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      10 Must-have Modules for a Partner Portal

      May 16, 2017

      3 minute read

      With the ability to manage, track and forecast channel business along with direct sales, a partner portal helps companies maximize their channels’ return on investment. By leveraging Salesforce data to empower your partners, it allows them to sell more effectively, close more deals, and achieve bigger profits.

      However, there are certain observations with the Partner Community that must be taken into consideration. Some of those observations may include:

      •  Many links go out of the community to various systems like support, blogs, distributor details etc.
      •  Collateral is hosted outside the community and there is no quick categorization available.
      •  There is no deal registration and support cases functionality available.

      To enhance the efficiency of your partners, it is important for you to make the most of your Partner Portal. To achieve this objective, you must take a look at the following out-of-the-box modules that play a significant role in improving a Partner Portal’s usability:


      It allows partners to create, update and view leads from the community. This enables them to see the assigned leads and check the status tied with them. Likewise, internal reps can assign leads to Partners to work on.Leads


      Once you have determined a qualified lead for sales, you should make a request to get it converted into an opportunity. A partner will be able to track the opportunities and the generated revenue.Opportunity


      It provides partners with a centralized access to some of the most important resources for training as well as helping them close more deals.Resources


      It empowers partners with the ability to check the number of courses available, price of those courses as well as their


      It enables partners to create reports and dashboards as per their requirements. By leveraging this analysis, partners can track their growth and plan for their future actions accordingly.Analytics

      News and Updates

      It keeps the partners informed about the latest and important news and updates of the company.News and Updates

      Admin Interface

      It provides partners with the ability to create contacts as per their requirements.Admin Interface


      It helps partners drive effective and relevant results from multiple sources like blogs, documentation etc. on a single page.


      It gives partners the ability to see multiple options like dashboards of deals’ amounts, incentives earned, news and alerts, videos etc. on a single screen.


      It allows partners to acknowledge the products made by their fellow partners along with the details of those products.MarketplaceBy empowering your partners with the above listed modules in your Partner community, you can enhance the efficiency of your partners and help them in selling more without spending more.

      Want to make the most of your Partner Community?

      At Grazitti Interactive, we’ve helped companies – ranging from the Fortune 500 to small and medium businesses – set up award-winning online communities across diverse technologies like Salesforce, SharePoint, WordPress and more. We plan, create, manage and support socially tuned, responsive and scalable communities to maximizing user engagement and community ROI. To know more, drop us a mail at [email protected].

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