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    Our ETL Services

    Consulting & Support
    Get expert ETL services, learn better ways of implementing ETL solutions, and get round-the-clock support
    Data Mining
    Fetch data from myriad sources to establish patterns and predict future outcomes
    Data Integration
    Consolidate structured and unstructured data from multiple sources to get a single and unified view with real-time insights
    Data Blending
    Create bigger data sets by integrating and blending data sources for self-service data ingestion
    Data Transformation
    Seamlessly convert raw data from a specific format into another format or structure that is cleansed, validated, and ready-to-use
    Data Migration
    Prepare, extract, and transform your data before transferring it from a computer storage system to another
    ETL Optimization

    Optimize your current ETL process’ to increase efficiency, reduce data points, and decrease resource usage close to real-time

    Data Warehouse

    Build DWH by fetching from multiple heterogeneous sources and store at one place either on-premises or on-cloud for analytical reporting/or ad hoc queries, and decision making

    ETL Working Process

    Expertise Across Technology Stacks

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    American Express
    Exporting Ecommerce and Support Data to a Data Warehouse Download Case Study
    American Express
    Exporting Marketo Activities Data to a Data Warehouse Download Case Study
    American Express
    Migrating and Exporting eLearning Data to a Data Warehouse Download Case Study

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