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      Level Up Your Marketing Game at Marketing (re)Focus, 2024

      May 29, 2024

      5 minute read

      “I think AI, when mixed with human skills, is the greatest advancement in the history of mankind.” – Mark Cuban, Entrepreneur & Investor

      The marketing world has long relied on understanding consumer behavior and leveraging the latest tech.

      However, in recent years, it has pivoted towards advancements in artificial intelligence (AI).

      From creating content to personalizing campaigns and automating data analysis, AI is revolutionizing marketing operations and customer interactions dramatically.

      While it has the potential to reshape marketing, human insights are imperative to unlock sustainable standards for excellence and innovation.

      To stay ahead, marketers must learn to strike the right balance between AI and human collaboration in their marketing efforts.

      And what better way to do that than attending the Marketing (re)Focus, 2024 which is on the horizon!

      Marketing re(Focus) 2024 registration

      Marketing re(Focus), 2024 – AI and Marketing: The Symbiotic Future

      Kicking off on June 5th, 2024, the fourth edition of Marketing re(Focus) is a virtual event that will bring together global marketing pioneers to engage, educate, and inspire the AI marketing revolution.

      Comprising a series of enlightening keynotes, interactive panel discussions, fireside chats, and insightful Q&As, the event is set to redefine modern marketing strategies with AI synergy to cultivate exceptional digital experiences.

      This year’s theme is ‘AI and Marketing: The Symbiotic Future’ which focuses on uncovering the synergy between AI and human experience to shape the future of marketing. The conference will be packed with insights into leveraging AI and human intelligence for shaping customer behavior via advanced analytics, understanding prospect touchpoints via marketing automation, and navigating the cookieless landscape via digital marketing strategies.

      “The aim is to empower the global marketing community to ride the AI wave and lead the shift toward value-driven marketing,” says Amit Sharma, Practice Head of Marketing Automation at Grazitti Interactive. The conference will provide attendees with groundbreaking understanding and perspectives to reimagine their digital experiences coupled with the introduction of AI to forge more meaningful business outcomes.

      Last Year’s Marketing (re)Focus Highlights and Event Summary

      The 2023 edition of Grazitti Interactive’s annual Marketing (re)Focus conference was a grand success.


      It explored themes of adaptation and innovation in a rapidly changing marketing world. The keynotes and conversations revolved around the 3Rs of marketing – RETHINK, RECONFIGURE, READAPT to crack the code on solidifying your marketing game plan.


      Featuring an exceptional roster of attendees from leading organizations, including Accenture, Symba, Asana, and Cohesity, the event hosted hundreds of participants from the C-V-D-M level to associates, leads, executives, and more. The global appeal of the event was evident with attendees joining from various countries, particularly the United States, Australia, and Canada.


      Industry luminaries like Subhendu Pattnaik, Principal Analyst, Forrester; Alok Ramsisaria, CEO, Grazitti Interactive; Aristomenis Capogeannis, Sr. Director, Revenue Marketing, NVIDIA; Omaima Kabili, Global Customer, Engagement Leader, Schneider Electric were among the many key speakers. They shared their insights on diverse marketing subjects via insightful keynotes, riveting panel discussions, and fireside chats.

      Marketing (re)Focus, 2024 Agenda: Featured Sessions & Marketing Conversations

      From cutting-edge digital tactics to the latest in branding and storytelling, this year’s event is divided into multiple sessions, including panel discussions, keynotes, and fireside chats, covering a wide range of topics.

      Marketing re(Focus) 2024 agenda

      [Keynote Session] The Future of Marketing – Creating Harmony Between Humans and AI: The grand opening of the event will be done by the VP, Principal Analyst from Forrester, who will share his insights around the dynamic duo of marketing – AI and human minds – and focus on how their collaborative efforts can lead to winning results.

      [Panel Discussion] Empowering Marketing Operations With AI for Precision and Impact: This discussion brings together a panel of experts, including Senior Director, Fitch Group Inc.; Director, Prudential Insurance; and Senior Delivery Manager, Grazitti Interactive to highlight the power of AI and its role as a CMO’s strategic partner in building a successful marketing strategy.

      [Fireside Chat] Navigating the Cookieless Future: How AI Transforms Marketing and Business Strategies: A distinguished group of marketing leaders, including Co-Founder and Board Director, Dark Cryptonite; VP of Digital, Fusable; and Digital Marketing Manager, Grazitti Interactive will shed light on the cookieless landscape, its opportunities, challenges, and technology investment for a seamless transition, and what it holds for the future.

      [Keynote Session] Cultivating Customer Advocacy Through Shared Experiences: The session features the VP of Marketing & Community, Customer Leaders Institute; Director of Community, Splunk; and Technical Delivery Manager, Grazitti Interactive who will delve into the review reliance fallacy and the psychology of advocacy through shared experiences. They will also talk about how to build your own shared experience strategy to boost customer loyalty.

      [Panel Discussion] The Strategic Advantage of Predictive AI and Data Integration: The riveting discussion between the Senior Director of Enterprise Revenue Marketing, NVIDIA; SVP, Digital Experiences and Product Strategy, Iron Horse; Fractional CMO and Growth Marketing Consultant, and Lead Business Analyst, Grazitti Interactive will highlight the role of predictive AI and how it can help businesses craft effective marketing strategies and gain a competitive advantage.

      [Panel Discussion] From Siloed to Seamless: Unifying the Customer Journey with AI: In this discussion, the conversation between Co-Founder, Ophina; Chief Strategist, GTM Systems; Founder, Hartmann Advisory Group LLC; and VP of Marketing, Grazitti Interactive will revolve around AI-driven personalization, AI integration, AI-enabled predictive analytics, and harnessing the power of network with AI to redefine B2B collaboration.

      Event-Exclusive Offers to Enhance Your Business Operations

      With the aim to fully optimize your marketing strategy, team Grazitti is offering exclusive Marketing (re)Focus offers. Attendees can opt for any of the following options to enhance their niche operations and elevate marketing activities. What’s even more exciting? All of these are on the house of Grazitti!

      marketing re(focus) offers

      Featured Speakers of Marketing (re)Focus, 2024

      Marketing (re)Focus is known for continually raising the bar, and this year is no exception. The conference features a stellar lineup of industry leaders ready to share their learnings to equip you to navigate the ever-evolving world of marketing. Here’s a peek:

      • Jay Pattisall, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester
      • Muhammad Musharaf, Senior Director, Fitch Group Inc.
      • Lauren Hagarty, Senior Director of Marketing & Communication, WeSolv
      • Michael Hartmann, Founder / Principal, Hartmann Advisory Group LLC
      • Adrian Speyer, Vice-President Marketing & Community, MatchPoint
      • Corey Bayless, Director, Prudential Insurance
      • Aristomenis Capogeannis, Sr. Director, Enterprise Revenue Marketing, NVIDIA
      • Alan Aisbitt, Director of Community, Splunk
      • Helen Yu, Founder & CEO, Tigon Advisory Corp.
      • Paul Wilson, Chief Strategist, GTM Systems
      • Samir Mehta, SVP, Digital Experiences & Product Strategy, Iron Horse
      • Manimala Hazarika, Fractional CMO | Growth Marketing Consultant
      • Joseph Cantu, Vice President of Digital, Fusable
      • Amit Sharma, Marketing Automation Practice Head, Grazitti Interactive
      • Harshdeep Kaur, Lead Data Analyst- Analytics, Grazitti Interactive
      • Karishma Srivastava, Digital Marketing Expert, Grazitti Interactive
      • Alok Ramsisaria, CEO, Grazitti Interactive
      • Shivraj Asthana, President, Grazitti Interactive
      • Shaveta Sharma, Technical Delivery Manager, Grazitti Interactive
      • Arwinder Kaur, VP-Marketing, Grazitti Interactive

      Why Attend Marketing (re)Focus, 2024

      From networking to learning and interacting with global industry peers, Marketing (re)Focus, 2024 has a lot in store for you to explore. Here are some glimpses of what you would be in for:

      • Connect and engage live with numerous industry leaders
      • Get insights on the latest in the AI-driven marketing landscape
      • Interact with fellow professionals who share the same passion and goals
      • Get inspired by influential thinkers and be equipped to embrace new challenges
      • Dive into enriching conversations and build a community with like-minded individuals
      • Attend top-notch sessions, award ceremonies, and community-building activities
      • Leverage exclusive offers to optimize your business processes

      How to Attend?

      Marketing (re)Focus starts on Wednesday, June 05, 2024, at 9:30 AM PDT. The ultimate experience will unfold on the Airmeet platform, and registered attendees will receive personalized links via email to join the live event.

      The countdown has begun for the year’s most awaited virtual marketing conference.

      Are You Ready To Be a Part of This Experience and Join the Conversation? Register Now.

      Let’s come together and inspire a global audience to push the boundaries of what marketing can achieve for modern businesses.

      See you there!

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