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      7 Research-Backed Tips to Make Your eLearning Videos More Engaging

      Dec 14, 2022

      5 minute read

      Did you know the use of visuals improves learning by up to 400%(i)?

      It means the days of making audiences sit through endless slideshows, PDFs, etc. are long gone.

      Now is the time to up your learning game and deliver that content using a range of engaging media.

      Video-based learning is one such instance of an original and interesting learning strategy.

      Videos are undoubtedly one of the key elements of eLearning. By allowing viewers to interact, explore, and absorb the information at their own pace, videos increase audience engagement.

      In this blog post, we’ll talk more about eLearning videos, the latest eLearning videos trends & types, and how powerful these videos are when it comes to educating customers.

      So, let’s get started by understanding what eLearning and instructional videos are.

      eLearning & Instructional Videos

      Electronic learning, often known as eLearning, is the process of delivering information electronically.

      In addition to its exceptional ability to reach a wide range of people, eLearning significantly lowers expenses for businesses. It enhances the learning experience of viewers as it contains a variety of media including text, videos, and animations.

      However, with the changing taste of new-age customers, it becomes challenging to maximize the use of your eLearning content.

      This is where instructional videos come into the picture. These videos demonstrate how to use a product, service, or business.

      Instructional videos improve your ability to interact with your audience by demystifying difficult business-related subjects. It is an effective and easy approach to give customers and businesses a better experience.

      However, it might be challenging to draw in the right audience due to the abundance of options available online.

      Therefore, to stay ahead of the curve, you need to keep up with the latest trends. Let’s discuss what these trends are.

      Latest eLearning Trends to Watch Out For

      Videos have been an effective instructional tool for some time now.

      In fact, 95% of marketers claim that videos have improved customer understanding of their products or services(ii).

      However, many businesses still run the risk of slipping behind, regardless of how effective their videos are. The only way to fulfill the audience’s shifting needs is by adapting to the eLearning strategies of the changing digital landscape.

      Here are some significant trends that can help you address your audience’s needs.

      Latest eLearning Trends

      Gamification in eLearning

      By using well-considered game mechanics and effective yet straightforward designs, gamification in eLearning has raised the bar for interactivity and engagement in learning. Businesses will continue to use game-based learning solutions in the near future, given the higher level of interactivity and good results.

      Personalized eLearning

      As it focuses on understanding the needs of your audience, personalized eLearning content will enable you to attract more customers by creating content that is far more appropriate for them.

      Video-Based eLearning

      A rapidly expanding eLearning resource is video. It works for every business and is easily accessible, reasonably priced, and customizable. Videos are people’s first choice for self-learning.

      Artificial Intelligence in eLearning

      One of the most well-liked eLearning trends in the business world is artificial intelligence. The market for AI in education is anticipated to reach USD 3.68 billion at a CAGR of 47% by 2023(iii). It’s mostly because of its ability to automate tedious tasks and personalize learning.

      Mobile Learning

      Today, there are more than six billion smartphone subscriptions globally and in the coming years, that figure is expected to increase by several hundred million(iv). It means the incorporation of mobile-friendly technologies into eLearning is inevitable.

      However, following these trends alone won’t keep you at the forefront of the eLearning video market. You have to try different types of eLearning videos to choose what’s best for you.

      Here are different types of eLearning videos that can help you to boost engagement.

      Types of eLearning Videos

      When it comes to creativity in videos, the sky’s the limit. You can try and incorporate different types of videos to amplify the viewer’s interaction level.

      Here are different types of eLearning videos to look out for.

      Types of eLearning Videos

      Interactive Videos

      Interactive videos are the most effective approach to spreading your message and grabbing viewers’ attention. This keeps your viewers interested and motivates them to focus on what they are watching.

      Animated Videos

      Animated videos evoke emotions that resonate with the viewers and deliver your message clearly by simplifying complex topics in an interesting way.

      Whiteboard Videos

      Whiteboard videos let the speaker talk about a subject or tell a tale by physically sketching and recording an illustrated story on a whiteboard with marker pens. Making a story more relatable and emotional by using drawings holds viewers’ interest for much longer.

      Live Videos

      The human element in these videos forges a link. The instructors explain concepts with animations and live Q&A sessions, which make these videos more appealing and engaging.

      Explainer Videos

      Explainer movies can be entirely animated, based on slides, real-time, or a combination of all these. Such videos can be used to explain more complicated topics like how to use an app.

      What Makes a Good eLearning Video Great?

      With the help of eLearning videos, you can engage viewers more deeply and foster a sense of immersion. By demonstrating content in an interesting way, eLearning videos also increase memory retention and real-world applicability.

      Want to take your eLearning videos up a notch? Here are 7 tips that make a good eLearning video great!

      Keep It Short & Crisp

      Due to the decreased attention spans, making your eLearning videos brief and to the point is imperative. Despite the temptation, ensure that you always make a series of videos rather than trying to fit everything into one video.

      Understand Your Audience

      Make sure you take time to identify the knowledge gaps and the strategy that will best fill those gaps before you start producing your videos. Understanding your audience can help you deliver content that appeals to your audience and establishes them as an authority.

      Keep Your Visuals on Point

      A visually pleasing video gets more views. This means that your eLearning content needs to incorporate high-quality visuals, animations, and images. Additionally, you want to choose easy-to-read fonts and colors that fit nicely with one another.

      Make It Interactive

      Allow the viewers to engage with the content by actively involving them. To increase engagement and ensure that the knowledge is retained, include short quizzes or tests. Break the videos into scenarios and let the audience choose the best course of action. This offers them a chance to participate and makes it easier for them to put the content into context.

      Use Emotional Elements

      Add voice narrations, sound effects, images, and other emotional components to advance your eLearning video. Audio enables learners to emotionally engage with the eLearning content and images help in better information retention.

      Gamify Your Videos

      Use gamification to break down videos and increase viewers’ participation. For example, you can add badges, rewards, or scores to your tests and quizzes to increase engagement. Little elements like badges and rewards work as motivators and make learning a little more fun and interactive.

      Tell a Story

      To engage viewers and demonstrate how they can use this learning in a practical situation, present information through real-life scenarios. Start with a thrilling event, move into a dispute, and finish with a solution. This type of storytelling engages the audience right away with something intriguing and thrilling.

      Summing Up

      New-age viewers demand more from their eLearning content. To keep the interest of viewers, eLearning videos should be interesting, interactive, and immersive. The key to creating engaging and effective eLearning videos is to thoroughly understand your audience. Instead of grabbing the all-inclusive option, think about what will emotionally connect with or inspire people to take a desirable action.

      Looking To Create Engaging eLearning Videos That Keep Your Audience Hooked? Talk to Us!

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