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The Salesforce® Lightning Component Framework provides components that can be assembled and customized to build dynamic communities with simple drag-and-drop without programming. However, the toolkit provides a couple of components that are limited in functionality.
We have developed a set of advanced Lightning components, that are easily customizable and assembled into a complete, functional and vibrant community. Our set of advanced Lightning Components includes Forums, Ideas, KnowledgeBase, Federated Search, and Cases. What sets our Lightning Components apart from the rest are their advanced features and inter-operability. These components are easily configurable, responsive, and reusable. We also create custom components tailored to your unique business requirements.

Tony Van OortTony Van OortSales Manager, Qualitree
Grazitti is a great resource for community cloud development and I highly recommend working with their team if you do not have the expertise in house to make changes and program lightning objects or build completely custom communities. Two thumbs up.You rocked it!

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