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      7 Content Planning Tools to Ace Your Social Media Content Strategy

      May 07, 2023

      3 minute read

      High-quality content generation and content planning are imperative for building a successful website.

      Irrefutably, generating high-value content needs a lot of research. Amidst blog posts, social media posts, and conversion-oriented content, it can be overwhelming to keep track of it all.

      This is where content planning tools come into play.

      These tools not only streamline and organize content creation but also foster an efficient social media content strategy for your brand.

      In this blog post, you will learn the importance of content planning in social media strategy and the 7 best content planning tools to boost your social media content strategy.

      Importance of Content Planning in Social Media Strategy

      Here is why content planning is important in social media strategy:

      • Content planning fulfills the purpose of organizing your social content assets and developing an established schedule, making users engage with relevant and timely content.
      • A content planner decides the content type to create as per the latest trends and chooses the accurate posting time. For instance, the best time to post on Facebook is Thursday and Friday for maximum engagement[i].
      • Content planning saves time by preparing content and its design in advance and scheduling it to publish on multiple social media platforms via innovative portals such as Hootsuite.
      • Marketers can get a record of their past work with a content plan, in case they need a caption for follow-up on any previous post.

      Now that you know the importance of content planning, here are 7 tools that can help you simplify the content planning process for your social media.

      7 Content Planning Tools to Enhance Your Social Media Content Strategy

      According to Semrush’s State of Content Marketing 2022 Report, 78% of marketers believe their content marketing generated positive results. And it includes the usage of advanced content tools[ii].

      Content Planning Tools

      So, here are the top 7 content planning tools that help you get the optimal results from your social content strategy:

      1. Cortex

      Cortex is an AI-powered content analysis and planning tool that evaluates the content published by your business, competitors, industry giants, media outlets, and others. This platform understands marketing content and signifies how customers can react to the content you plan to share.

      2. ContentCal

      ContentCal is an easy-to-use content planning tool that makes it simple to work across team members with custom approvals so you can provide the right access to the right people. This tool maintains hassle-free workflows and helps you keep schedules, images, correspondence, and campaigns in one place.

      3. Planable

      Working in a team includes getting approval from everyone and it often leads to delays. It creates a bottleneck in your social media content strategy. Having Planable by your side can help you make the process productive and time-efficient. This tool enhances your content calendar and creates engaging posts, manages and plans your social content for months ahead, and smoothens the working process.

      4. SocialBee

      SocialBee is a superior social media management tool that maximizes your online efforts and increases your social media presence. You can add, organize, share, and schedule content across different social media channels.

      5. Notion

      Notion is a content planning tool with a comprehensive range of project management tools, assisting you in tracking and assigning tasks, building calendars, and more. You can also store images with the content and track hashtags, captions, and your marketing channels.

      6. Sendible

      Sendible offers a superior calendar that makes content planning a breeze. Marketers can use Sendible to plan and customize content posts for different platforms, assign posts to every team member, and import designed media. This tool also permits you to include clients to share content with them for their approval before publishing.

      7. Figma

      Content planning for social media contains planning for visual content too. Many channels, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are visual-first platforms. Therefore, creating the right videos, infographics, and other visual content for every channel plays a vibrant part in drawing the attention of many eyeballs and reducing the page’s bounce rate. And Figma fits this purpose.

      Wrapping Up

      Creating a social media calendar might seem like a challenging task but it’s not. You just need effective content planning tools by your side. Consider the above-mentioned tools and enhance your social media content strategy. These powerful tools will help you plan more swiftly and confidently so you can ace out your competitors and enhance your brand presence.

      Want to Create an Effective Social Media Content Strategy? Let’s Talk!

      Grazitti’s design experts understand the nitty-gritty of using different content planning tools to help your social content strategy take off. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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