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      4 Ways to Grow Your Twitter Communities With Community Management as a Service

      May 26, 2022

      4 minute read

      Twitter has grown into one of the largest social networks, boasting over 300 million active users and 500 million tweets daily.

      Whether you want to stay updated with the latest trends and conversations or find out which TV shows people are watching, Twitter is the place to go.

      Considering the growing impact of Twitter, marketers haven’t been slow to catch on to it to promote their business, gain customer insights, and interact with their customers.

      And the latest addition to the platform, Twitter Communities, has caused quite a stir among marketers.

      What are Twitter Communities?

      Twitter Communities is a program introduced by Twitter where users can create and interact with like-minded people in private channels, similar to social communities.

      On Twitter Communities, users can tweet messages that will only be visible to the members of the community.

      The platform has been introduced to bridge the gap in conversations users are interested in and to identify users who share the same interests.

      Communities were initially invite-only. However, creators now have the option to make the community open for anyone to join. Also, Twitter Communities are currently in beta testing and require a request from creators to start a community.

      Once the request is approved, creators can invite as many users as they want to the community and the community members get to invite five people of their own.

      Types of Users in Twitter Communities

      • Admins – who own and manage the community
      • Moderators – who implement the rules to ensure messages and conversations meet community standards
      • Members – who have been invited to join the community, and can interact and connect with other members of the community

      Why You Should Use Twitter Community

      According to a survey conducted by Sprout Social Index, 40% of marketers believe private community groups play a crucial role in increasing brand awareness. And [i]23% of customers agree with them.

      Companies such as Lyft and Huel are leveraging Twitter Communities to scale and garner the attention of new users.

      It has long been established that online communities are key in building trust with users, acquiring new leads, and providing exceptional customer service.

      Twitter Communities are no exception. They are designed to make it easier for people to form, discover, and participate in conversations that align with their interests.

      Consequently, this provides brands a valuable opportunity to create and participate in communities that their target audiences are interested in.

      Tips to Build Your Twitter Community

      Since Twitter Communities is in beta testing, you cannot create a community unless you are approved to be an admin or moderator.

      To ensure you get approved, here are a few tips to follow.

      • Make sure your profile is public and at least six months old
      • Ensure you don’t have a history of violating Twitter’s terms of service
      • Turn on your two-factor authentication
      • Submit a verified contact number or email address

      4 Best Practices to Grow Your Twitter Community

      blog image-1

      1. Focus On Engagement, Not Promotion: A good rule of thumb with any social network is to encourage participation by posting content your target audience cares about. And with Twitter Communities, you can easily tailor your content to meet the expectations of your audience.

      Remember, while promoting your products/services is crucial to building brand awareness, it shouldn’t be your sole purpose.

      2. Find the Best Time to Post: With more than 500 million tweets sent per day, it’s critical to post at the right time to get the traction you want. The higher the visibility of your post, the greater the chances of retweets and likes.

      So, analyze the right time to tweet, based on your industry and location to identify the most suitable time for you to send out your tweets.

      Scheduling your tweets also improves your chances of increasing your followers.

      3. Target the Right Audience: To be genuinely relevant and engaging, you need to zoom in. Use micro-targeting to create and convey messages that mirror a user’s preferences and personality. Moreover, use cultural and demographic profiles of the identified communities to create micro-targets.

      4. Build Credibility: Credibility goes a long way in establishing trust in your users. Start by understanding who your thought leaders are in your community.

      Also, if you can identify and engage with many micro-influencers, it’d be easier to connect with various sub-communities.

      Even though Twitter Communities is still in its infancy, it is thriving and has garnered a lot of attention already.

      This clearly indicates that Twitter Communities will become a vital part of the B2B marketing strategy for many brands.

      Grazitti’s CMaaS
      Grazitti’s Community Management as a Service (CMaaS) is a comprehensive practice that empowers you to take your community engagement to the next level. With CMaaS in your corner, you can get a 360-degree view of your Twitter Community and develop strategies that bring higher engagement and ROI to the table.

      Need Help Building and Managing Your Twitter Community? Contact Us!

      At Grazitti, we have a team of professionals that builds and manages stellar online communities. Should you want to know more about our CMaaS expertise, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.



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