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      6 Best Practices for Using Pop-Up Ads

      Apr 24, 2020

      3 minute read

      Pop-up ads are beneficial for your businesses. Now, this statement may baffle you. We are so used to the ‘pop up ads are annoying’ rhetoric and have therefore refused to acknowledge their power.

      However, according to, the top 10% of their highest-performing pop-ups had a conversion rate of 9.28%. The surveyor pointed out that going by this figure, if they have 150 visitors per day, there will be 418 sign-ups in a month! That’s quite a substantial number to be ignored. Therefore, it is best not to keep pop-up ads at bay from your marketing strategies.

      In this blog post, we talk about the top 6 best practices for using pop-up ads. Let’s dive in!

      How to make your pop-up ads work?

      Like with every other marketing technique, if you are adding some value for your users, they won’t disapprove of your pop-up ads. Most of the websites on the internet today are marred with bad pop-up strategies.

      While some are still hung on the ancient technique of opening a new window for displaying ads, others cover the whole homepage with them.

      These don’t just hamper the browsing experience of the users but are often considered malicious. More often than not, these practices can prevent users from returning to your website.

      6 Best Practices for Using Pop-Up Ads

      If you want these ads to work, then you can follow some best practices like:

      1. Keeping them terse

      If a single word can suffice, then keep it at that. The pop-up ads need not be text-heavy to send across your message. But what needs to be made sure of is that they are thought-provoking.

      2. Using hover ads

      Rather than the ads that open in new tabs, use hover ads. They provide a better user experience and do not come across as malicious.

      3. Placing them at the end-of-the-page

      Placing pop-up ads at the end of the page is better. These perform better since they give the users a chance to go through your website’s content smoothly.

      4. Asking for subscriptions

      Pop-up forms are a great way to ask users to subscribe to your newsletters. You just need an attractive CTA that is designed well with vibrant colors and a catchy heading.

      5. Advertising special content

      One of the best ways to use pop-ups is by offering some premium or exclusive content to the users like a new white paper or an eBook. These ads can also work wonderfully for big giveaways.

      6. Using cookies

      Using cookies will make your pop-up ads more relevant and personalized for your users. They will feel more at place if they will see their name on a welcome message. These can also be great for pop-up forms.

      If used well, pop-up ads can help drive more traffic and conversion for your website.

      How can pop-up ads be beneficial?

      Pop-up ads can serve marketers with some serious returns. This is because:

      1. They are really catchy and cannot be ignored
      2. They can increase your brand’s visibility
      3. They entice the users to perform an action
      4. They get an immediate response from the users
      5. They can be used in versatile forms such as images, videos, games, etc.

      According to smartbugmedia, pop-up ads have 2% higher click-through-rates than other forms of ads. This may be attributed to their surprise factor. These ads appear out of nowhere and therefore a user is sure to glance at them. Many-a-times these generate positive results if they are useful for the users.


      Nowadays, there is a plethora of tools available such as poptins that can help you readily make pop-up ads and forms and integrate them into your website. If you have the right resources to back you up, then you can make the most of this marketing tool.

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