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      6 Ways to Establish Trust On Your eCommerce Website

      Sep 29, 2020

      3 minute read

      Did you know 81% of online shoppers worry about shopping on an unfamiliar website?

      This means loss of sales and potential customers in the long run.

      So the question is:

      • Is there any way out to deal with reluctant consumers?
      • Where are online businesses going wrong?

      This blog post will walk you through the strategies to win your customer’s trust in the online world to prepare yourselves for increasing competition.

      But, before we dive deeper into the strategies, let’s understand why customer trust is so important.

      Role of consumer trust in eCommerce

      “Trust is not a choice, but an underlying state of mind that can be influenced”.

      If there is no customer trust, no matter how strong other aspects of your business are, your customers may not buy your product or service.

      With this comes the question—how can you measure that your online business is genuine and trustworthy? Here’s the answer!

      eCommerce Development

      Pay attention to your ‘About Us’ page

      Your customers are interested to know what your business is all about before they contribute to the sales of your company. And where do your customers go to seek that information? From your ‘About Us’ page!

      You can add the story behind your business and include photos, your contact address, your vision, the journey, and more to your ‘About Us’ page. This helps your customers know more about you and your business.

      Include social proofs:

      One of the biggest tactics to win the credibility of your customers is by telling them what other people have to say about your business.

      You can add reviews, testimonials, feedback, or recommendations from your previous customers on your eCommerce store to help your prospective customers make a decision.

      If you have third-party verified reviews from authentic sites like Google or so, it helps even more. That acts like word-of-mouth branding for your business.

      Install an SSL certificate

      According to a survey, 61% of online visitors canceled their purchases due to the absence of trust logos on their websites.

      SSL certificates indicate that you care for the privacy of your customers and hence their information is safe with you. Hence, make sure you include all your trust logos on your website.

      Ask for limited information

      The importance of customer data is pretty clear, but you need to figure out how much information you actually need.

      When you ask for too much information, there are chances for your customers to get discouraged and not complete the purchase.

      In fact, not every buyer is interested to share their personal details like their age or gender. So, make sure that your form has limited fields to help you meet your goals.

      Empathize with your customers

      Empathy is one of the strongest tools to win your customers. When you understand what your customers need and offer help, they feel connected with your brand.

      To do it successfully, you may consider including help docs, tutorials, or some educational material to your eCommerce website. This will help your users not just use your website but also gain knowledge about the products or services they are buying.

      Use highly trusted payment gateways

      Business is all about money and is one of the most critical areas when it comes to eCommerce.

      Most buyers abstain from buying online as they are afraid to lose their money. However, this can be easily solved by using trusted payment methods.

      Make sure your website is PCI compliant is one such way. This establishes a security trust that the credit card information your customers are offering is secure with your eCommerce store. You can add this certification in the footer of your eCommerce website.

      Doing this will not just improve your traffic, it will also make your customers constant.

      Key takeaway

      Having a trusted website for your eCommerce store is not a choice but a compulsion. A little misconduct or doubt and you end up losing precious bucks. Hence it is important for you to maintain the trust of your customers no matter how well your online store is doing otherwise.

      Want Help Building a Trustworthy Website? Contact us!

      Our eCommerce development team can help you establish trust among your customers! To know more, feel free to drop a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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