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      Marketing Strategy

      5 Things to do with your Leftover Marketing Budget

      Nov 13, 2017

      3 minute read

      2017 is coming to an end and you still have some cash left in your marketing budget.

      So what do you do with it?

      In this blogpost we will give you some ideas to help you stay ahead of the competition by leveraging your leftover marketing budget. To help you figure out what all can be done, we have divided this blog into 5 sub-topics. Let’s take a look:
      Leftover marketing budget

      Optimize Marketing Touchpoints

      A/B Testing
      Take the guesswork out of landing page or website optimization with A/B testing. You can sort out landing and website pages by conversion and bounce rate. With your leftover marketing budget, you can optimize these pages and get them ready for 2018. Tweak the design, CTAs etc. to see what works best.

      Lead scoring is a crucial part of good lead management and helps you close more deals. With your leftover budget, you can revisit your scoring models, or get started with lead scoring, if you haven’t already.

      As with lead scoring, in today’s buyer-driven market, lead nurturing plays an effective role in closing sales. Analyze existing nurture programs, or if you don’t have a nurture program in place, set up one to grow your brand.

      Revitalize Your Marketing Assets

      Landing Page and Email Template Designs
      Complacency can kill your brand. There’s always scope for improvement when it comes to design. With 2018 fast approaching, and with a marketing budget begging to be utilized, have a design agency tweak your landing page design, email templates and other marketing assets.

      Need Help Prioritizing Projects For Your Leftover Budget? Sign Up For a Free Consult With Our Marketing Expert!

      Plan Your Roadmap for 2018

      2018 Readiness Audit
      To stay ahead of the competition, you need to know what is working and what is broken in your marketing automation platform. Here, a readiness audit can work wonders. By helping you identify the gaps in your marketing automation platform, you can improve marketing ROI, gain more visibility into campaigns, and streamline marketing-sales processes.

      Ensure Compliance

      Email Preference Center
      If you don’t have one already, you can build an email preference center and achieve a low opt-out rate and high user engagement. Not only is it a great way to keep your users subscribed, but it also reduces your annual list churn rate and decreases unsubscribe percentage.

      GDPR and CASL Compliance
      EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and the Canadian Anti-Spam Law are going to drastically affect digital marketers. Businesses will have to show compliance for both. Your budget can be utilized to ensure that your brand is GDPR and CASL compliant.

      Streamline Operations

      CMS Connectors
      Integrating your marketing automation platform with your CMS offers tremendous benefits. Along with improving user experience, you can automate processes, and accelerate website conversions. At Grazitti, we offer WordPress-Marketo and Magento-Marketo connectors that help you personalize your website and increase ROI.

      Dedupe Solution
      To drive better results for your marketing program, you need to keep your marketing data clean and without duplicates. Our De-dupe app for Marketo, M-Clean, enables you to detect, merge, and prevent duplicates.

      With 2017 coming to an end, your leftover marketing budget can be utilized to become ready for the next year.

      Need Help Prioritizing Projects For Your Leftover Budget? Sign Up For a Free Consult With Our Marketing Expert!

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