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      Rev Up Your Content Marketing Strategy With Content Intelligence

      Jun 21, 2022

      4 minute read

      Content marketing has become one of the primary ways for brands to engage their prospects and turn them into customers. Almost every brand out there is creating heaps of content and amplifying the competition. That’s where content intelligence comes in.

      It allows you to differentiate your brand by understanding the industry trends and curating content that your targeted audience is likely to engage with. In this blog post, we will decode content intelligence, why it matters, and how you can implement it.

      What is Content Intelligence?

      Content intelligence is the process of using AI and machine learning-powered software to conduct market research, carry out competitor analysis, and curate content for maximum results. It enables content marketing experts to evaluate the influence of certain types of content and produce a high-quality content strategy to achieve the desired outcome.

      It evaluates your content’s alignment with the audience preferences and provides suggestions to optimize it for your goals. For instance, the primary objective of content marketing is to engage prospects and bring in new customers. Content intelligence can not only help you dig into the preferences of your targeted audience and personalize your messaging to attract them but also inform you about your competitors’ strategies.

      What is the Significance of Content Intelligence?

      Before you start, it is essential to identify why exactly you need content intelligence. Following are some reasons that signify the importance of content intelligence in your content marketing strategy. Content intelligence:

      • Enables you to gain a deep understanding of your targeted audience to help curate the content they’d be interested in.
      • Provides deep insights into various types of content and how to optimize it. For instance, if you’re creating a video, it will suggest you the appropriate CTAs that’ll help incite the desired action.
      • Conducts competitor data analysis to help you curate customer-centered content.
      • Incorporates AI-powered analytics to analyze style, tone, and other metrics to improve the efficiency of your content.
      • Eliminates the guesswork and enables you to create a content strategy that works.
      • Measures the past performance of your competitors to enable you to create a data-driven content strategy.

      Content Intelligence Tools You Can Use

      There are a variety of content intelligence tools that can be used to take your content marketing up a notch. Here’s a brief overview of some of them:

      • Buzzsumo: It helps content marketers identify trending content across the web via keyword search.
      • SpyFu: It is a content intelligence tool that is focused on search engine marketing. It helps marketers to know which keywords are targeted by their competitors.
      • Contently: It focuses on content analytics and provides insights on attention time, returning visitors, and social reach of your content.
      • Curata: It helps companies scale their content marketing efforts by helping them with content discovery and curation.
      • TrackMaven: It focuses on competitor analysis and helps content marketers measure how their content is performing against their competitors.

      Tips to Implement Content Intelligence in Your Content Marketing Strategy

      Content intelligence is the new black that is revolutionizing the content marketing landscape. While there is no concrete formula to create a credible marketing strategy, content intelligence can change this narrative. Here are some tips to enable you to implement them in your content marketing strategy efficiently. Let’s take a look.


      1. Assess the Challenges You’re Facing

      Before implementing a solution, you need to identify the bottlenecks you are facing. Therefore, look for the roadblock in your content strategy to assess the benefits you can leverage by implementing content intelligence. Once you are aware of the gaps, you can bridge them effectively.

      2. Prioritize Your Marketing Needs

      Identify how your content marketing team can leverage content intelligence solutions. It will help you map out the priorities in advance and equip your team with the solutions they need. For instance, your team may need AI-powered research and analytics tools to gain deeper insights into the current market trends. Having content intelligence onboard can eliminate the manual work, save time, and get credible insights to address your needs.

      3. Be Ready to Adapt and Embrace Change

      The biggest limitation for any organization can be its reluctance to change. Content intelligence equips you with advanced technologies like AI, which monitors the industry changes in real-time. This may require your content marketing teams to bring 360-degree changes to their strategy. Successful implementation of content intelligence needs you to be flexible enough to accommodate such a change.


      Content intelligence may seem complex but its benefits are huge. It puts forward the most efficient strategies after in-depth analysis and leveraging advanced technologies like AI. Therefore, investing in it can help you improve ROI and scale your content marketing efforts. So, incorporate content intelligence and develop a content marketing strategy that gives you consistent results.

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