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      6 Tableau Visualization Tips to Inspire Your Creative Eyes

      May 21, 2015

      < 1 minute read

      Data visualization lets your data tell a story, but the question arises, why data visualization is important? The answer lies in the following facts:

      1. We do not perceive absolutes, instead we perceive differences and contrasts.
      2. Our eyes are drawn to familiar patterns.
      3. Memory plays a role in cognition, but our working memory is very limited.

      Therefore, by visualization of data, you’re able to ask and answer important questions related to your business more effectively. A good analytical design allows humans to process higher quality and more dimensional information with multiple perspectives. Visual encoding of information allows humans to process more information and graphical integrity is as important in visualization as information in the data. Tufte, the great Statistician, has proposed some rules to maintain the integrity of visualization:

      1. Minimize the lie factor
      2. Use consistent sales
      3. Standardize (monetary) units
      4. Present data in context
      5. Show the data : increase data/ink ratio

      Tableau is a leading technology that shows data in a much comprehensive and comprehendible way. Comprehensive because you can show multiple things together and can tell a story out of numbers, and comprehendible because it is easier to understand graphically and helps you induce thinking about the graph. However, bringing your visualizations from “better” to “best” takes time, practice, patience and some knowledge of visual analysis best practices.

      Here are some of the best practices to make your visualization more interactive and creative:

      That’s it! You’re done! There’s some simple formatting you could do like adjusting the width of the graphs, colours, font, titles, resizing, labelling etc, but the main essence of an interactive chart is now complete. Hope these tips help you. Write us about your experience, comments or feedback at [email protected]

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