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      4 Common Landing Page Myths and Their Counter Facts

      Oct 19, 2021

      4 minute read

      Marketing is a smooth sail for everyone. This is a common myth that we’re all made to believe. Many people think that simply posting an ad on the web and social media is all that there is to marketing. However, the reality is different.

      The same goes for landing pages. Landing pages are a critical element of your website as they showcase your products and services to users. They are a powerful medium to carve an impression on your potential customers, engage with them, and convert them into loyal brand advocates.

      There are many myths surrounding landing pages that might hamper your business growth and reduce the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Let’s bust some of these myths about landing pages with their counter facts.

      The Purpose of Landing Pages

      Landing pages guide your website visitors in their buying journey by informing them about the products and services that you provide.

      According to statistics, the average conversion rate for landing pages is about 9.7%. Landing pages serve as a medium that connects your business to your target audience and enables you to ask for their contact information in exchange for resource collaterals that they show interest in. Visitors can enter their details such as email address, name, age, location, and more in a contact form which can be later used by marketers to take follow-ups.

      The key purpose of a landing page is to generate leads for you. The conversion rate spikes only if the landing page looks more appealing and offers a diverse range of assets such as eBooks, blogs, articles, video content, etc.

      4 Myths about Landing Pages and How to Avoid Them

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      Now that we’ve understood what landing pages are and what purpose they serve, let’s take a look at the myths surrounding them and their respective counter facts.

      Myth#1 The Shorter the Landing Page, the Better

      Fact: There is no such thing as a definite length for a landing page. “The shorter the landing page is, the better results you get” is a common myth about landing pages which many marketers believe. However, your landing page can be any length you desire.

      The important thing to remember is to provide as much information to the users as possible relative to the subject of the landing page. Your ultimate goal is to get visitors to fill the lead-generation form and help them make a buying decision.

      The more context you provide on your landing page about how your products and services will help your target audience, the more the lead conversion chances are.

      Myth#2 Your Eyes Should Only Be on the Conversion Metrics

      Fact: Landing pages are a key marketing funnel component. With landing pages, you can prompt your users to fill in the lead-generation form and get their details. But what guarantee do you have that they will end up buying from you?

      So, the percentage of people filling your form shouldn’t be the only criteria to measure the performance of the landing page. Try to take a deeper look at the analytics and determine the percentage of people actually converting through the landing page.

      You will obtain valuable insights about the elements on the landing page that work and that don’t and then find solutions to fix them.

      Myth#3 Changing the CTA Color is the Only Trick That You Need

      Fact: Many marketers believe that changing the CTA color from green to red will fetch them more conversion rates. Busting this myth, it is true that red creates a sense of urgency and may prompt your users to click on the CTA, but this trick may not always work.

      This strategy largely depends on the type of content that you’re providing via the landing page and the type of audience that it is attracting. Be it any color, ensure that your key messaging is crisp and clear to the readers.

      A/B test your landing pages and experiment with different colors to figure out what works best for you and what doesn’t.

      Myth#4 Having a Couple of Landing Pages is Enough

      Fact: Not really. For many marketers, having a few landing pages is more than enough to market their products and services. Simply having a Contact Us page and a page showcasing your products will not bring in the leads that you desire.

      Research suggests that brands with 10-15 landing pages fetch a 55% conversion rate. So ensure that you build more landing pages and examine what type of landing page is bringing in more results.

      You obviously do not want to miss out on potential leads and lose a chance to convert better and improve your ROI. Every landing page that you create brings forth new opportunities and attracts new customers, generating more traffic and more leads.

      To design landing pages that convert better, you must look beyond these myths and understand the anatomy behind them. Experiment to assess what works best for you and use analytics to improve your landing page game.

      Wish to create landing pages that convert high? Talk to us!

      Team Grazitti has years of experience in curating and designing engaging landing pages that convert high. To know more about our services, drop us a line at [email protected].

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