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      5 Benefits of Salesforce Chatter That You Can’t Miss Out

      Dec 04, 2019

      3 minute read

      Chatter is an enterprise collaboration tool on the Salesforce platform, that is quite similar to Twitter or Facebook. Through Chatter, you and your sales team can interact internally and can bring others to the conversation, if necessary. You can easily follow groups, information, and people through Chatter, that too within your company’s network.

      Salesforce Chatter helps in collaborating with your sales team and is designed to help organizations create a more effective & efficient selling experience. The ultimate goal to which is, winning more deals.

      The Need for Salesforce Chatter

      Though sales reps can operate independently, there is always a need for strategy and collaboration. In Salesforce Sales Cloud, turning to Chatter is a great idea for collaborative sustenance. If your sales reps are not making use of Chatter to its full potential, you are limiting your organization’s success.

      With the correct execution of Chatter into your sales team’s workflows, sales interactions and information can be shared seamlessly. Chatter is not only used for instant messaging and group chats but can also be used to follow the records you create in Salesforce, like accounts, opportunities, etc.

      Salesforce Chatter plays a key role to assist the sales teams to communicate easily, where there is a huge employee network, or the workforce is situated remotely. Organizations can leverage Chatter to accelerate better coaction and knowledge sharing.


      There are many benefits of Salesforce Chatter that can empower your sales team and improve productivity, teamwork, and sales. Some key benefits of Chatter for your business are mentioned below:

      1) Uncluttered Emails in the Inbox

      Reduce email usage and reliance within your sales team by communicating with your colleagues through Chatter tools like group forums, newsfeed, online chat, and file sharing. Chatter can be used to share group updates, files, and media privately. You can get quick answers to questions from people from departments other than Sales. That’s because Chatter connects you to everyone in your organization. Through Chatter, you can also get feedback and collaborate with individuals or groups to solve problems without creating email chains.

      2) Eliminate Unnecessary Meetings

      With the help of Chatter, collaboration is easier than ever. You can eliminate unnecessary meetings and can ensure meetings end up being more productive and meaningful. Chatter users report having 27% fewer meetings since they can form groups and invite sales reps to stay connected on a particular project. Chatter is like a virtual group where you can easily test ideas with your co-workers. Everyone in the group can participate equally and share their ideas.

      3) Share Files Smoothly

      You along with your sales team can attach and send large files and even upload them without using an email with Chatter. The collaboration tool makes it possible for you to easily upload and attach files that you used to send through email. Not only this, Chatter allows your sales team to upload original files with all the properties intact in it.

      4) Encourage Organizational Unity

      You can connect with your sales team even if employees are spread out across different regions and countries. Being a sales rep, you can easily maintain a healthy employee culture by keeping your remote employees in the loop using Chatter.

      5) Save Valuable Time

      It takes a lot of effort for a sales team to generate revenue. Here, Salesforce Chatter can enable your sales team to eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on what’s important. Chatter can also keep everyone updated on news and trends by allowing users to post interesting articles, videos, or any other content which is relevant to your industry.

      Social networks on an enterprise-level allow businesses to create associations that are capable of helping employees and partners collaborate and communicate clearly. By bringing social tools into the workplace, companies can become more efficient, can collaborate better, learn more, and connect conveniently.

      Looking to optimize your Salesforce Instance? We can help.

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