Data Warehousing and its Challenges

Data Warehouse

Data warehouse is the backbone of business intelligence for most SME and large sized organizations.
Data warehouse is a system that extracts, cleans, validates and sources data into a dimensional data store and then…

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Optimizing Sales Cloud with CPQ Integration

Sales Cloud

As your business grows, your business complexity also continues to expand. Product line extensions, service add-ons, accessory bundles, discounting offers, third-party components, multiple channels, additional geographies – it’s all sufficient to muddle reps while…

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Lightning strikes again with revamped Sales cloud platform


In 2013, Salesforce launched a rich mobile experience with Salesforce1 Lightning, and in 2014, a robust app building platform with Lightning App Builder and Lightning Components. But this time, Salesforce comes in with the…

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Is your community on the right platform?

Successful People

“About 33% marketers deployed their community less than a year ago, 25% in the last year and another 25% are planning to deploy one within the next twelve months”.
With the increasing demand for…

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How Can You Make The Most Of Your Dreamforce Experience?


The countdown is on! With Dreamforce less than a month away, it’s time to start planning what all you got to do when you get there. Experiencing Dreamforce is much like a Disney Land…

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6 ways to streamline selling process with integrated systems


Most sales experts and business leaders agree on the principle – “The more customer-centered your company, the greater your ability to profitably grow sales.” Many sales organizations are embracing effective customer support solutions to…

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Community Builder Vs QuickStart Communities

Community Builder

What is Community Builder (…

After the subsequent Salesforce Releases (Spring ’15 & Summer ’15), Community Designer is more often referred to as Community Builder. Just like Community Designer, it is used to create

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DotNetNuke – Web Content Management has Never Been Easier!


DotNetNuke (DNN) is the leading open source web CMS based on the Microsoft web platform. The best thing about the DNN content management system is that it enables you to create and manage highly…

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Optimize Custom Codes with SOQL Queries

data recovery

You must be familiar with basic SQL, a database programming language used to retrieve data from database.Working with SOQL is not much different. Salesforce’s official object query language lets you access records in your…

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Looking to revamp your website? Here’re the Latest Website Design Trends to watch for

Web Design

Around 85% of the website visitors abandon due to poor web design.
With the constant evolution of web design trends, the possibilities of what you can do with your website are almost endless. Depending…

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