6 Tableau Visualization Tips to Inspire Your Creative Eyes

tableau tips

Data visualization lets your data tell a story. But the question arises, why data visualization is important? The answer lies in the following facts:

  1. We do not perceive absolutes, instead we perceive differences and
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Deeper View into Customer Behavior with Lithium-Salesforce Connector

Lithium Salesforce

Lithium provides a platform for customer communities which nurtures interactions between customers and the brand. The Lithium community integration with Salesforce combines customer activities and established workflows for the company to take action on.…

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Leveraging Alteryx to build the Contact Washing Machine


The nature of your data is getting more complex and diverse than ever. If your data is incomplete, inaccurate and redundant, it affects all aspects of a business – from employee morale to loss…

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Predictive Marketing – Making Smarter Decisions


What’s predictive marketing – Is it a trend of the big data future or just a latest industry buzzword? Predictive Marketing – To define in the simplest way – it is leveraging vast amount…

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The Power of Tableau & Salesforce Analytics


Today, customers are generating more data than ever before!
About 78% of online marketers are using big data to grow their customer database especially to help them understand the latest marketing trends that keep …

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5 Key Takeaways of Marketo Summit

MKTO Summit

Another Marketo Summit has come and gone. And this is a must say that the “Inspiration in the Nation” truly inspired us! More than 6,000 marketers and industry leaders gather in San Francisco to…

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Latest Marketo Updates – March 2015 Release & Spring 2015 Product Release

Marketo Update

Marketo’s marvelous moves adds all the more mauve in the March & April’s miraculous updates…

Marketo’s March Release adds some exciting new features that make their roadmap for year ahead. The following features are

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Go Mobile-Friendly or Face SEO Penalty by Google

google slap

It’s Google that controls the WHOLE GAME.
It’s time to get responsive or be ready for a Google slap. Google’s actually on an uncompromising mission. As of now, over 60% users use mobile devices…

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5 Simple Hacks To Rev Up Your Email Engagement Rates


“44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.” – Convinceandconvert.com…
Email marketing has come a long way. In fact, it’s the most preferred way of communicating

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Handpicked Sessions to get you most of the Marketo Summit 2015, San Francisco, this April 2015

Marketo Summit

Apart from the talk of the town about Marketo Marketing Nation Summit’s Celeb guests – Arianna Huffington, Phil Fernandez, Salman Khan, and John Legend, there is a lot that you should lock your calendars…

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