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      6 Hacks to Skyrocket Your Google Ads Quality Score

      Jul 09, 2019

      4 minute read

      Quality score is the most sought-after KPI when we talk about optimizing our Google Ads accounts. From saving on Cost Per Click (CPC) to reducing Average CPA, Quality Scores are great cost-cutters for monthly advertising budgets.

      However, having a low Quality Score can affect your PPC campaigns in several ways. So, how do you resolve that?

      Well, Google’s mantra to calculate Quality Scores is a mystery in itself. But, we have already cracked it to some extent by understanding the Click-Through Rate or CTR.

      Users won’t be clicking on your ads if they are irrelevant to them. So, a great way to increase Quality Score is to display the most relevant and useful ads, so that CTR’s go higher and higher.


      In our blog post, we talk about 6 hacks to help you reduce costs while improving your Quality Score –

      Hack #1 – Improving overall landing page experience

      Having dedicated landing pages for respective ad groups improves your quality score, bounce rate, time spent on site, and conversions. You can increase user optimization by syncing your ad copies with the keywords used on your website.


      Hack #2 – Optimise your ads for click-through rate

      One of the best PPC practices is to have 3 ads per ad group, with the right blend of ‘Expanded text ads’ and Responsive Search Ads’. While the former helps to curate specific messaging for the search query, the latter optimizes ads by mixing and matching the headlines and descriptions.


      Hack #3 – Ensure your keywords and ads are relevant

      The Quality Score of the keywords that you’re using has a massive impact on the performance of your campaigns! The more relevant your ad is to the keywords you choose, the better your score.


      Tip: Keep checking your search query report on a daily basis and try to optimize your ads accordingly. Also, try to incorporate the same search phrases in the landing pages.

      Read our blog to know the top 5 ways to ensure your paid ad campaigns work!

      Hack #4 – Build up historical performance data

      Google appreciates it’s advertisers who keep their accounts in a healthy state for longer periods. Regular optimization and good account management can definitely help you improve your Quality Score.


      Hack #5 – Structure your campaigns and ad groups well

      A nicely structured campaign, segmented into more targeted subgroups is the foundation for a good search campaign. Make sure each ad group is as specific as possible to its keywords, ad copies connected with landing pages.


      Hack #6 – Add an exclamation mark in every ad

      Google allows you to use one exclamation mark in your ad. The sign of enthusiasm often gets the user excited about your ad, hence improving your CTR! Having said that, it is also important to not go bananas with the exclamation mark as it might be deemed spammy.



      While these hacks are a great way to take your Quality Scores to the next level, it is also essential to have a good campaign planner for an efficient campaign strategy.

      To get you started, here is a free Campaign Planner

      Do you have any more hacks that you follow to skyrocket your Quality Scores? If yes, tell us in the comments sections below!

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