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      A Positive Intention Cascade – Exemplifying the ideals for Giving at Grazitti

      Dec 11, 2012

      3 minute read

      As a part of the Giving at Grazitti initiative, we support a number of charities directly and match the donations of time and money that members of the Grazitti Team chose to contribute to. One such organization we support is the Society for Meritorious Students (SMS) – a charity that we hope others emulate and support. The Founder Chairman of the NGO, Lt. Gen. Malhotra (Retd.) and Mr. Jindal, the secretary were kind enough to share the SMS story and their ideals – a true example of how one person can initiate a positive intention cascade!

      Some interesting facts about SMS

      • The NGO has supported 1000+ students, from financially backward families, in their education effort in the past 5 years.
      • They are currently supporting 900+ students.
      • Supporting a child’s education means providing them not just tuition fee but money for books, stationery or anything else, lack of which is coming in the way of the child’s education.
      Giving at Grazitti initiative - Impact of intention
      • Education is supported right from school to college/ university until the student takes up a job and becomes financially independent.
      • All members of the society donate money. Currently, some of the students selected by them are studying in premier institutes like IITs, IIMs and continue to get financial support from the society.
      • The Society choses to accept donations only from individuals who share their ideals. They do not accept donations from overseas or unknown people.
      • Some of the students sponsored by SMS are placed in leading MNCs in the country.

      What’s most interesting is that unlike other NGOs, all administrative expenses of the society are borne by the members of the society. The members feel that by using the money of the donors on their commute & communication will be an injustice to the donors’ intent.

      In a candid conversation with the Grazitti Team, Lt. Gen. Malhotra told that he always wanted to give back to the society and the best way was to help people who couldn’t help themselves. He used to provide artificial limbs for financially weak handicapped people. Once a handicapped couple came to him and instead of asking support for themselves requested him to facilitate “good education” for their daughter, who was currently in a village school. Lt. Gen. Malhotra thought that this one help from him could have great impact on the next generation, as education of one girl child translates into financial independence and education of an entire family. He ensured that the girl got admission in a good city school and simultaneously Society for Meritorious Students was born.

      Today, the Society boasts of like-minded citizens of the tricity as its members, who contribute not only through money and effort but also through their intention to bring a positive change in the society.

      To know more about this society of ‘merit’, you can visit their website. You may be surprised to find no student success stories published on the website. Philanthropy in the truest sense – the society doesn’t reveal the names of the beneficiaries as members are concerned that the financial past of these students may come in the way of the current success.

      Team Grazitti is proud to be associated with as humble an endeavor as SMS. And in ways is inspired by the ‘Impact of Intention’ of Lt. Gen. Malhotra.

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