Is Your Community Management Ready For Some Holiday Cheer?


Salesforce Community Management got easier with the new Salesforce Communities Dashboard 2.0 that was rolled out as part of the Summer’14 release (we think, Santa came early this year). An upgrade on the Salesforce…

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Salesforce Spring’15 Release: Announcements & Expectations

Spring 15

Advent seems to be the happiest times of the year. Fun, excitement, décor, wish-lists, and a lot of hopes – hope for a wonderful year ahead, and of course a pleasing Spring ’15 release…

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How to Succeed at Progressive Profiling?

Progressive Profiling

“Keeping forms as short as possible is a best practice, but sometimes you really need extra data in particular circumstances. That’s where conditional form logic is very handy.”
Jay Baer, renowned marketer and founder …

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How to win big with Engagement Marketing?

Engagement Marketing

As per Forbes Insights study, “97% of companies see the issue of engagement as very or somewhat important.”

What is Engagement Marketing?

Engagement Marketing is all about connecting with people.… It’s a comprehensive, multi-touch

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What exactly is Journey Builder?

Fly Over

Have you seen a multi-track flyover? Different awesomely and technically built roadways to help you reach a certain destination quickly! Salesforce Journey Builder is a similar flyover, to help you find a technically perfect…

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Mastering the Skill of Pre-Qualifying Leads


Learning how to properly qualify a lead can be the difference between earning a lucrative business deal or wasting lots of resources and energy – carrying water in a sieve.

Source- Marketing Sherpa

What …

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Make a Smooth Shift from Legacy CRM to Salesforce


2011 Bloor Research shows that more than 50% of data migration projects run late and/or over budget, the most common reason cited is that of “poor quality data”…

With growing sales opportunities and in-progress

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How to Extend your Lithium Community for an Extremely Engaging User Experience


Lithium is one of the most popular community platforms. With serving

  • 300 brands,
  • 75+ million customers a month engaging through Lithium networks,
  • 13 billion consumer interactions a year, and
  • content consumption at the rate
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Salesforce Wave Crashes onto the BI and Analytics Industry

Salesforce Wave


When Salesforce acquired EdgeSpring in June 2013, people started looking forward to what will be Salesforce’s next move.
And, then Marc Benioff tweeted twice about the upcoming launch and its inclusion in the

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Quick Steps to Keep your Data Clean

Impact of Inaccurate Data

“Dedupe and clean up your CRM before you connect your marketing automation system. Be sure to have the CRM enforce data quality through dupe blockers, ISO Country Picklists, and required fields”

Josh Hill, Marketo …

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