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    Salesforce Community Cloud Services

    Leveraging Chatter

    Leverage Chatter to improve communication in your organization. We plan, design, deploy, customize, and maintain Chatter in Classic and Lightning Experience. We also help you migrate to Chatter Questions from Chatter Answers.

    Upgrade to Lightning Communities

    Unlock Lightning experience in your organization in as few as four weeks. We enable quick and swift migration of data, content, and custom VF pages to Lightning Communities.

    Migration to Salesforce® Communities

    Transform passive data into actionable insights with Salesforce Communities which is tightly integrated with other Salesforce clouds. Move from Jive, Lithium, or another platform to Lightning Communities with zero data loss, no UX/UI break, and comprehensive QA testing.

    Integration With Third-Party Systems

    Improve the digital interactions on your community by establishing a closed loop connection with other systems, such as CMS, LMS, support tools, search console, and analytics. Our experts utilize APIs and custom-built connectors to provide swift, flexible, and secure integration.


    Get customizations that not only cater to your current needs but are capable of helping you meet your future strategic and tactical goals. Our technologists have the experience and expertise to add new components and functionality to leverage the best in your instance—while adhering to your brand guidelines.

    Mobile Experience

    Elevate experience for your customers, partners, and employees who are more likely to interact with you from their smartphones than a desktop computer. We identify usage patterns for each demography to provide mobile-friendly solutions for your community.


    Think beyond appearance. Our UI/UX experts study your instance to identify key usage trends and suggest opportunities for optimization. Our goal is to increase adoption and make design choices that are most suitable for your community.


    Harness the real power of Salesforce. We dive deep into your processes, use patterns, and systems to implement an instance in phases. We also help you come onboard, streamline operations, and produce outcomes that your business needs.


    Align your organizational goals with user needs through a strategic Lightning community. Our experts learn about your business objective, take time to understand your target users, perform gap analysis, and build a business case for using Salesforce Communities by estimating ROI.

    Set Up Quickly

    Choose One Or More Communities

    Customer Community

    Invest in a Customer Community or Customer Community Plus license if your goal is to:

    • Help customers find answers fast
    • Reduce pressure on support reps
    • Get insights into customer behaviour
    • Receive content ideas

    Partner Community

    Get a community that means business. A Partner Community license allows you to:

    • Close deals faster
    • Manage distribution
    • Track leads, opportunities in real time
    • Support B2B commerce

    Employee Community

    Use Lightning Community Builder to set up a secure place of communication for your workplace. An employee community:

    • Enhances collaboration
    • Reduces delays in communication
    • Provides great experiences
    • Makes your organization employee-centric

    Get a Headstart with Grazitti’s Community Cloud Package

    – 01 –

    Select a Community Type

    • Customer
    • Partner
    • Employee

    – 02 –

    Choose a Package Type

    • Starter
    • Standard
    • Premium

    – 03 –

    Select a Template

    • One Column Layout
    • Two Column Layout
    • Three Column Layout
    • Custom Layout

    Want to Know What’s More Happening in
    Salesforce Community cloud?

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    Listen Now

    This 5-part podcast series is to offer exclusive intel on advanced community engagement efforts like gamification, exceptional onboarding process, future offerings, and more. It takes your most anticipated questions about the Salesforce-powered communities and hashes out the best solutions.

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