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      Our In-House Expert, Vinay Kumar Made It to the Adobe Experience League

      Dec 15, 2022

      3 minute read

      In the age of customer-centric marketing, solving customer problems and giving them real-time support has become crucial.

      To give instant support, brands have to step up and take their support efforts a notch higher. However, it is easier said than done.

      That’s where online communities come into play. Engaging in and contributing to the communities is important to improve business relationships, collect peer-to-peer suggestions, and foster a business-to-human approach.

      And that’s what our in-house marketing automation expert, Vinay Kumar did and made it to the Adobe Experience League. He is recognized as a Level 6 Adobe Community Advisor for his incredible contributions to the Adobe community.

      In this blog post, we’ll discuss why contributing to the community is important and what challenges our star Vinay has solved for the Adobe community members.

      Who are Adobe Community Advisors?

      Adobe community advisors are part of Adobe’s Advisor program. They are the experts that connect, engage, and empower Adobe users to create superior digital experiences for their customers. Adobe onboard advisors every quarter into the program to provide guidance & support to their customers.

      During their tenure, advisors will participate in speaking engagements, provide product feedback, and share their expertise with the Experience League/ Marketo/ Workfront Community. The Advisor Program is specifically designed to promote career growth and foster meaningful relationships with users by giving them a voice in the broader customer ecosystem.

      Why Is Contributing to the Community Important?

      Contributing to a community is not just about getting page views. It is more about its customers, members’ actions, the benefits they’re reaping, and how it is impacting your business. Contributing to a community is important to keep up the engagement, retain customers, and uphold the community’s progress.

      Here are the other reasons why contributing to a community is important.

      • Gain the spotlight and reach the right audience with useful content promotion.
      • Empower your business to represent itself as a credible and knowledgeable resource.
      • Pay a close ear to the customers’ needs and understand it all to help them achieve their goals.
      • Improve customer support and boost brand awareness.
      • Curate user-generated content, encourage meaningful interactions, and offer a sense of belonging to the users.

      Challenges That Our Expert Vinay Had Solved for Adobe’s Product Users

      The thriving Adobe Community Advisor Program is powered by Adobe Experience users from all over the world. And our in-house expert, Vinay Kumar, is now a part of this program. Vinay has gone above and beyond the demands of his work to share his time and knowledge for the community’s benefit. He has inspired people with his new tips & tricks to work together to solve problems and help everyone find success.

      As an active community member, he is always ready to:

      • Facilitate Community Participation
      • Answer Questions
      • Share His Product Expertise
      • Get More Value From Experience Cloud Solution

      Here are the queries Vinay helped to solve for Adobe and Marketo users.


      And the list goes on!

      The Bottom Line

      Adobe is always looking for new voices to join its Community Advisors Program each quarter to empower its brand and customers. Also, the program enables peer-to-peer guidance, brings all stakeholders together, fosters meaningful relationships, and helps everyone to excel.

      Want to Take Your Adobe Product Operations Up a Notch? Let’s Talk!

      Our Adobe experts will be happy to play a part in your Adobe journey and help you stay ahead of the curve. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!

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