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      4 Ways to Measure Your SaaS Goals With Online Communities

      Jan 09, 2023

      3 minute read

      Being a SaaS company is challenging in more ways than one.

      There’s a lot of competition out there and the only way to beat it is by staying ahead in the game. It’s no less than a battleground.

      And to achieve that competitive advantage in this digital-first arena, you need to consistently engage with your customers, innovate, and collaborate. And the most effective way to achieve all this and more is by building an advanced, multi-dimensional online community.

      We know your next question: An online community for a SaaS provider – is it worth the investment? The answer is yes!

      An online community lets you get a 360-degree view of all inter-departmental activities, processes, and progress. Not only is it a medium to deliver efficient customer support, it is also a goldmine of information, knowledge, and key customer insights.

      Let’s deep dive to explore more about the ways SaaS companies can leverage online communities for substantial growth and 2X ROI.

      Aligning SaaS Goals With Online Community: Key Strategies

      Statistics suggest that the SaaS market is expected to reach $623 billion by 2023[i].

      This is a testimony to the fact that the competition in the digital arena will rise immensely. And to embellish a strong market position, you need to craft strategies that reap results.

      That’s where online communities come into the picture. Aligning your business goals with your online communities will not only enable you to progress in the SaaS world but will also give you direction. It’s indeed a customer-first world now, and communities are the perfect medium to win your customers’ trust and get a competitive advantage.

      Here are some strategies you can adopt to align your SaaS goals with your online community –

      SaaS Communities

      1. Focus on Internal Buy-Ins: Ascertain ways and methods to make your community more accessible and available to all departments of your organization. This way, you will be able to eliminate any room for miscommunication and create a transparent working environment. Transparency will help you gain the trust of your members, leading to better traction and retention. Here’s a pro-tip-it is a good idea to have a reporting system in place that is integrated with your online community. With all the numbers visible, your team will get more invested in growing your community.

      2. Establish KPIs Based on Your SMART Goals: Ensure that you set KPIs that align perfectly with your SMART goals for success. Your KPIs should be specific and measurable and the associated goals attainable and realistic. You should also ascertain the time in which your goal has to be achieved.

      3. Moderate Community Activity and Check Your Numbers: Now that you’ve set your KPIs, you’re ready to launch your community and onboard members. Once that’s done, you will have to moderate your community engagement to provide your members with a safe and thriving environment. Only then will you be able to onboard more members, increase engagement, and progress toward achieving your SaaS goals.

      4. Integrate Community in Your Processes: Integrating your products and processes in your online community makes it multidimensional and dynamic. For instance, you can convert discussions into support tickets for the reference of your support teams. You can also ascertain if you’re getting any sales from your community members by logging the activities in your CRM platform.

      When you create an online community for your SaaS business and start witnessing traction, ensure that you maintain transparency between your teams by communicating the numbers to them. This way, you will keep the concerned departments informed and motivated to achieve common SaaS goals.

      Wish to Build a Stellar Online Community for Your SaaS Business? Talk to Us!

      Team Grazitti is adept at creating multi-dimensional online communities that talk ROI. To know more about our online community and CMaaS expertise, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.


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