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      4 Tips to Create an Engaging Community for Your User Groups

      Jun 25, 2021

      4 minute read

      User groups within online communities can enable businesses to curate exceptional customer experiences.

      In the shift from offline to online, it has become difficult for organizations to keep these user groups connected and obtain valuable customer feedback. So, is there a way to rebuild these connected experiences and ensure the success of your business?

      Enter – Online Communities.

      Online communities provide user groups with a platform to engage digitally with each other, discuss specific topics, and solve challenges together. Let’s deep dive into understanding the role of user groups in making communities vibrant and how you can start an online community for your user groups.

      What are User Groups?

      User groups consist of a set of people who share similar interests and brainstorm about strategies, challenges, and solutions around a given topic, be it a product or service. Members of these user groups can connect with each other whenever they want and cross-collaborate.


      User groups benefit businesses by providing insights about what customer pain points are, what improvements they would like to see in the products/services, and the possible solutions to certain product-related challenges.

      What is the Role of User Groups in an Online Community?

      Starting a user group in your online community is a cost-effective method to deliver an exceptional customer experience. User groups allow brands to get valuable insights in the form of customer feedback, which later enables them to improve their products and introduce new features that match the expectations of the users.

      There are two key reasons to start user groups in online communities:

      • To Ensure Customer Success:
      • The main agenda behind starting user groups in online communities is to help customers find answers to questions on their own and make them successful in their journey with the brand. User groups are a great medium for brands to keep a check on the struggles of the customers and to ensure that they get diligent assistance when looking for specific information.

      • To Create a Distinctive Brand Identity:
      • Retaining customers becomes difficult when the buyer has a plethora of options available to choose from. In such a case, active user groups can help brands get a competitive edge and excel in their domain. User groups can enable brands to highlight their strengths and help customers to see the value that they will get by investing in the brand’s products and services.

      User groups within online communities are a great way to grab the attention of your customers and keep them engaged throughout their buying journey. Through user groups in communities, members get a place to cite their experiences related to a product and find solutions to problems.

      4 Tips to Start an Online Community for Your User Groups


      It is important to have a robust strategy in place when looking to build a dynamic online community for your user groups. Here are five tips that can prove to be useful in ensuring that your community groups thrive:

      1. Identify the Right Brand Advocates: User groups enable brands to develop a strategic two-way partnership with their customers. In order to start a community user group, brands must first identify their loyal customers and ask them for their contribution to ongoing community activities and tasks. The contribution can be in the form of blog posts, advisory programs, or brainstorming sessions with other members of the group. This way, brands not only get the opportunity to increase their user group base but also create authentic and strong brand advocates.

      2. Encourage Executive Participation: The key to building strong and lasting relationships with the user groups is to introduce the brand’s executives to the user groups and giving them a direction to perform activities. A strong partnership between user groups and the company’s top leaders signifies a healthy user-brand alliance. Brands can create a separate section within the community for the executives to communicate with the members of the user group and strengthen their relationships.

      3. Engage on Every Level With User Group Members: The key ingredient to make any community vibrant is engagement, and engagement is a result of constant user participation. Your community should not just be a place for users to ask questions, it should be able to offer more value to them in the form of rewards or acknowledgment for their contribution to the community. This can be achieved by enabling users to interact with each other, both strategically and casually on a wide variety of topics.

      4. Listen to Your Customers: Another vital element that ensures active user group participation in communities is to acknowledge their contribution to the community. Your users should be able to get a sense of belonging in the community and that can only be achieved when they get the feeling that they’re being heard and recognized for their efforts.

      Brands must understand that user groups are not just another opportunity to market their products and services but a driving force that keeps online communities vibrant.

      All you’ve got to do is to give these groups a safe space to collaborate and build meaningful relationships that solidify the idea of investing in your products/services is truly worth it!

      Looking for a robust strategy to build user groups within your online community? Let’s talk about how!

      Team Grazitti has extensive experience in building multi-dimensional online communities that empower you to take your business to the next level. To know more about our community expertise, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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