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      8 Super-Effective Ways to Level Up Your Real Estate Business

      Sep 03, 2021

      4 minute read

      Millions of Millennials in the US are in their first home-buying age. With the recent pandemic outbreak, many of them are also working from home which means there is a large pool of prospective new home buyers that real estate businesses can tap into.

      However, connecting with the right buyers is no easy task. From low inventory to costly lead generation and growing competition on listing portals, real estate businesses have to deal with a lot.

      But with the right strategies and solutions in your arsenal, you can easily overcome these challenges to grow your business.

      In this blog post, we’ll discuss 8 such bulletproof ways that’ll help you build and expand your real estate business to the next level.

      So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

      8 Ways to Boost Your Real Estate Business

      real estate websites

      1. Create Robust Builder Specific Websites

      Your website is the online home of your real estate business. So, make sure that it leaves a stunning impression on your visitors. From a stellar design to easy navigation, mobile responsiveness, and more, it should check all the boxes to offer seamless user experiences.

      Additionally, it should have IDX integration to provide users with MLS (multiple listing service) data. This will help keep users to your website instead of sending them to the local MLS and listing portals for more options. You can use tools like Zillow and Real Savvy to build your custom websites with IDX integration.

      2. Engage Prospects through Interactive Real-Time Tours

      Buyers today prefer to see more visual content on your website. Real-time interactive home tours are a great way to help them visualize details and make a decision better.

      You can incorporate various real-time VR (Virtual Reality) tours, including virtual 360 walkthrough tours, animated video tours, etc., by integrating software like CloudPano and My360. This will not only help you improve user engagement but also increase qualified leads by 49%.

      3. Convert Leads using Interactive Tools

      Customers want complete satisfaction before investing in a home. So, you need to provide effective browsing experiences that fulfill all their expectations and encourage them to take action. Interactive floor plans integration can help you with it.

      Interactive floor plans help the home look its best and enable shoppers to get the overall feel virtually. Tools like Planner 5D, BDX, and TruPlace facilitate the display of hidden functionalities like plumbing, insulation, and the house’s proximity to other amenities. Users can also customize, save, and retrieve these floor plans to help them with their decision-making.

      4. Increase Exposure by Listings on Top Real Estate Websites

      To get more eyeballs on your business, you need to go where your target customers are. And for real estate businesses, it’s the listing portals. Listings act as the perfect link between builders and home buyers, connecting them over the right home.

      There are many real estate aggregation platforms like Zillow and BDX where you can list your properties by integrating them with your website via data feeds. You also have the option to add user reviews on these listings which further helps improve your credibility.

      5. Improve Reach with Advanced Search Filters

      Since real estate websites can have a vast number of listings, the search complexity for users increases. To help them easily explore options, you can integrate advanced search tools like Google Map, SearchUnify, and Sphinx with your website.

      • Google Map supports geo targeting and also integrates radius search, code-base search, and city-based search to allow users to find properties in their preferred location.
      • SearchUnify integrates content from multiple platforms in a single search interface to offer personalized results based on shoppers’ search behavior and preferred data sources. Its content gap analysis tool provides you key insights into content engagement and search trends to help make relevant content more accessible to users.
      • Sphinx assigns priorities to different search parameters (like price, location) to drive faster results. If the search criteria do not match the listings on the location, it suggests nearby locations based on relevancy and recent additions.

      6. Reach Target Audience through Smart Advertising

      With over 3 million active real estate licensees in the US, there is strong competition among businesses for attracting clients. To stand out from the crowd, you need smart advertising that not only improves engagement but also helps in moving prospects through the sales funnel.

      Tools like BDX Smart Advertising, Facebook DARE, and Google Ads integration can help you do this easily.

      • BDX Smart Advertising uses a mix of artificial intelligence, marketing automation, and data-driven strategies to drive qualified leads and build a smart audience base.
      • Facebook DARE (Dynamic Ads for Real Estate) showcases ads optimized for real estate inventory. These ads are only shown to people who have already expressed interest in your business, thus, providing you effective targeting options.
      • Google Ads allow you to trigger your ad for certain keywords specific to your target audience. These ads are also displayed on other Google properties like Google Maps and Google Shopping that multiply your business’s online reach.

      7. Enhance Shopping Experiences via Online Design Center

      As consumers are increasingly turning online, real estate businesses need to keep up with the changing trends to succeed in the market. Online design center – Envision can help you create an interactive and dynamic shopping experience that is proven to increase sales options by up to 30%.

      Envision lets you offer your property options online with product photos and descriptions collected from various product manufacturers in retailing, options management, and selection solutions. This eliminates the need for face-to-face design appointments, thus, increasing operational efficiency and saving time.

      8. Bring Properties to Life with 3D Renderings

      3D Renderings is one of the topmost trends in the real estate space and a powerful tool in pre-selling your properties. You can offer photorealistic renderings using tools like Blender, AutoCAD, 3DS Max, and BDX. Their three-dimensional exterior, interior, and amenities renderings enable shoppers to evaluate your home qualities effectively.

      Users can visualize the key spaces inside the home, including amenities like clubhouse, pool, community entrance, and more. These renderings have intricate details that are hard to differentiate from reality. As a result, you are able to present the homes more accurately, sell more vacant land, and command higher prices.

      Final Thoughts

      Building and scaling your real estate business takes time. But the above-listed strategies can help you expedite the process through the combined power of technology and marketing. So, get going with their implementation to sell more homes and achieve significant business growth.

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