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      4 Reasons to Leverage Video Content in Online Communities

      Jun 28, 2021

      4 minute read

      Curating videos that talk to your customers, takes patience, time, resources, and talent. And the biggest challenge after your masterpiece is ready is having a phenomenal promotion strategy in place.

      Sure, there are a plethora of tactics using which you can market your products using interactive video content. But one medium that is often overlooked by brands for video content promotion is online communities.

      Statistics suggest that consumers will spend almost 100 minutes per day watching online videos in 2021. Given the rise of online communities, brands can leverage this platform to market their products and services using video content and keep their users engaged. Not only does this strategy take the engagement quotient a notch-up, but it also empowers the brands to educate their users, expand their reach, and convert better.

      Let’s dive right in to understand everything that there is to video content marketing via online communities. Shall we?

      Types of Video Content That Can be Used in Online Communities

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      To market your products and service effectively and keep your online community relevant, it is crucial to keep your users engaged throughout their buying journey. You need to craft your key messaging in a way that resonates with the needs of your audience and encourages them to visit your community regularly. And one of the most effective methods of doing this is through video. Here are 4 video types that you can use in your online community:

      • Feature Explainer Videos: You must have heard about brands using B2B explainer videos. However, feature videos are slightly different and allow you to highlight specific features of your products. This way, you can illustrate why your users need your products and eventually lead them to make the final purchase.
      • Customer Testimonials: Customers make their buying decisions based on true user experiences. And what better way to feed this user psychology than customer testimonial videos. Since communities are a platform where customers engage the most, it is best to convert your customer testimonials into videos and provide social proof of your product’s performance to your users.
      • Company Culture Videos: Company culture videos are a great way to show your customers what practices and ethics you follow as a brand. These are ideal to provide your customers with an inside view of your company’s atmosphere and adopt a more humanistic approach to engage better with your audience.
      • Product How-To’s: For you, your product is clear in your mind but for your customers, they need a little more clarity into how your product works and why it is the perfect solution for your customers’ challenges. That’s where product how-to videos help customers get a better understanding of the product. This video marketing type comes in handy to minimize the doubts about your product in a prospect’s mind.

      Communities are powerful. They play an important role in determining how your users engage with your brand. They are a robust channel that has a strong influence on your customer’s decisions, interactions, purchases, and even provide an in-depth view of your customer buying behavior and personas.

      4 Reasons to Incorporate Video Content in Online Communities

      Video marketing through online communities is an essential part of a marketer’s toolkit. This is because communities are a shared platform and serve as an effective medium to garner the user’s attention by delivering content that’s informative and useful to the users.

      Here are four reasons why brands should resort to using video content to promote and market their products and services through online communities.

      1. Provides Brands the Opportunity to Promote Exclusive Content: Brands can provide prospects with exclusive content in the form of videos through their dedicated online community. Through this technique, brands enable their members to get an exclusive peek into what kind of content they share, special offers available, and the value that they’d get by becoming a part of your community.

      2. Empowers Brands to Cross-Pollinate With Other Businesses: Cross-pollination is a simple yet effective concept to implement. All you’ve got to do is work with organizations that cater to the set of buyers who fit your persona so that you can grow your brand. When you add videos to the mix with other brands, you get a chance to access a wider audience set, which means more eyes on your content and a better chance to attract people to your community.

      3. Keeps the Customers Motivated, Participate, Engage, and Share: Communities allow users to help each other by providing authentic product reviews and more. You can ask your customer to prepare videos about their true experiences with your brand’s products which in return, brings you engagement and keeps your community vibrant. When users see their fellow buyers participating in the community, it motivates them to contribute and share authentic and genuine content.

      4. Increases Conversion Rates: Videos can greatly influence your user’s buying behaviors. And since communities are a platform where consumers openly engage, you can use it as an opportunity to convert a member into a loyal customer. Make sure you convey the right message combined with the right emotions through video content to make your users understand the true value that they would get from investing in your products and services.

      Video marketing is an ideal way to grow your online community and keep it vibrant. And in our current landscape, there’s no denying the awesome results that video marketing generates because the demand for relevant videos is sky-rocketing.

      For all community marketers out there, it’s not just essential to have video marketing in your playbook, but you must use it strategically to empower your community members and enable them to move forward in their buying journey.

      Wish to build powerful online communities to create a stellar online presence? Let’s talk.

      Team Grazitti has years of experience in building cutting-edge online communities that bring ROI. To know more about our community building and management services (CMaaS), drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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