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      6 Reasons Why You Need to Host Webinars

      May 30, 2022

      3 minute read

      Virtual events have become a key tool for organizations to reach a geographically dispersed audience and communicate with people. No matter how effective in-person events are, they still have limitations in bringing people from different geographies together at a place.

      With customer demands evolving every day, our content and engagement activities should evolve according to their needs. This is where you need to go beyond readable content like blog posts, emails, articles, ebooks, and more as a content marketer.

      Enter – Webinars

      Although not a new concept yet various businesses have never hosted a webinar. Seeing the growing interest of people in video content, creating more of it can be productive, engaging, and educating. While webinars are looked upon as a different category than videos, they have always been a part of video content. And to feed the customers’ demand for it, webinars can be an important tool to be included in your content marketing strategy.

      But how are webinars beneficial? Here are the reasons why you should add them to your content marketing strategy:

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      1. Lead Generation: Webinars on time-relevant, trending, industry-niche, and how-to topics, level up your content marketing efforts, and build customer trust. As in-person events expand your contact lists and generate leads, so do webinars. 73%[i] of B2B marketers say webinars help them to generate high-quality leads. And that reflects how important webinars are for your content marketing strategy.

      2. Inexpensive to Conduct: Investment in a webinar is comparatively less than on live events. And their audience reach sees no geographical barriers. To get engagement internationally and within a limited budget, consider hosting a webinar. Furthermore, bring marketers and experts together and reach out to your prospects across the globe without worrying about arrangements related to a live event and airfare to travel to far-away destinations.

      3. Lead Nurturing: When it comes to getting audience engagement, webinars are hard to beat in comparison to other methods. Since webinars are live streams followed by Q&A sessions, prospects have real-time engagement, all while being at a place of their convenience. When you address your audience’s questions in real-time, it builds trust and cements your brand’s relationship with them.

      4. Thought Leadership: We all know content marketing plays a vital role in building brand identity. Even though the tried-and-true methods generate results, customers more than ever appreciate real-time connections with brands. And to demonstrate your expertise, webinars are more than a match. An educational webinar hosted by an expert panel not only enables you to have quality interaction with your prospects but also strengthens your thought leadership. It encourages the audience to know more about your brand and the product/service that you offer.

      5. A Valuable Data Resource: Not all the folks who register for it, attend a webinar. In fact, only 40% – 50%[ii] of people attend it out of total registrations. Even though the dropouts seem high, the data gained out of registration helps to build up your email database. Moreover, you can get deep customer insights through polls, ask-me-anything sessions, or running short surveys during the webinar. Data collected from the webinar including feedback, needs, pain points, and more will enable you to generate robust content ideas and use them in your content marketing strategy to attract prospects.

      6. Repurposing: An interactive and successful webinar surely contributes to your thought leadership and trust-building while you demonstrate your expertise. However, one more thing that it does to your advantage is creating the opportunity to repurpose the content that is shared during the webinar. Record your webinar and make it available on different channels, make shareable snippets out of it, use ideas, quotes, and thoughts from that webinar, and create a series of blog posts on them. Consider webinars as a repository of content that can be extracted to fill other distribution channels.


      With the increasing demand for visual content and real-time brand interactions, marketers are increasingly adding webinars as a tool in their content marketing strategy. With their diversified benefits – from being educational and interactive to help you improve brand awareness, webinars can be one of the most effective methods to build better customer relationships.

      Wish to Level up Your Content Marketing Strategy With Webinars? Talk to Us!

      Team Grazitti has extensive experience in building robust content marketing strategies to help you take your business to the next level. To know more about our content marketing services, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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