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      6 Tips to Write a Stellar Script for B2B Explainer Videos

      Jul 01, 2022

      4 minute read

      Research suggests that video content brings 34%[i] higher conversion rates than any other content type. However, oftentimes video performance remains underwhelming despite rigorous efforts. So, if negligible video views and almost no engagement sound familiar, read on.

      Video content has the potential to speak with your customers and bring in relevant leads. However, it needs to be crafted well to be fully effective. Therefore, it is essential to come up with a stellar video script before you start working on the video itself.

      Let’s dive right into the benefits of B2B explainer videos and how you can write an excellent B2B explainer video script.

      What are B2B Explainer Videos?

      As the name suggests, an explainer video is a short tutorial that offers product demos or working of a certain product/service. It is much more than just a how-to or sales pitch. Rather, explainer videos are a great way to connect your potential customers to your business by informing and educating them, and building trust.

      Why Do You Need B2B Explainer Videos?

      The key to the success of any marketing campaign is to grab the attention of potential customers by delivering what they need to know. And studies uncovered that 72%[ii] of customers prefer learning about a product or service through a video. Thus, marketers strive for a stellar script that tells a story and makes viewers emotionally connect with it. A well-crafted explainer video results in –

      • Clear communication of your idea and concept
      • Well-synchronized plot, audio, and representations
      • High engagement and quality lead generation

      6 Simple Tips to Write a Stellar B2B Explainer Video Script

      Before you start creating a video, you need to understand how to create an engaging video. In this digital era, more than 500 hours[iii] of video content is posted on YouTube every minute. Similarly TikTok users spend an average of 52 minutes[iv] per day on the app. Undoubtedly, the competition is intense but the right explainer video can do wonders for your business.

      Here are 6 simple tips to write a stellar video script to convey the right message to your targeted audience –


      1. Go for the Right Type Instead of the Best Type

      Start by understanding what you want to convey and which is the right way to do it. There are various types of explainer videos including –

      • Animated videos
      • Live-action videos
      • Hybrid videos

      We recommend you to choose the appropriate type of video that is consistent with the message you want to convey. For instance, live-action videos might be the most popular type. But if you’re selling software, your video should show how it works in easy steps using animation.

      2. Start With the Problem Statement

      You want your viewers to stick around. And the best way to get them hooked is by opening with the problem statement. If they can relate to the problem, they would want to know the solution by watching your video and probably making a purchase. Avoid making a video about your company or products by adding promotional content. Rather, talk about the problems your product solves and make the viewers take interest in it.

      3. Get to the Point Quickly

      20%[v] of users will move on and abandon the video if it fails to engage them in the first 10 seconds. Therefore, it is important to focus on the problem statement and quickly get to the solution.

      4. Use Your Creative Imagination

      An explainer video is not about telling but showing. Use your imagination to visualize your concepts or solution to make the video more engaging. A video created with meticulous focus on visuals can communicate your idea clearly and put the message across to the viewers.

      5. Keep it Short and Crisp

      You might have seen videos that go on longer than they need to. What happens when you experience such videos? You get bored and look for another video. So, make sure your video touches all the beats and finishes off elegantly. For a B2B explainer video, 60-90 seconds is considered the ideal length. But if necessary, you can push the limits to 180 seconds. However, the shorter it is the better.

      6. Don’t Forget to Add CTA

      CTA is a lot more important than you realize. It inspires your viewers to take action. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the CTA in your video. Instead of going for a generic CTA like ‘know more’ or ‘learn more’, be creative. Use personalized CTAs like ‘Unlock Your 1-day Trial’ to persuade your viewers to take immediate action. An intuitive and well-placed CTA increases the likelihood of getting conversions.


      A well-crafted script is the backbone of your explainer video. It breaks down your complex concepts, forms an engaging plot, communicates your ideas, and delivers a strong outcome. Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps help you kickstart your scriptwriting process.

      Wish to Win Over Your Clients With Stellar B2B Explainer Videos? Talk to Us!

      Our content marketing maestros can empower you to take your content marketing game up to the next level with impeccable strategies. To know more about our services, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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