Planning to use De-dupe solution? Here’s what you need to know


Last week I posted on how you can cleanse and de-dupe the existing records in Marketo, in which I discussed how this solution removes the poor quality data from your Marketo instance and gives…

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New Year’s Resolution: Keep your online community as healthy as your diet


With so much happening around the communities, it is that time of the year when everyone is fresh and came out of a long year-end vacation. Nonetheless, it is always a good thing to…

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10 Things to cover in your Marketo Audit Report


Whether you have inherited a new Marketo instance or drafted plans to optimize your current setup, you need to know how things currently stand. Wish there was an easier way in Marketo to find…

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Google Sheets Connector for Alteryx

Google Sheets Connectors

Google Sheets provide the ability to create and edit sheets on the fly from different devices, different locations and by different people. What if you could use the power of Google Spreadsheets to drive…

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How Can You Cleanse & De-dupe Existing Records in Marketo?

Cleaning Service

A marketing automation system works effectively only if the instance has the accurate lead information. Marketo offers easy to use solutions that allow users to manage and merge leads in order to have an…

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Maximizing Salesforce CRM Investment via Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

For rapid, innovative, and cost-effective processes, businesses today need solutions that can be managed, run, and can connect applications anywhere – with less dependency on specialist integration development skills or IT infrastructure. These solutions must not…

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Umbraco as a Service – Do More with Azure

cloud storage

Umbraco as a Service (UaaS) is our old, friendly Umbraco, only a lot more advanced – made to expedite projects and get beautiful, functional websites faster. Anything that can be done in Umbraco CMS…

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Optimize your AdWords Account using Smart Goals

Smart Goals

If you are one of those advertisers who currently don’t have a way to measure conversions and optimize AdWords campaigns, the new Smart Goals, powered by Google Analytics might give you a leg up…

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Google Search Recap 2015 : A look-back and what next

Google SEO

As 2015 comes to a close, now is the time to relive the memories, changes, and moments that it leaves behind. With updates like Mobilegeddon, Panda 4.2, Phantom, Rankbrain, and more, Google made sure…

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A/B Testing: What You Did Not Know About It

AB Testing

Are you allowing your marketers to throw darts in the dark by just plunging into elaborate marketing campaigns, and yet struggling with conversions? Are you running an online business and haven’t yet started with…

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