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      6 Pro Tips to Spend Your Leftover Design Budget The Smart Way

      Feb 15, 2021

      4 minute read

      You conduct your year-end design audit and, to your surprise, there’s still some budget left. This leftover budget can be used effectively to take your design game to the next level, the smart way. This is your chance to make your designs exceptional and carve an impact to boost your business.

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      We’ve got 6 pro tips for you to effectively use your leftover design budget. Let’s dig in!

      1. Organize a Design-Thinking Workshop:

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      Design-thinking activities and brainstorming sessions empower your design team to unleash their creativity and come up with fresh and new ideas. Such workshops enable you to create unique customer personas and develop a better understanding of your customer’s preferences. Also, these sessions are great for highlighting areas where your product can be improved. Invest your leftover budget in conducting design-thinking workshops to motivate your team members and think of ideas that help create better products/services and improve CX.

      2. Amplify Web Design for Landing Pages:

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      Design is a significant aspect that keeps your customers hooked to your website. Use that leftover budget to experiment with the existing design for your landing pages. There are a plethora of options that the designers can choose from such as typography, geometric shapes, and more, to make the look of a landing page more exciting and eye-catching. You can make your website’s landing pages more interesting by using vivid colors that enhance the overall look of the website to drive engagement.

      3. Invest in Making B2B Explainer Videos:

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      A study states that consumers will spend approximately 100 minutes per day binge-watching videos on social media in 2021. Video content is an ideal medium to create a lasting impact on the consumers and to help them take the next step in their buying journey. Thus, spending your leftover design budget in making informative and engaging B2B explainer videos is a safe bet that is sure to make your design game strong and generate traffic. With B2B explainer videos, you can easily convey to the target audience about your offers, services, and product enhancements in a unique, engaging, and time-effective way.

      4. Prepare Instructional/Product/Marketing Videos:

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      Research suggests that around 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the buying decision process. Intuitively designed videos that explain product functionalities work best with consumers looking for a solution. Videos are a compelling medium to nurture users, foster engagement, and generate leads. Invest your leftover design budget in preparing engaging instructional videos as it is a powerful strategy to promote your brand, gauge user interest, and increase ROI.

      5. Advertise Aggressively:

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      Advertising is yet another powerful tool that designers can use to attract users and gain a competitive advantage. The right advertising techniques will not only bring repeat business but will also capture the attention of new clients. Injecting creative graphic designs in your advertising canvas will catch your target audience’s eye and persuade them to use your products and services. Invest in designing your paid ad campaigns smartly as an intelligent visual play conveys a clear message to the target audience to click on the purchase option.

      6. Invest in Design Tools:

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      Investing in a UX tool is the safest bet you could place when it comes to design. There are a ton of design tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, etc, that will help you amp up your design skills and gain user attention. Many tools today provide free demos that enable you to try them and figure out if they fit your business needs. Adding to this, your leftover design budget can be strategically spent on upgrading your existing design tools to bring out the best results.

      The chances that you will have a leftover design budget every time you conduct an audit are grim. Make strategic investments that help you boost engagement, resulting in the long-time success of your business.

      Need assistance in making the most of your leftover design budget? Talk to us!

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