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      How we Chose our Name and Tagline! A Thanksgiving Post!

      Nov 22, 2012

      2 minute read

      In a recent interview with Business Standard, Nikesh Arora – the sales genius extraordinaire of Google (or as the author calls him – the fourth musketeer), outlined that the best of the digital revolution was yet to come! And defined how children were the real digital natives – having not seen a world outside of Google and Facebook.

      When we started Grazitti – we had two drivers – we were building a company that leveraged the new digital era we were entering! and even though we ourselves are immigrants – we were building a company that talks for the native! Heck as the US shows – immigrants are always attracted by the Natives!

      As we started, our first customer was a visionary who came from an older domain – the printing industry – but also extremely conscious of his role as a mentor to an entire industry that needs to change to meet changing role of print service providers to marketing service providers.

      As a company we have had the privilege of having great employees who have helped us live to our promise – each one of them has contributed to our success and continued focus on winning our customers confidence and trust.

      The second driver for our vision was the explosion of self-expression – on social media – Facebook, blogs – sort of web graffiti! Our name is a play on this very word – and we were lucky to find something that matched our conception! There too we have been lucky to work with major automotive and innovative brands to reach audiences, mining social intentions and “web graffiti”.

      Thanks to Rab for trusting us, Heather and Phil for believing in us, Bhavish for helping us get a focus and tagline, and Nikesh for a succinct validation of our ambition. We owe a lot of what we do to partners like S Ghosh – who asks us to love our customers and get our customers to love our work, and Ben Allen – who holds a torch for us in Seattle.

      Happy Thanksgiving to all of our customers, employees, friends and well wishers!

      Marketing for Digital Natives

      Read the full article here.

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