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      Healthcare Analytics: Challenges and Opportunities

      Aug 13, 2022

      3 minute read

      The onset of COVID-19 triggered a chain reaction among healthcare organizations towards investing in data-driven decision making.

      As data changed by the second, professionals struggled to monitor intensive care units, manage staff, and use available resources efficiently.

      As a result, healthcare centers have been increasingly leveraging analytics to improve patient care.

      In this blog post, we look at the challenges and opportunities in healthcare and how analytics enables you to power data-driven decision-making.

      So, let’s begin!

      Top 3 Challenges With Healthcare Analytics

      What Are the Challenges in Healthcare?

      Here are challenges hindering the growth of data-driven healthcare:

      Improper Governance

      While online consultations are replacing routine doctor visits, other areas of healthcare are yet to fully develop.

      For instance, there is a lack of established data governance, a clear methodology, as well as a strategy for analytics.

      Healthcare has also been somewhat slow in adapting to analytics because of the challenges involved in implementing big data tools.

      Data and Timing

      Sensitive healthcare data needs regular monitoring and analysis on-time, to prevent patient complications.

      However, health centers do not have the resources to develop infrastructure or extensively hire staff in order to effectively collect and organize data.

      Tools available currently process synthetic data instead of real patient data, resulting in incorrect treatment recommendations.

      Multiple Data Conventions

      Healthcare data needs to be in the correct format. However, different entities have different formats.

      Therefore, generating a granular database that is insightful can be a challenge.

      In addition to this, professionals are hesitant to make data available to researchers due to the risk of data privacy violation.

      Improving Patient Care With Healthcare Analytics

      How Healthcare Analytics Helps in Improving Patient Care

      Use of Predictive Analytics

      Data analytics has the potential to transform healthcare. In fact, it is famed for being able to predict future outcomes based on historical data.

      Furthermore, in healthcare, the ability to predict future outcomes can be a game-changer.

      Analytics enables you to improve the quality of treatment, reduce operational costs, and increase efficiency.

      Strengthening Patient Engagement

      Analytics has significantly improved patient engagement.

      For instance, patients use wearable technology to track their vitals and physical condition.

      This data is updated remotely to digital records where it can be viewed by healthcare professionals. This enables doctors to cut back on in-person hospital visits.

      Improving Operational Efficiency

      Analytics streamlines healthcare by enabling you to improve employee schedules, prepare for emergencies, and manage operations.

      However, this requires a careful evaluation of the healthcare organization’s strategies and goals.

      Prioritizing Patient Risk

      Prioritizing patient cases is a critical part of healthcare operations.

      With data visualization, you can track and monitor data. You can then prioritize high-risk patients and group them based on treatment.

      Wrapping Up

      In this blog post, we looked at the challenges and opportunities in healthcare and how analytics enables you to power data-driven decision-making.

      With the pandemic accelerated shift towards greater adoption of AI and big data tools, the future of healthcare is bright.

      Need Help With Healthcare Analytics? Talk to Us!

      At Grazitti, our team of dedicated data analysts enable healthcare organizations to power decision-making with data-driven insights.

      Begin your journey, today!

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