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      7 Reasons to Choose Kentico for Building Feature-Rich Web Solutions

      Jan 24, 2024

      4 minute read

      A content management system (CMS) plays a crucial role in maintaining the digital presence of a business. In essence, it simplifies the process of managing digital content, enhances user experience, supports online marketing efforts, and ensures the security & scalability of a business’s online presence.

      It is a foundational tool for businesses aiming to establish and maintain a strong online identity.

      However, with over 800 CMSs available globally, it is challenging to select a suitable one that-

      – Provides adept eCommerce integrations
      – Facilitates robust data analysis
      – Ensures mobile responsiveness; and
      – Provides other functionalities for comprehensive website enhancement

      Kentico Xperience is one such advanced CMS, that provides robust content management and e-commerce capabilities. In fact, it is the 11th[i] most popular CMS in the US, in the enterprise category. It boasts sophisticated features and functionality tailored for seamless management of digital content, marketing, and online sales.

      It is based on ASP.NET 3.5 SP1, written in C#, and simplifies dynamic website management. Furthermore, it stores content in a database and renders it in real-time, ensuring responsive and database-driven web experiences without complex server configurations.

      Let’s explore this blog post, that deciphers the advanced capabilities of Kentico and why you should choose it to build performing web solutions.

      Core Functionalities of Kentico CMS

      Kentico Xperience CMS empowers businesses with enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction. Let’s deep dive into its key capabilities to understand how Kentico helps achieve them.

      7 Reasons to Choose Kentico for Building Feature-Rich Web Solutions

      1. Rapid Development & Creative Freedom: Kentico Xperience CMS empowers businesses to accelerate their web solutions. This developer-friendly platform enables swift content management, execution of marketing campaigns, and seamless product sales. You can unleash its creativity through powerful modules and reusable components, enabling rapid development and deployment on-premises or in the cloud.

      2. Scalability and Performance: With the latest ASP.NET Core Model-View-Controller (MVC) technology, Kentico Xperience CMS ensures the development of fast and scalable websites. Leveraging it, you can effortlessly scale up your web solutions to handle increased traffic, ensuring consistently fast digital experiences for users.

      3. MVC Development for Exceptional Experiences: Kentico Xperience CMS offers the MVC development model, granting complete control over front-end rendering. This approach keeps solution architecture clean and empowers marketers with reusable widgets, enabling them to create engaging web experiences effortlessly.

      4. Efficient Deployment Tools: Kentico Xperience CMS simplifies project deployment. Using it, developers and marketers can seamlessly synchronize their work, breaking down the development process into manageable stages. Not only this, but different environments can be set up, facilitating the movement of coding, data, and content between stages with minimal effort.

      5. Robust Security Measures: Kentico Xperience CMS prioritizes security, undergoing rigorous testing and code reviews. It provides multiple security layers to separate data, administration, and live site functionalities. Furthermore, you can safeguard business data using its diverse authentication methods, permissions, and user management features.

      6. Integrated Artificial Intelligence: Kentico Xperience CMS integrates the Recombee AI engine, enabling personalized content experiences for visitors. These sophisticated algorithms deliver relevant content, eliminating the need for editors to select suitable articles for specific personas. Furthermore, the built-in activity tracking app identifies user interests, enabling the creation of highly personalized content for immediate website implementation.

      7. Flexible Content Management: Kentico Xperience CMS provides intuitive tools for content management. The Page Builder enables the creation of visually appealing pages through drag-and-drop widgets. Content can be structured and reused effortlessly, ensuring consistency across various channels. Custom workflows and versioning features maintain content integrity, while multilingual support enables businesses to expand their reach into global markets.

      Additionally, the CMS centralizes digital assets, enabling easy organization and reuse across websites. It also streamlines multisite management, facilitating content sharing, data management, and code integration across multiple web platforms. Ultimately, this CMS provides a versatile, comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to create engaging, secure, and highly personalized digital experiences for their audience.

      7 Reasons to Choose Kentico Xperience CMS for Building Robust Web Applications

      1. All-in-One Solution: Kentico CMS provides an integrated platform, ensuring a seamless combination of content management, e-commerce, online marketing, and automation tools. Unlike other platforms, Kentico doesn’t require external tools for crucial functions like A/B testing and multivariate testing, thereby streamlining the entire digital marketing process.

      2. Efficient Marketing Automation: Kentico’s marketing automation tools empower marketers to automate, optimize, and analyze campaigns. It enables the creation of intelligent sales funnels, categorizes visitors into prospects, and responds to user activity. This capability provides limitless possibilities for personalized customer experiences, enhancing engagement and conversions.

      3. Built-in A/B Testing: Kentico CMS includes built-in A/B testing functionality, eliminating the need for additional code deployment. Marketers can easily test multiple page variants, find designs that boost conversions, monitor tests in real-time, and optimize without developer intervention. This user-friendly feature puts control in the hands of the marketing team, ensuring quicker test implementation and result analysis.

      4. Integrated Campaign Management: Kentico doesn’t just stop at content management; it integrates a comprehensive campaign management platform. Marketers can monitor traffic generated from various sources such as display ads, emails, or social media, and track user actions. This unified approach enables businesses to evaluate the success of their marketing efforts and adjust strategies accordingly.

      5. GDPR Compliance: Kentico CMS ensures compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It provides robust features like the right to be forgotten, data portability, and integrated consent management tools. This ensures that businesses can handle user data responsibly, meeting GDPR requirements effortlessly.

      6. Advanced Lead Scoring: Kentico CMS incorporates a powerful lead scoring solution (Contact Score) within the platform. It enables businesses to efficiently track and qualify leads without relying on third-party tools. By setting up alerts and integrating with CRM systems like Salesforce, sales teams receive qualified leads directly, saving time and effort.

      7. Onsite Personalization: Kentico’s built-in personalization platform enables businesses to deliver tailored onsite content without complex integrations. Furthermore, marketers can segment users based on various criteria, ensuring relevant and engaging experiences. This personalization feature also aligns with audience-first approaches, enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty.

      The Bottom Line

      Choosing Kentico is an investment that helps create a future-proof, versatile, and robust digital presence. It’s a strategic move toward enhancing online engagement, driving conversions, and staying ahead in the dynamic world of digital business.

      In order to efficiently adopt Kentico as your CMS, you need a competent Microsoft services partner that provides efficient Kentico development services and solutions to upscale content management and digital experiences.

      Ready to Elevate Your Online Presence and Customer Engagement Strategies With Kentico CMS? Let’s Talk!

      At Grazitti, our Kentico wizards possess the power to elevate your digital presence and enhance user experience. Learn what more Kentico .NET can do for your business success, here.


      [i] BuiltWith Trends

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