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      4 Tactics to Create Pop-Ups That Convert

      May 18, 2021

      4 minute read

      Pop-ups are annoying. We bet this is the first thought that sways through your mind as soon as you see a pop-up ad on your screen.

      The one thing that binds user interest is the experience created for them throughout their buying journey. And pop-ups are the one element that might hamper their overall experience.

      However, as a marketer, you just cannot ignore pop-ups. To generate leads and boost ROI, including pop-ups in the marketing strategy is a necessity. Pop-ups have emerged as a popular method of promoting content on multiple channels. It is, thus, important for marketers to decode the trick that will make pop-ups less annoying and more interactive.

      In this blog post, we’ll explore everything related to pop-ups and illustrate how you can create pop-ups that convert. Let’s dive right in!

      What are Pop-Ups?

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      Have you witnessed similar messages on your screen when browsing through a website? This a classic example of pop-up ads that many users have seen when searching for something on the web. Pop-ups are used by brands in numerous ways to convey a message to users.

      Typically, pop-ups display a promotional message on the user’s screen when browsing through a website. Pop-ups generally include CTAs to encourage users to take any action and become a potential lead.

      Pop-up ads have now been replaced by pop-up forms and are being used extensively by marketers to generate leads. However, pop-ups can still deteriorate the website experience. The trick to make them engaging is to understand the different types of pop-ups that exist and see which ones you can place into your landing pages.

      Types of Pop-Ups

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      Pop-ups come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, however, the type of pop-up that you choose largely depends on your marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at 4 different types of pop-ups and their uses.

      1. Welcome Pop-Ups: One of the most common types, welcome pop-ups or entry pop-ups slide onto content when a viewer starts browsing through a website. This type of pop-up covers the entire screen above the content page to grab the attention of the user at once and prompts them to take an action. This strategy only works if you are offering a service or offer relevant to the content on the page.

      2. One-Click Pop-Ups: This type of pop-up is displayed whenever a user clicks the CTA button. The pop-up is in a form format that makes it easier for the user to understand and continue in their buying journey. These are perfect for when the user has shown some interest in the offers and services of your brand.

      3. Gamified Pop-Ups: These are the most interactive types of pop-ups. Users gravitate towards discounts and offers, and gamified pop-ups are perfect for that. These pop-ups should be placed at the top of the content page so that your users can indulge in a game to win prizes, right away! They could be in the form of scratch coupons, spin-wheels, guessing coupons, etc.

      4. Conversational Pop-Ups: When delivering personalized experiences is on your agenda, conversational pop-ups are the best choice. These pop-ups emerge when users hover on a specific element on the content page. Marketers can track user behavior through conversational pop-ups and create personalized experiences.

      Before including pop-ups in your marketing strategy, it is important to understand that you must provide value to your users via the pop-ups that empower them to take action.

      4 Tips to Create Pop-Ups That Convert

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      According to statistics, top pop-ups contribute to around 10% of the conversion rate when used properly. Here are four tips that will help you craft high-converting pop-ups:

      1. Identify critical engagement points: To strengthen your pop-up marketing strategy, it is crucial that you identify high engagement points on a content page and insert pop-ups there. This involves catching the attention of the users when they are most engaged with a content piece and the chances of conversion are high. Time-specific pop-ups are ideal to achieve the desired conversion rate in such cases.

      2. Choose the right pop-up type: A common mistake that marketers commit is to insert the wrong pop-ups at the wrong time in a content piece. For instance, if a user has visited your website for the first time and is prompted by a pop-up to purchase a service, it will force them to quit reading. Thus, marketers should first identify user behaviors and create pop-ups that offer some sort of value to them.

      3. Optimize pop-ups for mobile devices: Google announced penalizing pop-ups (intrusive interstitials) that ruined customer’s mobile browsing experience. Marketers should be careful with optimizing pop-ups to create exceptional mobile experiences. The pop-up should not interfere with the content being displayed on the user’s mobile screens or they just might get penalized.

      4. Offer value to users via pop-ups: What value are you offering to your customers is perhaps the most important thing that you must consider when creating pop-ups. The visitors will not become leads if they do not see any benefit of purchasing something via the pop-ups. Simply making the pop-ups appealing is not enough, viewers should be able to understand the benefit that they will get by hitting the CTA in the pop-up.

      Hate them or like them, pop-up ads are here to stay. Using the right strategy, marketers can create eye-catching pop-ups that convert better.

      Wish to create high-converting pop-ups? Talk to us!

      Team Grazitti will be happy to provide you with thorough content marketing assistance as and when required. To know more, drop us a line at [email protected].

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