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      5 Reasons You Can’t Ignore the Importance of APIs for Your eCommerce Business

      May 27, 2020

      3 minute read

      Since the day eCommerce was introduced to the world in the 1970s, it has gone through a prodigious progression.

      From the selling of goods online, we have come this far where it is possible to book services like plumbing, teaching, cabs, etc in just one click!

      There was a time when a desktop was needed as well as the particular seller’s site to make a purchase. But, now you can easily order using your smartphones, smart devices, tablets or through any platform that necessarily may not be the seller’s platform.

      This advancement in eCommerce where online shopping using more than one device and the platform has become possible with one technology.

      This development in eCommerce, wherein shoppers use more than one device and platform, has been made possible with a technology namely Application Programming Interface(API).


      What is an API?

      Application Program Interface (API) is an intermediary gateway between two systems that help them interact with each other and share required data to complete the action.

      API is the superpower of the digital economy and is now evolving rapidly on the eCommerce landscape.

      But, why is API important?

      APIs help online retailers provide their customers with products that are tailored to their requirements at the right time. They are now of paramount importance for the success of an eCommerce business as they build more scalable platforms.

      Here are a few more benefits of using API for your eCommerce business:

      Offers target-oriented search

      Site search APIs offer advanced search features on your website which results in a highly positive shopping experience for your customers.

      Allows social shopping

      With the proliferation of chatbots and Artificial Intelligence, online retailers are now conducting business via social channels. Social APIs, therefore, enable you to display your presence on social media.

      These widgets confirm the authenticity of your eCommerce store through the reviews received on your social media pages. It also increases the confidence level of the shoppers and hence the social proof APIs are seen to be major trust signals by the customers.

      Reduces obstacles to innovation

      APIs streamline new ideas and strategies using the modular architecture, so they do not need any specific structural changes.

      With this, eCommerce businesses are able to be creative, innovative, and also keep their customers engaged which eventually leads to better conversions.

      Helps identify fraudsters

      As a seller, it is a daunting task to find out if the buyer is authentic or not. Adding anti-fraud APIs makes this easier. Every information that a customer feeds into your website is verified by an anti-fraud algorithm to detect any faulty behavior.

      These APIs follow financial updates too, which make your investment safe and secure without actually doing much about it.

      Encourages order tracking history

      There have been several examples where online businesses have had to close their stores because of being dependent on shipping methods, which were also overpriced at the same time! As an online seller, it is imperative that your website displays tracking orders if you want to leave a mark on your customers. That, however, is not possible if you do not use APIs.

      APIs track every single detail related to the current status of the product ordered, its location, the number of steps it is taking, expected time of delivery, and more. This helps both parties stay updated until the product reaches its destination.

      Key takeaway

      An inconsistent online shopping experience is a huge put off for the customers. As eCommerce becomes more efficient by the day, customers become less tolerable and can easily turn to your competitors.

      Enabling a broad range of functions for your website, APIs can also be used to ensure that your eCommerce company stays ahead of the recent technology and trends. As a result, helping you remain competitive while continuing to offer a fulfilling and seamless experience to your customers.

      Want to Know More About API for Your eCommerce Business? Contact us!

      Grazitti Interactive can help you leverage modern eCommerce APIs for your website! Our certified experts can help you in a seamless development of APIs for your eCommerce store. Should you have any queries, feel free to send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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