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      5 Sure-Fire Tips to Create Social Media Content That Converts

      May 08, 2023

      4 minute read

      As of 2023, there are 4.9 billion social media users around the globe[i]. Hence, social media is not a fad and it is definitely not going away.

      In fact, social media is the key to building your online presence and engaging with your audience. And creating engaging social media content that appeals to your audience and gets them to take the desired action is what helps you achieve just that.

      However, mastering the art of social media writing can be a tall order.

      So, what’s the trick?

      “Social Media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.” – Matt Goulart

      It means all you need to do is create content that your audience can relate to.

      However, it’s easier said than done.

      In this blog post, you’ll discover what exactly social media writing is, why it is important for your business, and 5 tips to create engaging social media content.

      Social Media Writing: What Is It?

      Social media writing is the procedure of writing content for audiences across major social media portals. It includes writing captions for Instagram reels, long-form LinkedIn articles, and in between.

      This type of writing directly influences conversions and engagement rates, contributing to strategic business goals.

      How Is Social Media Writing Important to Your Business?

      Publishing social media posts is not enough to increase your brand presence. You need to think differently and focus on making the audience know about your brand’s existence in the market if you want to ace out your competitors.

      Every social media post conveys a brand’s message to its clients. A well-structured and written post paints a polished and positive image of a business and communicates something valuable to customers. Nowadays, it is an imperative way to gain valuable insights, reach your customers, and develop your brand.

      A great example of effective social media content is Stillhouse Spirits, which ran a Facebook campaign to boost brand awareness among outdoor enthusiasts. The firm attained a 17-point lift in ad recall. The marketers had hit the campaign goals, making the audience cognizant of the brand’s vision and purpose.

      So, this is how important ‘well-written and engaging’ social media content is.

      Now that you know the importance of social media content, let’s discover how to write engaging and converting content for your social media handles.

      Top 5 Tips to Create Converting Social Media Content


      Social media presence is an excellent approach to building brand cognizance, driving conversions, and increasing followers.

      Here are 5 effective tips that can help you craft compelling social media content:

      1. Extend Your Brand Voice

      Having a business and not disclosing it on social media seems like having a shop on a street corner that no one knows about.

      So, talk about your brand.

      When users scroll the feed, they should recognize your brand voice instantly. The wording in your social media post should mimic your brand’s personality and include the language your demographic embraces.

      2. Communicate 5Ws Clearly

      A social media post not only includes a call-to-action, but also answers questions like who, what, when, where, and why.

      Communicating through 5Ws ensures users have complete information and know why they should engage instead of simply scrolling down.

      If you are trying hard to get answers for all Ws, pick your target demographic’s pain points and provide an effective solution to them.

      3. Use Complementary Visuals

      One of the significant reasons users flock to social media platforms is to have a break from long-form content and see humor-filled and valuable graphics and content.

      They cannot just read, read, and read.

      Thus, it is essential that your text and visual space are harmonious. A text contains CTA (Call-to-Action), while the visual further communicates that point.

      4. Begin a Conversation

      Asking your users questions or encouraging them in a poll to vote can be a changemaker to your brand awareness. So, know about your audience’s interests and formulate a conversation.

      For instance, moment marketing.

      Do you remember how footballer Ronaldo replaced Coca-Cola with a water bottle? And social media gets flooded with memes and brands get a topic to communicate because their audiences were looking for it.

      So, include moment marketing in your marketing strategy for increased engagement on your social media channel.

      5. Be Consistent With Your Plan

      Branding online needs an appropriate social media plan. To be successful, try to engage your audience with a compelling story. Instead of relying on trending hashtags, look for long-term ones.

      Moreover, you can share something informative with your audience, such as blog posts, infographics, and more on social media platforms by writing compelling posts. So, the key is to think innovatively for your audience.

      Wrapping Up

      “Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.”
      David Alston

      Good social media writing isn’t just short sentences and a high-contrast image. The caption itself can make or break engagement rates. Creating content that engages your readers can be your best bet to ensuring your social media marketing efforts are successful.

      By incorporating the aforementioned tips, you can create the kind of content that draws in a reader, gives them a positive experience, and encourages them to take action.

      Want to Create Social Media Content That Converts? Let’s Talk!

      Whether you want assistance with a new social media marketing strategy or simply want to redesign your current strategy for better results, drop us a line at [email protected] and we will take it from there.

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