Looking to revamp your website? Here’re the Latest Website Design Trends to watch for

Web Design

Around 85% of the website visitors abandon due to poor web design.
With the constant evolution of web design trends, the possibilities of what you can do with your website are almost endless. Depending…

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What is Salesforce’s Lightning Process Builder?

Lightning Process Builder

Fully available in Spring ’15, Salesforce’s Lightning Process Builder is a next-gen workflow tool with extensive functionalities. What’s best about Process Builder is that it allows everything on one screen without travelling back and…

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Welcome Google Panda 4.2 – Here begins a new chapter for Online Marketers

Panda Update

As a devoted internet marketing person, I’ve been creating quality content for our website as well as for other promotion tasks, trying to please my Big Brother – Google! However, after the recent Panda…

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How should BI Beginners transform data into valuable insights?

According to estimates, the volume of data collected by businesses worldwide doubles every 1.2 years.
New digital technology has dynamically inflated the volumes of data being generated across different industries. Going forward, data volumes…

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Optimize Social Customer Service with Salesforce Service Cloud

Customers on an average spend 20% to 40% more with your company when you respond to their requests over social media.
Salesforce Social Customer Service provides social media monitoring to handle requests across Facebook,…

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What’s new in Marketo July 2015 Release?


Marketo’s May 2015 Release saw a major facelift with the introduction of Guided Landing Page Editor. Marketo’s July 2015 Release delivers a stream of new features. Some like the enhancements to Rich Text Editor…

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How Tableau Takes on the Data Visualization Leaders

Data Visualization

“Traditional BI market share leaders are being disrupted by platforms that expand access to analytics and deliver higher business value.” – Gartner
Business Intelligence (BI) has evolved from ‘Data Analytics’ to ‘Data Analytics and…

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Building Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns with Marketo


Over 75% of the traffic that comes to your site will not convert. It’s just an unfortunate fact of the online landscape. When it comes to convincing the people who visit your website to…

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How to integrate Salesforce and NetSuite effectively, affordably

Salesforce Netsuite Integration

Salesforce and NetSuite are the industry’s leading enterprise SAAS providers – Salesforce for CRM and NetSuite for ERP or “back-office” solutions. With the prevalent usage of the two platforms, connecting these lets you manage…

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Is Your Community Ready For 2016?

Online Community

A research showed that about 60% of new online community users began using and visiting the community regularly, only on the basis of their first experience.
People come for help/support content, and stay for…

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