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      5 Proven Tactics to Make SaaS Marketing Interesting

      Jan 18, 2021

      4 minute read

      SaaS companies that use content marketing can generate an ROI of up to 647%.

      Yes, you read that right! This testifies the potential of SaaS marketing to do wonders for your business. But are you utilizing it to its maximum potential?

      Is your company’s resource section flooded with multiple blog posts and articles but is not deriving the ultimate value expected out of them? Well, it is because content marketing for SaaS is easier said than done and making your content stand out amidst this sea of content can seem next to impossible.

      Why is SaaS Content Marketing Labeled as ‘Unexciting’?

      Even though SaaS content marketing is indispensable to trigger conversions and business growth, it is labeled as boring for the following reasons:

      1. Marketers tend to focus on providing more information flooded with technical jargon over creative and engaging content and that’s where they lose the game at half-time.

      2. At times, it is an immense struggle to find new angles of the products and services and walk-in the shoes of your prospects.

      Why is SaaS Marketing Labeled as Unexciting

      3. The use of extensive professional language kills the engaging essence of the content, thus making readers skip to something else.

      4. The overall content presentation seems to be standardized and mundane to the eyes, giving readers a view that it is nothing but a rambled piece of text.

      5. In order to provide maximum information about the software or services, content marketers tend to forget that ‘less is more’, which makes the content appear to be as boring as a thesis.

      Sounds familiar? If yes, then it’s time to buckle up your content strategy to prevent your readers from snoozing while reading your SaaS content.

      Tips to Create Effective Saas Content
      To align your marketing intentions with the interest of your readers, ensure that you follow the below-mentioned marketing hacks for your SaaS content.

      1. Focus on Your Research
      This is the foremost step and is the pillar of your entire SaaS content marketing strategy. No matter how creative or informed you are about your services, ensure that you also research and understand customer intent. Look for keywords, try to align them with your services or products, and then make a comprehensive list of all the relevant topics or keywords.

      2. Create Content for Every Tier of the Buying Process
      The real deal is to segment the relevant topics according to the stages in the buying process. Addressing the need of the right person at the right time is what will work wonders for your SaaS marketing campaign. So, identify your buyer personas and see which type of content would fit best at the stage of the buyer journey that they are in. Sprinkle it across these tiers:

      • Awareness: Create content using top keywords related to the industry and promote engaging, entertaining, and educational content to let people discover that your software could solve their problems.
      • Lead Generation: Once customers are aware that your software exists, try to engage them with your brand more. Formulate marketing campaigns and make use of various content formats to generate leads.
      • Trial Sign-Ups: This involves making users try the software and help them decide if it is right for them. You can do so by offering free trials in the bottom-funnel of the cycle.
      • Conversion of Prospects to Customers: After the free trial of the product, provide your prospects with content that has a solid value proposition to take them closer to conversion.
      • Customer Retention: The purchase part isn’t the end of the customer journey. You need to retain them by creating content that educates them about the features of your tools and guides on how to get the most out of your software.
      Tips to Create Effective SaaS Content

      3. Try Unique Ways of Content Presentation
      Going all random and standardized with your content presentation is the equivalent of throwing a handful of spaghetti at the wall and hoping that something sticks. So, ensure that you spin around the decided topic or keyword in a way that directly hits the customer’s sweet spot and stimulates them to read more.

      4. Exhibit Your Company’s Personality
      Try to incorporate a unique, professional, and most importantly, an interactive style of content that becomes the trademark of your company or services. Do some brainstorming about what kind of impression you want to make for your brand, and what types of traits you want readers to associate with it. Once done, look for intriguing ways to incorporate those traits into your writing.

      Wondering why it’s so important? It is because you must create something that not only conveys information but also plays a role in establishing the reputation you want for your company and sets you apart from your competitors.

      5. Repurpose Your Content
      The dynamic needs of the audience make them read, watch, or listen to any format of content. They’d be interested in it only as long as that particular piece of content answers their questions or provides the information they need. For this, it’s important to experiment with various formats of content to see what gauges the audience’s interest.

      Does that mean that you will have to work right from scratch? Absolutely not! You can derive the maximum utilization out of the previously-made content by repurposing it. For instance, you can turn your already written helpful blog posts into email newsletters or published long-form articles into video scripts.

      If you understand that SaaS content marketing is not solely about pushing the sale of your software but nurturing your audience through every step of the buyer’s journey, then you have already won half the battle. So, for successful content marketing in the SaaS space, a thorough understanding of your audience – their needs, behavior, and problems – is all that you need and you would be good to go.

      Want to ace your SaaS content marketing? Talk to us!

      Our team of experienced content marketers would be happy to assist you with all that it takes to skyrocket your SaaS marketing campaigns. Drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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