Quick Steps to Keep your Data Clean

Impact of Inaccurate Data

“Dedupe and clean up your CRM before you connect your marketing automation system. Be sure to have the CRM enforce data quality through dupe blockers, ISO Country Picklists, and required fields”

Josh Hill, Marketo …

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New Chatter Features to Buzz Winter’15


Dreamforce’14 fever isn’t yet over. It has been a fusion of sheer fun and a master class of industry show; and to look forward now is Salesforce Winter’15 release. With Winter’15 around the corner,…

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Community Designer Vs QuickStart Communities


Why you need to make the move?

“Based on the success we have seen with customers, tremendous market opportunity and support from our ecosystem, Salesforce.com is doubling down on communities with our new Community …

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What is Community Designer?

Online Community

New Age of Communities…

Costs on collaboration tools are forecasted to grow to $3.5 billion from 2013-2018 according to IDC; crafting the gigantic market for communities. More than 2,000 active communities of leading global

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Idea of having single community for partners and customers

Online Community

“Central to those robust sales figure, is a partner community that has become the biggest growth engine for Dell in the commercial sector since the company went private. The channel is growing faster than …

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How to Stay on Top of your Schedules at Dreamforce’14?

Month Calendar View

Ever wondered how easy life would be if you could manage your Salesforce events on-the-go? Well, with ZakCalendar™, the calendar app powered by Salesforce 1, offered by Grazitti™, you can stay on top of…

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Grazitti at Dreamforce’14

Digital Marketing Consultants

It’s less than 3 weeks to go for Dreamforce’2014 and we’re excited to announce that we are an Exhibitor at one of the biggest Cloud CRM events of the year. Drop by our Booth…

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Migrating from Support Portals to Communities

Ping Identity Salesforce Community

Salesforce launched online communities in Summer’13 release to help companies become customer-centric. Since then, many companies like Marketo, Alteryx and Ping Identity have migrated from their existing support portals to feature rich Salesforce Communities.…

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10 Best Practices to Increase Customer Support ROI with an Effective Knowledge Base (Part 2)

Customer Support ROI

Continuing from the previous post on best practices, here are five more-
6. Re-Purpose Content…
If you have a piece of content and it resonates well with your audience, then why not create more

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10 Best Practices to Increase Customer Support ROI with an Effective Knowledge Base (Part 1)

Rich Knowledge Base

As per Forrester, “By building a knowledge base (KB) for your support team, you can increase the agent efficiency by 30% and witness 40% average dip in the overall support costs, within a year”.…

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