for the following three objectives:

      a. Bugs/Backend Errors
      b. Any Form of Coverage
      c. Any Form of Costs Like the Test Suite Length

      Key Takeaway

      Salesforce testing can be a tricky and challenging process due to the dynamic nature of most web pages on its platform. The herculean CRM platform, thus, requires a strong and sustainable automation testing framework.

      And AI-powered test automation tools simplify testing, increase testing efficiency and speed, help address specific testing challenges, and reduce human errors.

      Leverage AI-powered Tools & Overcome Salesforce Testing Challenges. Get Started Today!

      Grazitti Interactive has a team of Salesforce QA professionals that offers comprehensive QA services to enable efficient implementation of AI-powered software testing. Should you want to learn more about the latest AI tools that you should use, please drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.


      [i] ACCELQ Statistics

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