Get a Report for Interesting Moments in Marketo

Interesting Moments Image

Interesting Moments in Marketo are a good way to improve sales and marketing alignment in your company. If you want to learn how Interesting Moments work, you can read them here on Marketo Docs.…

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Umbraco CMS – Making your Website as Creative as your Imagination!


The ability to regularly renew and update your website content is in more demand than ever. Website owners and managers call for a user-friendly, code-free CMS’s that can be handled with ease – enabling…

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Facebook Connector for Alteryx


With almost 900 million daily active users, Facebook is a treasure trove for Data Scientists and Analysts. The widely spread content in the form of posts, comments and media is precious for businesses to…

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Why choose Drupal 8 over Drupal 7 & 6?

Drupal 8

Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems. As a web developer, it’s been my experience that we can build apps faster `in Drupal than in any other CMS. It has the…

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The real-time Penguin algorithm is coming soon – What’s your course of action?

Penguin Update

Back in June ‘15, Google unveiled Google Panda 4.2 refresh and announced that Penguin update was just months away. There was no confirmation on the date or any timeline, but it was not expected…

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Strengthen Your Website Coding with AngularJS Framework

Angular JS

AngularJS – one of the most dominant JavaScript frameworks – is quickly becoming the preferred- most-choice for professional web development. It is an innovative client-side technology that extends and combines the power of embraces…

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Google Targets Intent with Customer Match

Google Target

Last week, Google announced Customer Match… – a product much anticipated since the Wall Street Journal first reported on its existence, earlier this year.

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Earlier you had to rely on demographics

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Migrate your Apps to Cloud with SharePoint Architecture


Cloud-based platforms are all the rage today. While scalability, cost savings and speed of deployment top the list of this business impetus, an increasing number of companies worldwide view cloud computing as a key…

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How analytics tools lead customer engagement revolution


According to Ronen Schwartz, VP & GM, Informatica Cloud – “We live in an age of customer engagement where businesses are engaging with their customers through multiple social and mobile channels – trying to…

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Hadoop-Arcadia Integration: Unleashing the Power of Big Data

big data

It is expected that by 2020, the amount of digital information in existence will have grown from 3.2 zettabytes today to 40 zettabytes.
Big data is vast and cluttered, and it’s reaching you fast…

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