How we Build a Responsive Resource Center in Marketo


As a B2B company, it is critical to have a Resource center on your website, allowing your users to browse through all your assets. Typically, I have seen companies building a resource center on…

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Dreamforce 15: All you got to know about it!


What a perfect advent to Dreamforce 15 – A 300+ Feature-rich Summer ’15 release and Salesforce entering the Fortune-500 league. Marc Benioff quoted on the development: “This is a huge milestone for Salesforce, and…

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Planning to use Marketo Guided Templates? Here are the next steps

featured image

Last week I published a post on ‘Everything you need to know about Guided Templates in Marketo’, where I talked different pros and cons for the new guided templates. Marketo is becoming increasingly effective…

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Guided Templates in Marketo – Everything you need to know!

Landing Page

Back in January 2015, Marketo released the feature to create mobile friendly landing pages…. This feature offered the option to auto-generate mobile-friendly versions of your existing landing pages. With May 2015 release, Marketo

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Universal Tokens in Marketo – Are you using them?


As a Marketo user, how many of us have spent hours and even days to update the copyright before Christmas and then approve all assets after New Year Eve?
I believe many would raise…

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Salesforce Summer ’15 Release – What’s in it for you?

Salesforce Summer

Three seasons in a year – we see an array of innovations and improvisations, enhancing our cloud experience with the Salesforce Spring, Summer and the Winter Releases. As the Summer ’15 release notes are…

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Marketo’s May 2015 Release Expands on New Features


It’s been a month since Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit, and with this new release, we see the key announcements from the Summit come to life. Marketo’s March & April release focused on new digital…

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Maximizing User Experience with Federated Research


“Research “time-to-answer” success depends on accelerating information discovery”…
Information is of no use if it can’t be found. The research process is time-consuming and complicated process. It is impractical for researchers to spend time

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6 Tableau Visualization Tips to Inspire Your Creative Eyes

tableau tips

Data visualization lets your data tell a story. But the question arises, why data visualization is important? The answer lies in the following facts:

  1. We do not perceive absolutes, instead we perceive differences and
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Deeper View into Customer Behavior with Lithium-Salesforce Connector

Lithium Salesforce

Lithium provides a platform for customer communities which nurtures interactions between customers and the brand. The Lithium community integration with Salesforce combines customer activities and established workflows for the company to take action on.…

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