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      3 Smart Ways to Market Online Community Content

      Feb 01, 2023

      3 minute read

      Finding the right channel at the right time to engage customers is one of the main challenges a brand faces.

      In this digitally advanced era, customers are using all channels including web, mobile, social, and physical, to connect. So, the customers are all scattered around on different channels making it difficult to follow them in their purchase journey.

      To address this challenge, marketers are now leveraging online communities to engage with customers. With advanced marketing strategies and the right engagement efforts at their disposal, brands can now take their online presence to the next level.

      Let’s dig deeper into how user data sourced from online communities can help marketers foster long-term relations with their customers.

      The ‘Why’ of Community Marketing

      In this competitive landscape, marketers can no longer rely solely on advertising campaigns to promote their business. Organizations are always on the lookout for newer and better ways to market their brand and capture new customers. And communities are emerging as a key medium for brands to market their products strategically and strengthen their relationships with their customers.

      Following are some reasons you need community marketing-

      • Bring your people (potential and existing customers) together in one place.
      • Connect with customers on a personal level by putting their requirements first.
      • Foster lasting relationships with customers by enabling them to reach out to you.
      • Build trust amongst your customers by replying to their comments/posts.

      Building Blocks of Thriving Online Communities

      Multiple departments of an organization can leverage communities to their benefit. It means they are not just limited to socialization but can serve various purposes like knowledge-sharing, brand advocacy, networking, etc. However, all communities share a standard set of characteristics that enables brands to take community marketing initiatives. These are-

      • Members: When a group of people shares the same interests.
      • Sense of belongingness: When members feel a part of something bigger.
      • Loyalty: When members market your products and services using word of mouth marketing.
      • Thriving subgroups: When people start connecting with each other on a personal level and form groups within the group.

      3 Ways to Market Content Using Online Communities


      Online communities open multiple ways to connect brands with their customers. Be it knowledge sharing, ideation, product testing, or just networking, the channel creates insightful information. Brands are now realizing the value their community can add to the business. Thus, more and more organizations are incorporating communities into their marketing strategies.

      Following are 3 surefire ways to utilize your communities for marketing-

      1. Leveraging User-Generated Content for Authenticity

      93%[i] of customers read an online review before making a purchase. Thus, brands are now encouraging their members to curate content, ask questions, post reviews, and more. This way brands can source a consistent stream of content in their communities to raise brand awareness.

      2. Garnering Customer Attention Right From the Start

      A thriving community empowers customers with knowledge in the form of resources, information, support, and other content collateral. Having said that, it becomes an ongoing opportunity for the customers to engage with one another and the brand as well. Potential customers can ask their queries or recommendations in the communities at the beginning of their purchase journey. Brands and fellow members can answer their queries or offer personalized recommendations based on their requirements. Not only does it influence the purchase journey positively but also cuts down pre-sale customer support costs significantly.

      3. Sourcing Customer Data to Influence Marketing Strategies and Decisions

      When customers feel confident about sharing their honest opinions, it opens doors for endless possibilities for brands. They can enable a seamless experience by developing tactics based on customer data and feedback collected from the community. They can brainstorm with their customers regarding new solutions or upgrade their products that meet their customers’ expectations.

      Online communities, when built using the right strategies, can enable organizations to get a 360-degree view of their customers and develop a better understanding of their user’s requirements. Communities facilitate a candid, two-way conversation between the brand and its customers, leading to better ideation, feedback collection, and engagement. More organizations are leaning towards community marketing to source useful information and ensure a seamless customer experience.

      Wish to Build Multi-Dimensional Communities and Create a Strong Business Presence? Talk to Us!

      Our community maestros are adept at building dynamic communities that boost ROI. To know more about our CMaaS expertise, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.



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