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    Analytics Apps help you to filter the crash data by operating system version, app version, and platform to pinpoint the cause, helping you create a better user experience

    User Engagement

    Analytics Apps provide the user engagement metrics, including the number of active devices, sessions, and retention, with which you can easily assess the impact of product changes to see which changes increase the engagement with your app

    Marketing Campaigns

    With Analytics Apps you can measure your marketing efforts by creating unique links for each marketing efforts to get insight into which campaign drives the maximum number of downloads

    App Store Product Page

    You can easily calculate the effectiveness of your product page by adding the number of downloads to the number of product page views

    Productivity Boosters

    Our must-have Analytics Apps for iPhone can make any of your spare moments productive by helping you find answers to questions like “What keywords were hot this month?” and “How many leads did we get this month?”

    Instant, Mobile Access to Google Analytics

    Whether you’re in a meeting, on the road or sitting on the throne, our custom Analytics Apps give you an easy and quick access to your analytics data – helping you get to all of your reports and data for the iPhone and iPod Touch


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