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      5 Must-Attend Events for All Online Community Enthusiasts

      Jun 06, 2023

      2 minute read

      The community landscape has been witnessing constant advancements.

      And community leaders from across industries leave no stone unturned to highlight these tech advancements through virtual/hybrid events.

      Giants like CMX, Salesforce, Higher Logic, and Khoros hosted community-focused events that discussed building robust online communities that reap ROI and much more.

      That said, let’s take a look at some events that took place this year, in a snapshot. Let’s get started!

      Industry Events


      CMX hosts conferences, workshops, and professional training for thousands of community professionals all over the world. They also host workshops in which community leaders take participants through insightful conversations about what it takes to make a community thrive.

      CMX, in their summit, invites leading community professionals as speakers and conducts hands-on workshops to enable businesses to learn more about building online communities that flourish.

      Higher Logic Super Forum

      Higher Logic hosts a series of events known as Higher Logic Super Forum.

      Post Vanilla acquisition, Higher Logic announced the event which incorporated the highly accredited conference-Vanilla Conversations. The objective of the 3-day-long summit is to deliver the largest community conference.

      With Super Forum, Higher Logic aims at bridging the gap between marketing, customer success, executives, and membership professionals.

      Khoros Engage

      Another event that has been making heads turn is Khoros Engage. Global community enthusiasts share their vision behind creating seamless, digital customer journeys.

      During the event, the attendees are taken through intriguing sessions where they explore all about the key community trends, case studies, customer use cases, strategies, and a lot more.

      Community (re)Focus

      Community (re)Focus is a series of virtual events by Grazitti Interactive. This flagship virtual conference is focused on addressing key community challenges and connecting community enthusiasts from across the globe with leading community experts.

      Community (re)Focus showcases an amazing line-up of experienced speakers and is packed with riveting conversations between the best and the brightest in the community space.

      The summit was intended to foster conversations on reigniting engagement and rowing into the new arena of online communities.

      Community Leaders Institute eXpo (CLIX)

      The Community Leaders Institute eXpo (CLIX) was Community Leaders Institute’s inaugural Conference and Expo.

      The vision behind CLIX was to bring community professionals from diverse industries together and provide training to budding community professionals. With a line-up of experienced speakers, the attendees learned all about community-building best practices, strategies, and more.


      Dreamforce, Salesforce’s flagship event, is one of the biggest global tech conferences. The event witnesses average participation of 180,000+ attendees.

      The conference explores the latest online community innovations in the Salesforce ecosystem through intriguing sessions, and a lot more.

      Wish to Be a Speaker at Community (re)Focus, 2023? Talk to Us!

      Team Grazitti is adept at creating multi-dimensional online communities. If you wish to learn more about our online community-building prowess, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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