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      How to Ace Demand Generation with MOFU

      May 07, 2020

      3 minute read

      The concept of funnels in sales and marketing has stood the test of time. Funnels depict the leads’ journey from being a visitor to ultimately a customer. The marketer’s gaze for demand generation falls on the top while sales eyes the bottom of the funnel.

      The middle of the funnel (MOFU) is often ignored but this hidden gem can enhance your lead conversion exponentially. Let’s dive into how the middle of the funnel fuels demand generation. Shall we?

      What is demand generation?

      Demand generation is a holistic process that covers the entire customer journey, from a visitor to a prospect and, eventually, a customer. The purpose of demand generation is to create awareness and interest to attract, engage, and delight customers. It is built upon:

      • brand awareness
      • inbound marketing
      • sales enablement
      • customer retention

      The leads in MOFU are a godsend to any demand generation strategy. Let’s see how.

      Why is MOFU crucial?

      In MOFU, prospects are somewhat interested in you, maybe your solution or service resolves their challenges, pain points, etc. They want to learn more about your offering because they aren’t 100% convinced if they should buy from you. MOFU is where you have the opportunity to start building trust with targeted, educational content that would establish you as unique from your competition.

      4 ways to unlock its potential:

      “Always give people more than what they expect to get.” Nelson Boswell


      1. Let content hold the reins: You’ve already gained attention at this stage so both marketing and sales should work in sync with their efforts on educative content to exhibit why prospects should choose your brand over others. Send personalized follow-ups with content like whitepapers and case studies that detail how you solved specific challenges. Provide engaging and insightful content with datasheets, demo videos, guides, and infographics.

      2. Analyze and score leads: All leads are not the same and neither are their sources which makes it important to understand the sources of both weak and strong leads. Use lead scoring by assigning certain values to every action taken by a lead (e.g. 3 for filling a form, 8 for downloading gated content). Get your analytics glasses on and make sure you track the following metrics:

      • do they fit your product/service?
      • how interested are they in your company?
      • what is the volume of marketing qualified leads?
      • what is the percentage of sales qualified leads (opportunities created)?
      • what is the percentage of win rates (new customers)?

      3. Build nurture campaigns: Segment your leads according to their score and nurture them to move further down the marketing funnel leveraging your marketing automation platform. Set up drip email campaigns to target leads with engaging content like downloading free email templates or requesting a product demo. Educate them on the latest trends which would lead them closer to engaging with your content and ultimately trusting your brand.

      4. Keep experimenting: Keep up with the changes in your audience’s touchpoints and challenges. Create different kinds of content to see what your ideal customers connect with best. For instance, since videos are trending right now, you could create “how-to” videos for your products/services or you could tweak your landing pages and campaigns.

      To wrap up:

      The playbook trick with MOFU is to educate your leads and build trust. Revamp your MOFU with these tactics and you’d find it to be the best thing since sliced bread!

      Ready to unlock the potential of the middle of the funnel? Let’s talk!

      Just drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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