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      4 Tips to Create Impactful Customer Feedback Programs

      Oct 19, 2021

      3 minute read

      “A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times more than what you write or say about yourself.” -David J. Greer

      The quality of your customer service can make or break your business, especially when you’ve put in immense effort to gain user traction and retain customers.

      A poorly designed customer feedback program can push even the most loyal customers to discontinue business with you, ultimately affecting ROI. Contrary to this, creating a great experience can persuade even dissatisfied users to become strong advocates for your brand.

      Revamping your company’s customer feedback program can have a significant impact on your business. Let’s dive right in to explore how.

      What is a Customer Feedback Program?

      Customer feedback refers to the insights collected by a brand about the experience of their customers, post association.

      The collected information is used by companies to highlight loopholes and improve user experiences. Feedback programs enable brands to devise strategies that help bridge the gap between CSAT and capitalization.

      A series of questions is included in the program which the customers need to answer when they use a service/product. Once the customers submit their response, brands use this information to improve their services and introduce new product functionalities.

      Why are Customer Feedback Programs Important?

      Research suggests that 89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience. Customer feedback is a key element for a majority of companies to enhance their products/services and accelerate growth.

      Negative customer feedback is highly effective in developing a cohesive plan of action and improving services and products that do not perform well. Feedback is a gold mine for brands as it provides useful insights into what you’re doing right and which areas require improvement.

      Customer feedback is essential as it guides brands to identify areas of improvement and build long-lasting customer relationships.

      4 Tips to Create Impactful Customer Feedback Programs

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      Through customer feedback, brands can carve a positive impression on the users. However, to achieve this, designing customer feedback in the right way is of critical importance.

      Here’s how you can leverage this opportunity and create impactful customer feedback programs:

      1. Chalk out valuable feedback resources: Surveys are a great medium to obtain valuable customer feedback. But they’re not the only medium. Identify different channels from where you can get user feedback, for instance, meetings, customer interactions, user response on communities, etc. Feedback from numerous resources enables brands to get a hawk-eye view of the customer’s opinion about the company and its services.

      2. Identify the right questions: The reason for formulating a customer feedback program is to know about the highs and lows of your products/services and identify gaps. To receive feedback that actually helps enhance business processes, it is essential to ask questions that are short and direct. For example, many brands make the mistake of asking, “Are you using our product?”, instead of asking, “What changes would you like to see in the product?”. Now, if you think about it, which of these questions will fetch you more valuable insights? The latter, of course!

      3. Embed feedback questions with HTML: Users prefer taking surveys which they can fill in real-time, without having to download a whole form to fill their response. Embedding the feedback questions with HTML makes it easier for the customers to give their input on-the-go.

      4. Perform diligent follow-ups: The ultimate goal of designing a customer feedback program is to use customer responses to improve services for increasing CSAT and winning their trust. Conducting follow-ups regularly enables you to monitor progress, as well as ascertain the performance of the program.

      Ensure that the questions that you ask in the feedback survey are precise and direct. Brands can use these recorded answers to understand the user’s perspective about their services/products and improve upon them.

      Yes, customer feedback is crucial to driving business growth, but so is the way you present it. The collection and analysis of data is an ongoing process and businesses should leverage it to take actions that not only amplify user experience but also empower brands to strategize towards achieving business goals.

      Wish to create seamless customer experiences? Talk to us!

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