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      How Generative AI is Transforming the Marketing Landscape

      Apr 02, 2024

      5 minute read

      “It’s the Generative AI Era & We’re Just Living in It!”

      The year 2023 saw a huge wave of businesses adapting and introducing generative AI tools to create more effective marketing strategies and attract customers in new ways.

      For instance, Microsoft introduced its generative AI-driven Copilot that can boost productivity by automating and assisting with tasks, documents, and insights.

      Not just Microsoft, Salesforce introduced Einstein GPT in March 2023 as a generative AI tool for marketing and sales teams.

      Generative AI in marketing allows for greater creativity and effectiveness by leveraging the speed of a machine with ‘superhuman’ predictive abilities.

      In fact, 1 in 4 businesses have already implemented generative AI for marketing, with another 45% of marketers planning to implement it by the end of 2024(i).

      From automating processes and powering hyper-personalization to altering the idea generation process, generative AI is poised to be a catalyst for a new age of marketing capabilities.

      In this blog post, we’ll look at how generative AI is transforming marketing and empowering businesses to reach their audience in new and reimagined ways.

      Generative AI in Marketing: A Statistical Picture

      Using generative AI in marketing delivers immediate value by helping businesses generate copy and images in less time, personalize campaigns, and respond to and learn from customer feedback.

      According to Salesforce the most common use of generative AI among marketers is(ii):

      • Basic content creation (76%)
      • Writing copy (76%)
      • Inspiring creative thinking (71%)
      • Analyzing market data (63%)
      • Generating image assets (62%)

      Marketers also anticipate that generative AI will revolutionize their roles, providing them with the liberty to dedicate more time to strategic initiatives.

      71% of marketers expect generative AI will help eliminate repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus more on strategic work. They also predict generative AI will save them five hours of work per week(iii).

      Moreover, generative AI has the potential to automate work activities that absorb 60 to 70% of employees’ time(iv).

      Also, according to Deloitte(v):

      • Early generative AI adopters are able to meet content demands 1.5x faster.
      • All early adopters are already seeing positive ROI from their generative AI investments, with an average 12% return so far.
      • Users who leverage generative AI save an average of 11.4 hours per week.

      Uses Cases of Generative AI in Marketing

      As the prowess of generative AI evolves consistently, marketers are jumping on the bandwagon to experiment and tap into the amazing creativity this technology can offer.

      Let’s explore a few real-life examples of brands using generative AI in marketing.


      LinkedIn introduced a new generative AI-powered tool – Recruiter 2024. This tool uses unique insights and generative AI to reimagine how people hire which will help hirers find qualified candidates faster.


      The brand has taken personalization to the next level by changing the thumbnail of a film or show that they display on a user’s Home tab based on what they’ve watched before. The thumbnails have been created using Aesthetic Visual Analysis (AVA) to select the right scenes out of thousands available that will most likely catch the attention of viewers. This is why you see different images on your friend’s Netflix account than on your own.

      How Generative AI is Revolutionizing the Marketing Landscape

      Generative AI opens new doors for marketers to overcome marketing challenges.

      While AI is focused on executing defined tasks with established rules and patterns, generative AI pushes beyond these confines, seeking to generate content that closely resembles human creativity.

      Here are some of the benefits of generative AI in marketing.

      Smart Solutions, Swift Results

      Generative AI can foster team productivity growth of 0.1 to 0.6% per year until 2040, depending on how quickly technology is adopted(vi).

      Through its ability to understand and generate human-like text, images, and other content, generative AI streamlines workflows, reducing the time and effort required for manual tasks.

      AI can handle customer inquiries efficiently via chatbots, social media, and phone interactions. With its ability to provide swift and personalized responses, it improves the overall customer experience, freeing up your team to focus on other important tasks.

      With generative AI, you can revitalize your marketing strategies, enhance campaign effectiveness, and efficiently reach your intended audience.

      Crafting Moments That Matter

      63% of businesses are already using generative AI to enhance customer experience(vii).

      As AI in marketing progresses, marketers can gain a more precise understanding of consumer journeys, extracting valuable insights efficiently.

      By analyzing vast amounts of customer data, generative AI can anticipate individual preferences, behaviors, and needs, enabling businesses to deliver tailored content, recommendations, and responses.

      For instance, businesses can use generative AI-powered chatbots to help employees access company knowledge or discover relevant information from various sources.

      Creating Personalized Experiences, One Interaction at a Time

      48% of marketers believe generative AI can improve marketing and communications by creating personalized marketing campaigns(viii).

      Generative AI empowers marketers to easily generate content that caters to specific preferences, interests, and requirements of individuals.

      Whether crafting personalized product suggestions, tailoring emails to specific recipients, or creating focused advertisements, it enables you to provide content that deeply connects with your audience. This not only boosts user engagement but also leads to higher conversion rates and fosters greater brand loyalty.

      For example, Airbnb uses Generative AI to generate personalized email marketing campaigns for its customers. The campaigns are based on the customer’s travel history, interests, and budget.

      Transforming Ideas into Images Instantly

      Since the launch of DALLE-2, people have been creating an average of 34 million images per day(ix).

      Also, there are at least 600 million images that have been created with Midjourney until now(x).

      AI goes beyond just working with text. It can generate visual content like banner ads, social media graphics, and website layouts. This helps to speed up the design process and enables more extensive A/B testing opportunities.

      With generative AI, you can create visually engaging content like graphics, videos, and virtual reality experiences that are in sync with your brand identity. It streamlines the creation of attractive content on a large scale, saving time and resources while upholding top-notch quality and uniformity.

      For example, OpenAI is introducing image capabilities to ChatGPT where users can now analyze images with initial access for Plus and Enterprise users.

      Moreover, text-to-image generative AI models can generate images from text descriptions. For example, you can generate an image just by writing ‘red couch’ in the description.

      Also, image-to-image generative AI models can transform images from one style to another. For example, you can transform a black-and-white photo into a color photo.

      Elevating Ideas, Amplifying Impact

      According to Gartner, Generative AI will enable brands to develop more effective marketing campaigns and improve customer engagement and loyalty(xi).

      As generative AI can analyze large volumes of data, including customer demographics, market trends, and historical campaign performance, it helps you to uncover valuable insights.

      Here is how marketers are using generative AI to enhance their marketing efforts(xii):

      • 57% – create groups or segments for marketing campaigns
      • 55% – create marketing campaigns and journey plans
      • 53% – conduct copy testing and experimentation
      • 53% – build and optimize SEO strategy

      Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, generative AI can analyze vast amounts of data to understand customer preferences, enabling marketers to tailor their messaging and campaigns accordingly.

      This technology automates the content creation process, generating compelling text, images, and even videos that resonate with specific target audiences. This not only saves time and resources but ensures a more personalized customer experience, maximizing impact.


      “Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize our world in ways that we can’t even imagine.” – Bill Gates

      By leveraging generative AI, marketers can foster deeper connections with their audience, improve campaign efficiency, and ultimately enhance overall marketing effectiveness in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

      In the words of Fergal Reid (VP of AI at Intercom), “AI will be a disruptive technological force like we’ve never seen before – and we don’t yet know the full spectrum of capabilities it can offer.”

      As technology marches on, savvy marketers should embrace generative AI as their ultimate wingman, leveraging its potential to drive success in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

      Ready to Ace Your Marketing Game With Generative AI? Talk to Us!

      If you’re looking to level up your marketing operations with AI-driven technology, just drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there!

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