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      Search Engine Optimization

      Bing SEO Tips – How to rank high on Bing

      Sep 10, 2010

      2 minute read

      Bing website ranking process is completely automated and its algorithm is very complex. It is completely built around providing users the best experience. This is the reason why most sites enjoying high rankings on Google do not necessarily hold a good position on Bing search engine.

      Bing SEO Tips

      Bing ranking algorithm analyzes several factors to rank a website. Some of them are mentioned below:

      Search Ranking Factors

      • Title Tag: Always use unique keyword rich titles a and description tags for your page.
      • Meta Tags: Bing displays some summaries when you hover on the search results that it derives from the meta description. Thus, it is very important to include meta keyword and meta description tags on every page.
      • URLs: Use descriptive and keyword rich URLs for every page.

      Website Content

      • Quality Content: As Bing is new and still indexing the web, try adding new content and update your existing site content regularly. Bing loves to read fresh and original content so frequent content updates can get more pages indexed in Bing.
      • Length of the content: Websites having more relevant and informative content on their pages get higher weightage in Bing. Unlike Google, the length of your page content matters a lot to get higher rank on Bing. The more is the content on your page, the better are your chances to rank high, but you should write for your visitors not for the spiders.
      • Content Optimization: While optimizing your website content, do not target more than two keywords per page. Do not fix keywords in your content without any need because bing reads keyword to determine relevancy of the content but it also uses language filter to check if the content is relevant to the user. Use descriptive text in the navigation links. Include H1 tags in your content.

      Link Popularity

      Bing not only value incoming links but also your outgoing links. If your site is linking out to high ranking, relevant websites, then it trusts your site more.

      Backlink Management

      Bing gives importance to the title tags of the webpage linking to your site, to determine the relevancy of that webpage. Check if the websites you are linking to your website are in Bing or not. If these sites are not submitted in Bing then submit them manually. Though it is an additional effort but it will help in increasing the page rank of your website.

      Domain Age

      Bing prefers websites having older domain age which means the older your site, the more it gains Bing’s trust.

      Though it is very important to optimize your site first for Google because it enjoys the highest search engine rankings, but in the coming days optimization for Bing can send you huge amount of relevant traffic.

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