Grazitti at Dreamforce’14

Digital Marketing Consultants

It’s less than 3 weeks from Dreamforce’2014 and we’re excited to announce that we are an Exhibitor at one of the biggest Cloud CRM events of the year.
San Francisco is bracing itself for…

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Migrating from Support Portals to Communities

Ping Identity Salesforce Community

Salesforce launched online communities in Summer’13 release to help companies become customer-centric. Since then, many companies like Marketo, Alteryx and Ping Identity have migrated from their existing support portals to feature rich Salesforce Communities.…

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10 Best Practices to Increase Customer Support ROI with an Effective Knowledge Base (Part 2)

Customer Support ROI

Continuing from the previous post on best practices, here are five more-
6. Re-Purpose Content…
If you have a piece of content and it resonates well with your audience, then why not create more

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10 Best Practices to Increase Customer Support ROI with an Effective Knowledge Base (Part 1)

Rich Knowledge Base

As per Forrester, “By building a knowledge base (KB) for your support team, you can increase the agent efficiency by 30% and witness 40% average dip in the overall support costs, within a year”.…

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Monitoring Customer Support Performance with SLA Implementation


If you are a customer support manager, chances are that you have an SLA system setup. However, an effective SLA implementation is where most of the customer support executives get stuck. Now, why do…

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Integrating Surveys for Enhanced Customer Support


As per Forrester, “Less than one-third of companies take the time to assess the quality of their customer service”. 58% companies using Service Cloud don’t have customer surveys implemented. Survey Integration is one of…

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Increasing Case Deflection in Service Cloud to Reduce Support Costs

Featured Image

Salesforce launched Service Cloud to build something similar to Google for customer support operations. Today support operations in companies like Philips, Financial Times, Facebook, Virgin America, Opentable, P&G and many more are using Service…

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Prescriptive Analytics: The Next Leap

Featured Image

Analytics is the discovery of meaningful patterns in data. While it is not new, we’re going through a renaissance in data science and technology in business analytics. What started as Descriptive Analytics, using data to…

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Using Marketo for Webinars? Avoid 7 big mistakes


We know that webinars are becoming one of the best ways of every B2B marketer to generate new leads and establish a strong relationship with prospects. Moreover, Marketo is an excellent platform to execute…

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