Spring ’15 Release Notes – Spotlight’s on the Community Cloud


The new Spring ’15 Release aims to empower every Salesforce user with the ability to create relationships that span across their customer’s journey. With upgrades for every cloud – Sales, Service, Marketing, Community, Analytics,…

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Spring ’15 Release Notes: The SFDC’s New Year Gift!


Yes, we guessed it right! All that we desired for the scheduled Spring’15 release in our wish-list is almost there in the final release notes preview by SFDC. Salesforce came up with the Christmas…

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Ramp up Your Employee Engagement in 2015 with a Community


Happy New Year!
2014 was the year of inclusive customer experience and customer journey. However, in 2015 take some time and shift your focus to your most important asset – EMPLOYEES. They are the…

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Predictive Policing: Using Predictive Analytics to Control Crime

Predictive Policing

With exponential increase in data, variables and thus, the uncertainties, there is an upsurge in using predictive analytics to unravel the patterns inside big data and forecast future. Predictive Analytics is a progressed division…

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What is the Smart Agent Console? – The New Console Enhancements in Service Cloud

Smart Agent Console

The year 2014-15 sees addition of more than 120 new features to the Service Cloud platform – Mike Milburn (Sr. VP & GM-Salesforce Service Cloud)…
Significant to the intelligent advancements in Service Cloud in

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7 Ways You Are Doing Lead Scoring Wrong

Lead Scoring

Why does your sales team not treat marketing qualified leads (MQLs) as sales ready?
According to Gartner, 70% of sales leads are not properly leveraged or are completely ignored. Since sales is incentivized to…

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Salesforce1 SOS for Apps – The Customer Support Game Changer for 2015

2015 Trends

According to Salesforce and Forrester Research group, “Personalizing Customer Service Interactions” is among the top key trends of customer service organizations today.…
It’s changing! The customer-support space has experienced a long and rapid list

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What Marketo’s December Release Has In Store For You?

December Release

The December 2014 release expands upon these features, including some additional upgrades to the real-time personalization platform and improvements to Marketo’s workspaces. The following key features are included in the December 2014 release:

  • Create
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Community Management made Easy with Salesforce Communities Dashboards 2.0


Salesforce Community Management got easier with the new Salesforce Communities Dashboard 2.0 that was rolled out as part of the Summer’14 release (we think, Santa came early this year). An upgrade on the Salesforce…

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Salesforce Spring’15 Release: Announcements & Expectations

Spring 15

Advent seems to be the happiest times of the year. Fun, excitement, décor, wish-lists, and a lot of hopes – hope for a wonderful year ahead, and of course a pleasing Spring ’15 release…

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